The Vampire Bites

November 2, 2017
By liljay425 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
liljay425 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
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I dare not to leave my house. The stores and streets are crowded with homeless people or stuck up snobs, even the middle class puts themselves on some kind of pedestal because they aren’t homeless. This world is twisted. I’ve watched it evolve into what it has become now. I look out my window and see the police beating down a teenage boy. I squint my eyes and the boy is black. I can’t sit here and let this happen. But I don’t want to leave. I get caught in my conflicting emotions until one overpowers the other and the next thing I know is I’m opening the window to jump out.
“Hey!” I shouted to get the cops attention. “Are you really so corrupted that you beat on innocent teenagers for walking down the street.”
“He had a concealed weapon, and it’s none of your concern.”
“That kid is my nieghbor. His name is Jamal and he is a straight A student, is on the honor roll and has a full scholarship to college, on top of that he has a job so that his sick mother and his little brother don’t go homeless. So you really going to sit here and tell me that your stomping a kid half to death because of an imaginary weapon that I still can’t see.”
One officer pulls a swiss army knife from his back pocket and cuts himself, then drops it next to Jamal.
“I will say this one more time! This is none of your concern, leave!” the other officer yells.
“I am not leaving until I can personally carry that kid back home.” I say, as he start to unclip his gun.
“Do you really want to die for somebody not related to you?”
“Open your eyes, look around, people are watching you and recording you beat this boy up and somehow this is ok, because no one interfered? Well I am interfering and it’s my turn to tell you to leave, and I’m only going to say it once. Leave.”
“Not a chance.” he pulls his gun and began to fire. I ducked and bobbed and started getting closer to him. With each shot fired, I got closer and closer, until I was right in front of his face. I grabbed the hand with the gun and pointed it at the other officer.
“Don’t even think about pulling your gun.” With my free hand I elbowed him in the ribs forcing him to let go of the gun, then I kicked him in his chest for distance between us. I drop the gun then kicked it behind me. I looked at the badges they were wearing. One read ‘Bob and the other read ‘Bill’.
“So what now? You going to kill two officers of the law and live on the run for the rest of your life?” I began giving him the look. That look that everyone knows and everyone can do. That look where you grit your teeth, scrunch your eyebrows, and look dead eyed. Everyone does it, but coming from me that’s when it’s about to go down.
“I don’t need to run.” I began walking closer to him. With each step I took was a step backwards for him. “This is what’s wrong with this place now. You officers wear your badges and promise to protect and serve. What happened to that? Who are you protecting? And far as I’m concerned, you're only serving yourself. And now it’s my turn to serve you an ass whooping.”
I started to charge at him as he struggled to pull his gun out. I jump twisting horizontally in the air before sticking out my leg and dropping it on his head, forcing his face to the floor causing him to split his lip, bust his nose, and put a gash across his forehead. He began to hold his head. Blood flowing through his fingers like his head suddenly turned into a river. His blood stains the sidewalk. I can hear the thumping of the Billy rushing towards me. I wait until they get louder, and I can feel the echoes bouncing off my back before I duck making him trip over me. He drops his nightstick next to him and scurries to get it. I don’t step on I let him grab it.
He picks it up and swings it at me. I duck delivering a solid blow to his right ribcage. He winces in pain swinging more angrily. I duck again delivering a solid blow to his left ribcage. I swing again harder so I put my hand up stopping the nightstick. Then with my other hand, I grabbed his wrist and twisted it. I then shifted my hand onto his placing my thumb on his outer palm and forced his finger to point at him. I put pressure onto his hand causing him to scream and drop to his knees. I grabbed him by his head and slammed it into my knee.
“Are you done yet? I could beat your ass forever and never get tired, but can you take a beating forever?” I let go of his wrist and shoved him to the ground. “Next time you decide to beat on someone innocent, remember me. Spread the message to the rest of your officer friends.” I turned to the people veering through the window of various stores, recording what happened. “And you. This is ok? Nobody else was going to stand up for him. You were all just going to pull out your smartphones and record this? What’s wrong with you? I don’t care who is inspired by this. People standing up for other people should’ve been happening. Any of you could’ve stood up for him and should’ve stood up for him. This is not okay, I don’t care what kind of  peaceful protest you were in last Tuesday, or next week, hell, even tomorrow. They won’t respond to peaceful words. They respond to action. If I didn’t stand up for him then he could’ve died. Turn off the camera and at least one of you call the ambulance.” They continued to hold up their cameras so I stomped and trusted the ground at one building. The ground began to rumble and stalagmites grew upwards out the ground in that direction then I bent my elbow upwards and they stopped just before they hit the building. “Call the ambulance and I don’t want to see any of this on the news. If I do. I am coming for every last one of you. It’s shameful how we run off social media to get our point across now.” I raised my hands to my head then lowered them slowly until the road returned to normal. I started to walk to the boy.
“You ok?”
“Yea, thank you.”
“Don’t think much of it. Come on I’ll take you to the hospital personally.”
“Ok.” He said holding his ribs and head. He grunted with every move he made. I could feel nothing but empathy for him and his mother. After he finished getting up, I looked him in the eyes.
“Don’t worry about your hospital bill, I’ll cover it ok.”
He was a trooper. Through all this hurt and pain he still manages to put a smile on his face. I lift him up and carried him all the way to the hospital. I didn’t mind carrying him but when we got there, he started asking too many questions, like can I teach him to stand up for himself. If I could show him how I did that flip. But this is whats wrong. And I am glad that I can protect him. And not die. But soon people will discover what I am and the entire vampire world will be exposed and that’s not how I work. I am all for keeping my identity a secret even if it means I have to enroll in boxing or hack my records so that it looks more natural that I can fight. Like the way I did.

The author's comments:

I like vampires and the supernatural. I also sometimes wonder what would happen to me if I was a vampire with supernatural abilities.

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