October 9, 2017
By Anonymous

The daily life of a detective is very hard sometimes sometimes just like any other day of life but when a case comes up it's just work and we have no breaks at all. We might spend 24 hour shifts and no breaks we might even be working a 7 day week. We spend most of our days out on the crime scene.

My name is detective RJ and I've been a detective for 30 years. At first I got out off school and I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. My dad was a ex-detective and he wanted me to go down the same road he did so I thought about it. So I decided to go to college and go down the same career path. Well when I started college life it was a little harder but it was good since I could ask my dad for advice. My mom was just a stay at home mom and I have an older brother named cortez and he’s been on the police force for the past 35 years.

Most of my life was really easy because my parents were there for me and i really didn't have to do that much. One of the reasons my dad became a detective was because when my dad was a little kid his dad was killed in their home. He was there when his dad passed away in the living room. He didn't have a mother because his mom died when giving birth to him. So after his dad died he moved in with his grandmother. My dad then had to start school at a different school so he had to make new friends and he didn’t do that good from the start.

So my dad made a couple of friends but most of the time he was the kid that got made fun of. He always told me stories about him and his friends like he said there was this one time where him and his friend justin went fishing then they found someone's boat on the shore. Then they took the boat and they had to run away as fast as they could, then they left it. Well he told me how he meet justin, justin was the first kid he meet at his new school and was his best friend from then to now. They did everything together my dad told me. Then my dad told me about his dating life and how it was a waste of time and he didn't really try to get with anyone besides my mom. They meet at school when my dad was a senior and they went to prom together and they never left each other until she passed away.

Since my dad started living with my great grandma he was always getting in trouble for not coming home sometimes because he was out partying with justin and they got in trouble a lot. Well let’s talk about how my life has been going haha. Well since i took the same career as my dad it’s been really good. Like when i got out of school i meet a girl and i fell in love with her and i'm still with her today, we have three kids named jordan and caleb and cody. Well jordan is the youngest and he’s 16, and cody is the middle child and he’s 17 and caleb i the oldest and he’s 18 and he just moved out and cody and jordan are still with us. Cody has been a pretty good good besides he's been in trouble with the school a little bit and has been doing drugs and not going to school and has been struggling to do better. Jordan has been a alright kid besides not going to school and stealing and getting in truble with the law.

One day out of the blue it was 2:31 in the morning they called me in.It was a crime scene and they wanted me on the job first thing. This was the time i needed to show what i had as a detective. They made me in charge of the scene and it was going to be hard but i could do it. Well i had a partner and his name was skyler and i've known him since i started my career off. We've been together since we took the same job together and he's been by my side ever since. Well first we got to the scene and me and skyler started looking for evidence and clues. It was a man shot in the heart but no one seen it and had no one to blame that killed him. First we looked in his chest for the bullet and we found out it was a 30/30 winchester bullet. We looked up places that sell this aumo and we found places and we talked to see who just recently bought some and we had some investigators go ask this  people if they have recently bought this aumo and we found two people with a bad record so we took it to more investigation on them. We took both of them in and we talked to both of them we did a little bit more investigation and his name was remington and he was are guy we think so we let the other guy go home. Next we talked to remington and he woulded tell us so we talked to him and told him if he tells use if he did it we would give him less of a prison time and he agreed to it. So after we talked about all of this in court remington went to prison for 40 years and me and skyler got the job done and we got a raise for are hard work so we were really happy with that. On to the next case...

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