I Found You

October 10, 2017
By Crimkids1 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
Crimkids1 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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I could see a package at my doorstep, I had just placed an order to get a new ROTC rack for my ribbons but I didn't think it could be here already, but I guess it apparently had. As I walk into my apartment I set the package on the counter and head to take a shower. 20 minutes pass. As I get out of the shower and walk to the kitchen, I start to open the package and see those horrifying words. The next thing I know I was laying on the ground with my Finance´ rushing to me.
     ¨I found you¨ It´s not the first time that I had seen those words, As we had just started getting settled into the new house. Well, let me start from the beginning. I was dating this guy named Patrick for about 2 months and then we broke up because he went crazy. Later on, I started dating this guy Alex. After he found out he started sending me these notes, saying that “He was gonna find me, and that he was gonna kill me. I filed a report with cops, but they didn't do anything. They just told me to wait till he does something. Alex and I have just recently moved here to get away from him. I have received this note about 10 times in the past year, But this time is different than previous, he has added a photo of a young girl that looks about 8 with blood all over her, stripped down to her chair, and crying. Immediately, I scream and all of a sudden I was lying on the ground with Alex running to me, next thing I know, I'm lying in a hospital bed, with a guard outside my room, Alex lying on my bed next to me. Not letting me out of his sight.
Katie: Whats going on?
Alex: Well, what do you remember?
Katie: Opening a package and then seeing a note, but that's it?
Dr. Koyles comes in 
Ma'am, you suffered a severe concussion, when you fell from opening a package you received, your Finance´ carried you in here and put you on a bed, and told us what has been happening in the past year. I can't tell you how sorry I am, but I placed a Marine outside your door to keep watch at all times, and the only people who are allowed in your room without clearance are, Alex, your mom, dad and myself. Anyone else has to get approval from me. Ms. Cooper, be thankful for when you got in here because if you would have waited any longer you would have had major bleeding in your brain.
    Katie: What if he gets to be here. . . He's crazy, he sent me a picture of a girl who he has hostage right now. He´s insane!
    Alex: If he comes anywhere near here, he's not gonna live. I'm here, you have 2 Marine´s one is right outside your door and then there's me, also your doctor is retired Air Force, nobody is getting in here.
    Katie: Promise?
    Doctor Koyles: Nobody is getting in here, and if they do, they have to go through all of us, nobody's gonna touch you, we have officers out searching for the girl in the photo that this man sent you, we have identified her, she has been missing for about a year now, she's 16, and goes to the same high school that you want to. Does Sophie Bell mean anything to you?
    Katie: No, not that I know of…
As the day goes on Doctor Koyles come in and out to check on me, change my IV, all of that stuff, it must have been about midnight or so, I hear some noise out in the hallway, I figured it was just some of the patients going crazy or something. About an hour goes by until I hear anything else, then there was a knock which I thought was a bit strange. The doctors and nurses never knock, they just walk in. A strange man comes in with a mask and gloves on, he says that he will be taking over for Dr. Koyles. I start to get worried a little bit but I just go back to myself when he starts putting in a new IV since mine had came out with some medicine in it. My body starts to feel funny, I start getting blurry vision, can move my arms or legs, and all of a sudden it goes dark and I black out.
  A  few Hours  Later -
Patrick: I told you I would find you. You really think you could get away from me? I will always find you. You can't get away. I took out your doctor, that Marine that they put outside your door, and well for that little boy of yours that's trying to keep us apart.
Katie: He will find me. And when he does he will end you.
Patrick: Ha, that's funny, I have this whole Perimeter surrounded by my own armed guards.
Nobody is getting in and nobody is getting out.
3 Days Later-
    News Broadcast: As of 72 hours ago, Katie Beard was kidnapped from her hospital room, by her alleged stalker Patrick Sanders, If you see this man or Katie, please contact 333-3333 and report it immediately. Patrick is a very dangerous man, who is capable of doing whatever it takes, please do not try and interfere with him and if see him just call the number and deputies will come. If you have any information please contact this number.
    Doctor Koyles: How in the hell did he take out all three of us? We need to find her before she gets even more injured than she already is. Her brain can't take much more damage after her childhood.

In the basement
As I open my eyes for the first time in forever it had seemed like, I see a small bed that I'm connected to, I see a chair with blood all over it, a small light bulb hanging down from the ceiling.
A sink that you find in a barn, and several needles all around me, I hear something, like a whimper or something, I start to look around and see the little girl that was in the photo that he sent me. I start talking to her and find out her name, her age, where she's from, that sort of things. Shes 7 years old, from Nixa Missouri not far from my place, and her name is Kelsey, she’s been missing for 7 months. Wait I still have my phone hid in my boot… I need to turn it on so I can make a call, as I wait as it’s turning on, I help Kelsey get into the bed he had for me, and I wash her face and brush her hair and get her cleaned up. It's on! Maybe I can actually get us out of here, I dial Alex’s number and let it ring, he picks it up on the first ring, his voice sounds so rough like he hasn't slept in forever, so fragile, I scream, I could hear people in the background tracing the call and saying after a little bit that they got something and he got so much happiness in his voice, it was like he was back to his old self.
SWAT Member- “ Sir, we’ve got her location”
“ Ready teams?”
45 minutes later, when they get to the location

