She's Home

October 9, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s not very often that she goes outside because she works from home so she stays cooped up in her house all day but when she does go outside she always gets funny looks from her neighbors and she just assumes it is because of Abby, her daughter, she assures Abby that she is perfect and not to mind other people no matter how much they stare point or laugh. Abby for the most part lives at the mental hospital but she comes home for the weekends so she can spend them with her mom Marissa.

Marissa has grown up in this little town in Colorado her whole life. She lived with her parents until she graduated high school, she later decided to work from home for a call service company that calls patients and reminds them to take their medication. Marissa got pregnant a few years after high school the dad took off and had never been in Abby’s life. From the day her baby Abby was born the doctors knew there was something off about Abby, later on they figured out she was mentally and ill and not safe to live with. Lately every weekend Abby comes home something strange happens, it’s a string of events.
First every night at 11 pm the lights flicker throughout the house. Second the phone rings and there is nobody on the other line, and finally a bus arrives outside the house and stops but never picks anybody up then continues driving. This happens every friday and saturday night when her daughter comes home. She try’s to tell people about her frightening situation but nobody ever listens they assume she has lost her mind.
Eventually, she needed someone who knew her that she could talk to, someone that would believe her. She decided to call her dad, and described the situation and the events that were occurring every time Abby came home. The whole time she was explaining, her father was silent then after she was done she asked him if he was still there and he said stay right where you are, i’m on my way.
She waited about 20 minutes for her dad to get to her house when he finally arrived. He sat her down and explained to her that she did not have a daughter. That Abby died during birth and that it had damaged her so much that she went insane and started imagining Abby to be alive. He told her that all of these things that have been “happening” are all in her head and it’s not Abby that goes the the mental hospital every week it is her, and it is not Abby that people are staring at it is her, because she was talking to herself because Abby was never there.
But yet nobody could explain why she was imaging the strange events that took place or if they were even actually happening. She started going to therapy to figure out how these events connected to her dead daughter, and why they were still happening.
That night Marissa went home devastated about her daughter. 11pm started to approach and she wondered if the strange things would happen like they usually do, she waited, as the time changed from 10:59 to 11 the lights started to flicker. Then suddenly the phone rang, she picks it up to answer it expecting nobody to be on the other line like usual, but then suddenly and unexpectedly she heard “mommy?” in a little girl's voice.

The author's comments:

This is a thriller meant for people for are looking for a good scare.

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