October 9, 2017
By pink)floyd BRONZE, Chesterfield, Virginia
pink)floyd BRONZE, Chesterfield, Virginia
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“When black cats prowl, and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.” DeLainey’s mom used to say that to her all the time, but now she’s always in her office, never to be bothered. DeLainey was pretty distant from her family, except for her little brothers Julian and Jack. She was always left to babysit them while her older sister, Margaret, was always going to parties. She didn’t mind it though. She enjoyed spending time with them, and she knew they enjoyed it too.
Tonight, like most nights, Mom was to be left alone, Dad was at work still, and Margaret was leaving for a party at her boyfriend's house. She had just put in a pizza for her brothers when her phone rang. It was Ian, her best friend. She answered and he invited her over to hangout with him and his girlfriend Carrie. She told him she couldn’t, because she was babysitting. He insisted. “Please Del, it’s halloween, you can bring your brothers.” She sighed and accepted his offer. He was right, they do celebrate Halloween together. DeLainey then told the boys about Ian’s invitation, they became very excited. Then she got them into the car and drove away.
When they arrived at his house, they all bombarded upstairs to Ian’s room. Carrie had arrived a few minutes beforehand. After two hours of talking and laughing, they decided to visit the old abandoned theme park that was in the middle of the woods, a couple miles from Ian’s house. They proceeded to pack a backpack with flashlights, water, and small bags of goldfish for Julian and Jack. The brothers also packed some walkie talkies. After that, they commenced on their journey.
After countless hours of walking, they made it. It was dark and cold. The brothers huddled together, as did Carrie and Ian. DeLainey was left carrying the backpack full of supplies. They unanimously decided to split up into groups and explore. The groups were Jack, Julian, DeLainey, and Carrie and Ian. Carrie and Ian went off to explore the ticket booths and kid rides, and DeLainey, Jack, and Julian went to explore the games.
After a few minutes of exploring, Julian said he had to go to the bathroom. DeLainey rolled her eyes and told Jack to stay where he was. He nodded in agreement. DeLainey led Julian a couple feet out into the woods to do his business. They heard a scream. When they returned, Jack was gone. Carrie and Ian arrived the same time they did. They were all frantic. DeLainey was panicking while Julian was crying. They decided to all turn their phones on and split up to look for clues.
Carrie and Ian were searching everywhere for him. They decided that it would be easier if they split up. Ian took over the Ferris Wheel, and Carrie was searching the kid rides again. Meanwhile, DeLainey and Julian stayed together and continued to search the games. They heard another scream, it was Carrie. All three ran to the kid rides, she was gone. Ian practically passed out. At that point, they thought it was a game, but they were still scared. They decided it would be best to stay together. Ian tried calling her, but it went straight to voicemail. They concluded that her phone was either broken or dead. It was getting colder. DeLainey checked the time. Her phone read 11:14 pm. Julian was still crying, but this time he was complaining of hunger. They sat down and while Julian was eating, they devised a plan. The plan was to stay together and check off different parts of the park. All the sudden, they heard something walking. Before she could stop him, Julian had bolted towards the sound. DeLainey knew he had made a big mistake and chased him. He wasn’t anywhere to be found. She ran back to Ian and told him he was gone. At that point, they knew it wasn’t a game. They searched for what seemed like hours, but had only been minutes.
Ian remembered the boys had packed walkie talkies, and only Jack was carrying one. They called his name through the walkie talkie. There was a lot of static, but they heard someone scream. It was Carrie again. Ian was filled with fury and sadness. DeLainey noticed his face slowly turning red. They kept saying his name through the device and followed the sound. It led them to a ticket booth. They split up and searched around the booth. DeLainey heard Ian yell for help. She instantly ran over to where he was. He was also gone. She was mortified. She decided to enter the ticket booth. The door open with a loud creak, and practically fell off. She turned on her flashlight and dropped it. She was looking at the bloody and butchered bodies of her brothers, Carrie, and Ian. She couldn’t move. DeLainey was hyperventilating, and she didn’t know what to do. She heard footsteps behind her. She turned around faster than properlor. Standing in front of her was a dark, large being. She was dumbfounded. She took a couple steps back, it followed. She continued to back up and tripped over Carrie’s mutilated body. She knew it was the end as the creature crept over her. She was bracing for pain. All the sudden, everything was black. She knew she was dead.

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Stephen King inspired me. 

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