October 25, 2017
By ColeR BRONZE, Brentwood , New Hampshire
ColeR BRONZE, Brentwood , New Hampshire
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Chapter 1: ITH

It was 11:14 p.m., I was exhausted. My empty can of [insert energy drink here] was to my side. My [insert gaming console here] was glowing into my dry eyes, I’d been staring at it for hours. I was browsing [insert social media here] until I got bored and turned over to [insert video website here] where I was locked into a compilation of people falling and [insert comical pain here]. That lasted for an hour or two until I finally decided to open [insert video game here] and start playing it.
I took a sip of the [insert energy drink here] and it tasted great. The [insert energy drink here] would be the reason I was up, and stayed up. The caffeine would be sure to keep you awake(or wake you up) just like coffee would. And as long as I didn’t drink too many of them, I wouldn’t die from a caffeine overdose. I called my friend [insert name here] and asked if he wanted to play [insert video game here], and he said he would but give him a minute to log on.
He finally logged on after [insert amount of minutes here] and we started playing. We partied up and started crushing our opponents. We made people rage quit and it was fun. But after I beat one guy.I got a message from [insert gamertag here] claiming I was “trash” and “lifeless”. I told my friend about it and we both started laughing.
Rathman 2
We started laughing at the guy trash talking us. We put on our [insert gaming headset brand headset here] and turned on our mics.
“Hello?” My friend asked. We didn’t get a reply, but we heard strange buzzing noises and keyboard clicking in the background.
“Yo. You there dude?” I asked. I wanted a reply, but didn’t get one, but once I asked, the clicking stopped.
“..........yes...I’m here...” Replied a deep voice. The voice sounded like a grown man, not some teenagers like us staying up late and gaming.
I replied quickly and asked “Hey, are you [insert gamertag here]?”. Another long pause.
“Yeah...why?” The man replied.
“You sent me a message saying I was “trash” and “lifeless.”” I said, “What’s up with that?”. My friend and I were wondering the same things. He decided to chime in and ask a few things. Simple things like “do we know you?” “do you know us?”, that sort of thing.
The deep voice came back, “No I don’t. But I do know is you both suck.”. My friend and I started laughing.
“If we’re so trash and we suck, then why did we beat you.” My friend asked. If this guy was going to insult us, he was going to have to back it up.
“Because you’re both losers. I’d delete this game if I were you.” The man said. My friend and I laughed saying whatever dude and left the lobby with [insert gamertag here]. I grabbed another [insert energy drink here] and took a big sip.
We continued to play from another 3 hours until I decided to kick it and go to sleep at around 2:46 in the morning.

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