Swat:“Sir they’ve got the perimeter surrounded, we can't get through without taking them all out”
Chief:“Then take them out, we know that there are at least two lives in there”
Swat: “ Yes, Sir. Take them out”
Swat:“ I can’t get a shot”
Our cover has been blown, I repeat cover has been blown, Retreat. Retreat”
        “Massive shots fired”
“Sir were pinned down”
“ That's the thing! she was never here, it was all a setup to distract us…”

Alex: ” what do you mean it was all a setup? How could you have lost her? She was right there”
Chief: “ Sir, we believe that it was a big distraction to get her out of the country so that we couldn't do anything.  We’ve done everything that we can possibly do. We've contacted other countries that he is known to go to, and they are searching for him, but for now, that is all we can do. I'm really sorry.
Alex: Over my dead body, I will find something to do about it… I can't just sit here and do nothing while my pregnant Finance´ is being held hostage and possibly being taken to another country by that crazy lunatic.
Chief: Sir, we have done everything that we could have possibly done, we had no way of knowing that we were walking into a firefight, we lost two of our best cops tonight, you're not the only one that wants this guy dead. She will get found.
    As the months go by and by the police get new cases and are forced to put her case in the back, Murders, kidnappings, rapes, robberies, things like that. It’s been 8 months since I saw Katie, I’ve lost my world, she is everything to me. Our son would have been 6 months old in a few days if they're still alive. God, I hate myself. I can't imagine whats going through her mind. I quickly snap out of this thought when I hear my phone ring. Who could be calling me at 3 in the morning?
“ Hello?’  
Katie” Crying “ Oh my god, Alex, It's me, Katie, please get help. I need help. He has the baby, I can't walk, He broke my leg, please”
Alex” oh my God, where are you? Are you okay? It's so good to hear your voice, I miss you so much, more than you can imagine, where are y..”
    End of call
Alex: Within the next hour the house is filled with cops, and investigators asking me all sorts of questions, trying to get in my head and figure things out, but all I could think about was her screaming, how terrified she must be.
SWAT: we’ve narrowed down the call down to a 3-mile radius. We have SEALS  and a Group of Marines that you trained with on their way to that location now. We believe she is being held on the south part of Iraq, In this location there has been known to have been men selling women to known sex offenders for drugs that can only be gotten in Syria, India, Israel, countries like these that have drugs that are extremely harmful and can make you see things that aren't really there, and can make you talk. Now we believe that since you were in a Marine MARSOC. We think that the kidnappers are trying to get inside her mind to get to you, to get to see what happens in the cases that your team was involved in.
    30 minutes later in Iraq

Osama bin Laden:     ?????? ?????
Katie: Does it look I speak Arabic? I can't understand you. Try speaking hmm, I don’t know, oh that’s right. ENGLISH.
Laden:       ????? ?? ????? ????? ????
Patrick: He's saying that if you don't down and shut up that he's gonna shoot you.
Katie: let him shoot me.  You guys already took everything away from me. Took away my fiancé,  took away my baby and took away my baby, there's not much more to take away from me.
Laden:??? ????? ??? ?????? ????. ????? ??????? ???   ????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????? .
?????? ????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??
??????? ?????. ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???.
Patrick: Yes sir’. I'll take them.
        Knock on the door
Marine MARSOC: Open up. Or were coming in.
You have 5 seconds to up.
Were coming in.
Get down on your knees, put your hands behind your head. Don't move.
Patrick tries to run, gets tackled by a Marine and taken outside to transport.
Marine; Walker and Smith go left, Ray and I will go right, SEAL go straight. If you find anything call it on the radio.
10 minutes go by and they have Laden in custody
Laden: ?????? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?????
Marine: Shut up. I have more authority in this country than you, so sit down and shut up. You're facing life in Abu Ghraib prison. Do you know that there known for beating death sexual abuse and humiliation stress position? Just think of what they're gonna do to you and your partner when they find out that you kidnapped and killed 3 little girls and kidnapped a Marines fiancé, They will eat you alive.
Laden:           ?? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ????.
Ray: Sir: we've got the girl, she's alive. shes passed out but she'll live. we need a bus. Were bringing her out now. The other teams are gonna finish sweeping the building.
Walker: Bus is on the route.  3 minutes out.
Smith: We've got a baby. It looks like it's been drugged. It needs a bus.
             Within the next hour, Alex is notified that Katie and the baby have been found, and gets on the next flight to Iraq. Katie wakes up to her screaming baby and is balling with happy tears. Alex arrives 14 hours later, running to Katie. Both crying hugging the baby. They have to wait a week the doctor said till they get to go home to make sure that she and the baby are both are okay. The week goes by fast when they reach the airport the whole family is there from both sides. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, everyone, all running to hug her.  They couldn't wait any longer to get, they decided to just get married at the courthouse that night. They had waited long enough.  After they got married they found a house and all 3 tried to live a normal life after experiencing what they had just lived through. If only it were that simple..

The author's comments:

This story is about a girl getting kidnapped from the hosptial and being put through everything from a ex-boyfriend. . only come to find out that it wasnt just her boyfriend that she wll have a long journey to come. 

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