The Mysterious App

October 20, 2017
By josiewarby SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
josiewarby SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
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A girl discovers a mysterious app on her phone that she cannot delete. She follows directions that it gives her and figures out it is tracking her location. She texts her friend to come with her to the meeting spot. The two girls are abducted and they try to unravel who their abductees are. 

Chapter 1: The Unexpected

Yesterday I found a new app on my phone. It doesn’t open, I can’t delete it and I don’t know what it is. Tonight i’m awoken by an alert on my phone. It’s the app notifying me of some very specific instructions. The instructions said to go to the stop sign down the block from me and wait until 11:30 for further instructions. I decide to have my friend Maddie come  with me just to be safe. I meet up with her at her house and we walk to the stop sign together. Then I get another alert from the mysterious app. It congratulated me telling me I had completed step One. ‘’This is really sketchy’’ Maddie said. This whole situation was really freaking me out. Then we saw headlights and a black van headed towards us. Me and Maddie quickly hid behind some bushes. I checked my phone and the time read 11:29 in one minute we would figure out what to do next. When it turned to 11:30 I immediately received another notification. The notification said ‘’come out of the bushes’’ I showed it to Maddie and she gave me back my phone immediately after reading it. ‘’We’re in serious trouble’’ she said nervously. I nodded my head in agreement.

  We stayed in place wondering what would happen if we disobeyed the app’s instructions. Suddenly we were picked up by two guys dressed in black and thrown into the van. We were kicking and screaming but they were too strong. They slammed the door shut and locked the van speeding off into the night. I started banging on the door and screamed at them to let us out. ‘’We’re not abducting you calm down!’’ a male voice yelled back at us.
‘’You’ll like where we’re taking you I promise’’ The driver said. His words weren't comforting in fact they made me feel worse. Me and Maddie looked at each other and started texting a escape plan. We were not going to let these creeps take us away. When I got home I was going to break my phone. I had a huge impression that the app had been tracking my location. I felt awful for dragging Maddie into this but I couldn’t imagine myself dying without saying bye to my best friend. I prayed that a police would pull this van over.
The driver was definitely going way over the speed limit. Maddie and I didn’t have enough time to figure out a whole escape plan however, we were too late. The van came to a stop and the van doors slid open. Me and Maddie tried to make a run for it but the two men grabbed us kicking and screaming into a house. The house is completely quiet until the lights are turned out and a huge group of people shout ‘’surprise!’’

Me and Maddie look at each other in utter disbelief and confusement. ‘’What the heck is this?!’’ Maddie yelled angrily. Our two abductors take off their masks to reveal two familiar faces. They were two guys from our school. ‘’Joey? Ricky? What is wrong with you?!’’ I asked as I felt my face heat up with anger. ‘’You’re on our new MTV TV show. This was all acting.. Even the app was part of the show. Please don’t be mad.. We have Cake and Pizza’’ Ricky explained. Me and Maddie couldn’t believe it. This was ridiculous but we were going to be on MTV! We sat down and started eating, for a good minute we thought we were going to die. But there's nothing pizza and cake can’t fix!

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