Three Bodies

October 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Jeffrey, “Did you hear that ?” Said Amy.
Jeffrey said, “ no not really.” 
Amy said “ It sounds like it come from  outside.” So Jeffrey and Amy went outside to see what the sound was. When jeffrey opened the door they heard a car drive off really fast. Jeffrey was yelling and throwing his hands up. Amy look down the and saw two  bloody bodies.
Amy said to jeffrey, “ call the police.” Jeffrey called the police.
Policies said,” what is your emergency? “
Jeffrey said, “ Me and my wife heard something outside that was loud! We went out there and we found two dead bodies!”

15 minutes later, the police officers came to the house of Jeffrey and Amy.
Officer Lonzo said’ “ Do you know anything about what happened?”
Jeffrey said’ “ no the whole thing that i know is that we heard a sound and, when went outside we saw a car fly by.”
Officer Lonzo said, “Do you know what the car looks like or what the driver looks like and
What the license plate was on the car?”
Jeffrey said,” The Car was a charcoal grey color, i couldn’t see the driver because the driver was wearing a ski mask. I couldn’t see the license plates on the car either.”
Officer Lonzo said ,“Thanks for all your help we will try to find you did this.”
Jeffrey said, “ no trombley.” Officer Lonzo heard his name from Officer JB.
Officer JB said, “ Officer Lonzo we need to call for backup because there is another body there the drive way. It looks fresh. The killer is still around the area.”
Officer Lonzo said, “All units in the area there is a killer somewhere and get the helicopter and find the person.”
Officer JB said to jeffrey and amy,” you need to stay in your house and lock it up. There is a killer still in the area. We will have two officer with you for safety.”

Officer  Nick said, “I just pulled a grey car over. I saw them speed down from Main Street where you guys were at. I may need some backup fast. There is four guys in the car.” Four policies car surrounded The grey car.
Officer Nick said,” Get out of the car and put you hands up where we can see them.”
Driver said, “ I have a gun in my car. I just want you to know.” Officer starting to walk to the car. The officer got the four guys out of the cars.
Officer Nick said,” Can search your car ?”
The Driver said, “ Yeah, I have a gun under my sit and there are black mask in the back sits.
Officer Nick is thinking this are the murder of the 3 body.  Nick goes in the car and see the gun but it’s a fake gun. Then he finds the black mask and they were moist wet feeling and they smelled like roun eggs.
Officer nick ask the driver, “ what is this crap ? You said you had a gun not a fake gun and, why does this mask wet and smell like roun eggs?”
The driver and one of the guys said’, “ They went to their friend’s house and were going to prank him with a fake gun and eggs.”
The driver said, “ When we got to our friend’s house and were going to start the prank but he found out that we were coming to do the prank. So it  backfired on us because he threw eggs at use and we ran and got in the car drove away fast.”
Officer nick told the kids, “ don’t speed and don’t pull a fake gun prank.”
So after a 1 hour and 30 mins, we still don’t know who killed the 3 people.

After Officer Nick was dealing with the kids, he went back to the crime scene.  Officer Nick says, “ have we have figured out who the three bodies belong too”.  Officer J.B. says, “ we are having a forensic scientist come analyze the bodies.”  The two officers went back to the crime scene started to figure out what happened with the three people.  The forensic scientist, named Hunter, is analyzing the three bodies.  He finds out that one of the bodies was a male, the other two bodies were females.  One of the females was a little girl.  Hunter is analyzing to see if sees any clues to what happened and he finds a stab wound in the woman’s back.  The little girl was strangled to death and the male was shot fifteen times.  Officer Lonzo is looking around the area to find more clues and he stumbles across a camera lying on the neighbor's front porch.  Officer Lonzo goes to the neighbor’s to knock on their door. The neighbor’s answer the door and said “ what is the problem?”.  Officer Lonzo told them if he can see their camera footage. 

Officer J.B. is with Hunter and they are finding how if there is fingerprints on the bodies.  Hunter finds a fingerprint on the little girl where she was strangled.  There was one fingerprint on the female on her left shoulder where someone had grabbed her.  Officer J.B. dusting for fingerprints and he finds multiple fingerprints on the little girl her neck and legs.  When Hunter gets the fingerprints he sends them back to the lab and they analyze the fingerprints to see who had committed the murders. 

Two days later Office J.B. went into the lab to talk to the forensic scientist.  Hunter told us some evidence of the bodies and he said there were two fingerprints that they collected.  These fingerprints were matching pairs.  The suspect is Caleb.  An hour later, Office Lonzo and J.B. went back to the police station to investigate Caleb’s files.  Caleb was wanted for multiple arrests. J.B. called a SWAT team unit out to search for Caleb.  The SWAT team is searching for Caleb in a condo complex.  SWAT team members are searching through multiple buildings to find the suspect.  The SWAT team finds one of Caleb’s friends Cody to interrogate him where Caleb is hiding. Cody said Caleb is in apartment number 82.  The SWAT team surrounded apartment number 82 and barged in the room to find Caleb. Caleb was chilling on the couch waiting for the officers to find him.  Caleb did try to resist the arrest by fighting with the officers.  Caleb eventually gave in and went with the officers. 

Office Nick asked Caleb who the other people were who helped him in the murder.  Caleb resisted to answer the questions, so officer lonzo lost control. Lonzo jumped over the table to punch Caleb in the face.  Office Lonzo is yelling at Caleb because Caleb knew he killed the little girl and the parents.  Caleb finally told Officer Nick and Lonzo who is partner was for the crime. Caleb said it was Korbin.  Officer Lonzo told JB to send the SWAT team to find Korbin.  Korbin was trying to run out of the states.  Officer JB found Korbin and arrested him.  They took him to the jailhouse.   After a couple of days of work, Office JB, Lonzo, and NIck that Caleb and Korbin killed the mother, the parent and the daughter. 


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