The Dawn Of Light

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

I was walking home from school with my best friend it was Halloween day I love Halloween                                                                                                       it’s the only time of year I can scare my brother and sister without me getting told on. But while my friend and I were walking to my house we both had this feeling that someone was watching us. So we just kept on walking but we walked a little faster than we did before. I told her lets go in the corner store and maybe we won’t think someone is following us. But that was not the case we ended up seeing a note that said “you young ladies don’t know what is coming”. We both ran and ran faster than we have ever ran before. It took us about 2 minutes to get to my house, we felt safer in my house. My name is Esmerelda and my BFF’s name is Trenity we are in 8th grade and already think we are getting stalked by a weirdo. That feeling is very frightening and dreary. We did not want to tell my mom or Trenity parents. But we should have told someone or the next thing that is going to happened wouldn’t have happened. It was 2 days later and we did not have the sensation that someone was watching us until we were having sleepover. Trenity screamed when she was in the bathroom trying on her costume. I ran in there and she said read the mirror, it said “trenity I am watching you look out’’. It was written with something that looked red and drippy. That night Trenity and I did not go to sleep we kept my lamp on and hid under the covers. We were exhausted and Trenity was traumatized she didn’t want to walk to her house of go in the bathroom. She just staid in my room, my mom had to call her mom to pick her up I felt really bad. So weeks past and we were both ok, we did not feel like we were being stalked anymore. Halloween is tomorrow and Trenity is going to be a fairy and I am going to IT. But of course the day for Halloween we have school whyyyyyyy. So school ended (I know I am going through the school part quickly but who wants to know about school) it was boring. Before we left the school we went to the bathroom to change in our costumes. I finished changing first but she needed my help to put on her wings. When I was helping her all the staws were opening and closing. We tried to get out but the bathroom door was locked. Were screaming for help but no one came. Suddenly on the mirror it said The Dawn Of Light Will Give You A Fright. Then everything stoped and the door opened and we ran out of there. I asked Trenity what dose Dawn Of Light mean. She said you don’t know what that is. What does  it mean Trenity tell me. The Dawn Of light is when it is 6:00 which is dawn everything will be like in a building with a lot of lights are and then it turns pitch black. What happens when it turns pitch black. A creature take someone sacrifices them to be king of witch craft, it happens every 100 years on Halloween. I’m not going to go tricker treating Esmerelda I THINK I AM THE ONE THEY ARE GOING TO SACRIFICE. Then she ran away and when she said that I did not understand why she thought she was going to be the one who gets taken. So I ran to her house and asked her why did she say that. She responded with I still felt like I was being watched, I got a lot of notes on the mirror saying you are the one. Why cant you just come to my house Trenity we can watch funny movies. Ok Esmerelda but no scary movies ok Trenity. So we got to my house at 5:55 and she felt safe so I wasn’t worried. But then we heard a giant boom and everything was so bright then 2 seconds later it was pitch black. We both went under the covers and prayed nothing bad was going to happened. Suddenly Trenity screamed and said I will miss you Esmerelda I will never forget you. Then it was bright all over again then back to normal. I started crying my mom came in and asked what is wrong. The dawn Before Light took her. My mom picked me up and then in her hand we ran to the car and left the state. My mom must have knew what that was. We never came back I never thought that was going to be the last day I was going to see my best friend. Then I saw her she was a beautiful angel. Yah I still hang out with her even if she is an angel we are still best friend. The Dawn Before Light still Happens it ended up more often then 100 years after Trenity was taken. I wish I knew how to stop it, Trenity does.

                                                               The end
                                               Look for part two coming out soon         

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I really love scary

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