Mirror, Mirror.

October 9, 2017
By Morris2018 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Morris2018 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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I woke up again, from the recurring nightmare that my family is being brutally murdered by the demonic entity that won’t leave us alone. This is normal, considering I have had this same dream for months. I'm used to it. As my eyes opened I heard the faint tapping of nails on glass. My groggy, helpless romantic self stumbled, still entrapped in the warm sheets stretching my legs across the chilled wood floor to see who could be swooning below my window with a boom box. Classic. I wrapped my hands around my face as I peered below to find nothing but empty grass illuminated by the glowing fullmoon. Sighing with relief I began to turn around, it happened again. “Maybe it's just my phone” I thought as I raised my arm and the screen illuminated my face. The clocked changed and my heart fell to what seemed like the floor, 3:30 am, the witching hour. The tapping started again but this time louder. My heart raced and my knees buckled as I slowly stepped forward. Anxiety raced through my veins with each step. My legs twisted in the blankets and I felt myself lose balance and reached out for the vanity in front of me. Breathing heavily I heard the horrifying familiar sound of nails on glass. I don't look up in fear of what i'll find before me but can see the glowing eyes looking through the glass. As I start to stand up and begin to raise my head I see a dark mass extending from the slick glass. The nails dig into my arm, but there's no pain, only a slight burning. My arm began to disappear behind my reflection and began to go numb. Before I could yell for help everything went silent, even my heart seemed to stop.

The author's comments:

I wrote a piece very similar to this as a little "free write" in my creative writing class. I decided to re-visit the work and this is where it ended up. Enjoy.

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