She who went missing

October 11, 2017
By Anonymous

My name is Mary Jones. I enjoyed watching people. Most kids loved going out and hanging with friends. Some enjoyed reading books. But I wasn’t the average kid. While my father was in the Army, we moved from one old dusty house to the next. I hated it! Every time we moved I had to go to a new school, learn new things,and make new friends. My life was constantly going on, and on, and on. It all started in middle school, with my bestfriend Kiely. She had everything. Friends that cherished her, a genuine loving family, a nice home. I was jealous! She didn’t deserve all of the good things she had. Of course little miss perfect took me under her wing. We had sleepovers every weekend, and we were always together in school. I loved our sleepovers. Not because we watched all of those boring chick flicks, and definitely not the makeovers we did. I loved when she was asleep. That way I got to read her unsatisfying diary. The only thing she talked about was, going to the mall, not spending as much money as she wanted to, her frenemy Allison, and a lot of other boring stuff. Kiely’s diary was her mind. I took pictures of it and studied every part of it. When i wasn’t reading her diary i went through her closet, tried on her stuff, and took pictures of myself. Kiely and I were alike in many ways, you would think we were twins or atleast I thought so. No one would suspect a thing
“ Has anyone seen Mary, she’s been out of school for quite a while now?” Ms. Grin asked.
“ I heard she went missing!” one kid yelled
“ No! She ran away with Myles because she was pregnant” another said.
“Actually, they found her body at the bottom of Quakertown’s lake!”
“ That’s enough children!”
I continued to write my name, “Kiely Daves”.
September 1st, 2020, we had to move once again. My father was stationed in Hampton Virginia. Another life awaited me, and as always I was excited. Excited not because we were moving, but because I was excited to see the fear in another’s eyes. And when their pupils slowly dilated as they took their last breath made me mesmerized. It urged me to do it again, over and over again. But when their heart took its last beat, my soul grew sad. For what reason, I don’t know. Maybe because, inside was still pure. But why was I addicted; because jealousy was very powerful.
Today was the day. Move in day. As the move in guys placed all of our things into the house I sat in the car. I could feel a spirit move towards me.
“Hello!” a loud high pitched voice said. “Welcome to Hampton’s Home’s, my name is Stacy i’m your nextdoor neighbor”
I gave her an irritated look “Hi” I replied
“I just wanted to give you and your family a warm welcome, so I baked cookies”
Thanks!” I said in a high pitched voice like her’s, I continued “Well my father isn’t here he’s at work like always, and my mother is in the study working”
She gave me a weird look, because I copied her voice. We continued to talk for what felt like hours. She just kept talking, on and on.
“ Well maybe we could walk to school together”
I nodded.
She walked away and I watched her through the rear view mirror in the car. Stacy was beautiful. She had the perfect hourglass body, long straight brown hair, light brown beautiful eyes, and the most amazing smile. Compared to her I was nothing.
Tomorrow came faster than expected. Stacy came to get me to walk to school. I opened the door and her hair swung from one side to the other as she turned around. Her eyes met with the sun and sparkled, her pearly white teeth glistened as her face grew ecstatic. I felt a familiar feeling in my body. I body started to get chills. I became happy all of a sudden. It was time.
“Hey you ready?” she said.
“ yeah let’s go!”
“ Well aren’t you happy this wonderful morning, definitely better than yesterday because I was getting weird vibes”
“Yeah, i’m still getting use to the fact that I moved”. I was lying straight through my teeth, but she didn’t know that.
A couple weeks went bye. Stacy and I became very close. We were practically best friends, we spent every hour of everyday with each other. It was the weekend of Halloween. Me and Stacy were going to both dress as bunnies for Max’s party. Max was the captain of the football team, and of course heim and Stacy went out. They were together ever since freshman year. I never told Stacy this but. Max and I kissed one day he took me home. Ever since then we’ve been in love. He denies it, but I know he loves me. I went to Stacy’s house, to get ready for the party.
“ Omg Mary you dyed your hair!”
“Of course, if we’re going to match we might as well match everything; I even painted my nails ruby red like yours.” I gave her an odd smile.
We were finally done getting ready,and we looked just the same. It’s exactly what I wanted for my plan to work out. Max was outside waiting for us.
“Wow you look gorgeous babe” Max said to Stacy.
“ Thank you!” we both said. They looked at me in disgust.
A few hours went by. There were many people at Max’s house. I remained quiet the whole time, all I did was watch people. I watched everything. Especially Stacy. She caught me starring at her.
“What’s wrong with you Mary, youve been acting weird lately?”
“ Nothing’s the matter Stacy, I just adore you” I gave her another odd smile; she walked away and I followed.
The party got really boring after a while, nothing exciting was happening. So I decided to make it fun for me. I continued to watch Stacy even harder. She kept trying to avoid me, but it’s never that easy. Stacy didn’t realize it before, but I put a muscle relaxer in her drink.
“W why are you still following me?!” She yelled
Everybody paused
Stacy continued “I need to some fresh air, you’re acting weird and obsessive”. She stormed out, and I followed.
“ I love you stacy that’s all” I said
She replied; “ leave me alone!”
“Leave me alone” I said in the exact same way. I began to repeat everything she said just as she said it.
“You don’t deserve what you have Stacy! I do; all of my life I had to change, I had to change everything! For once I just want to feel normal. And that’s why I chose you!”
She pushed me to the ground and began to punch me in the face, I quickly pushed her over to the other side and she screamed really loud. It wasnt long before I was on the ground again. She began to punch me even harder this time. I wasn’t going to let her win. I pulled out my fathers old pocket knife, but before I could plunge towards Stacy something hit me in the head and knocked me out.
“Max!” Stacy cried
“Are you okay, what happened?!”
“She’s crazy max! We have to call the police” she continued crying. Max pulled out his phone.
“Hi this is Hampton’s Police department, what’s your emergency?”
“ Yes! There’s a girl who tried to kill my girlfriend she—“
He turned around, there was no one there.
“Hello, sir are you there?”

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