the abyss

October 9, 2017
By omfgpfkm BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
omfgpfkm BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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I am jolted awake by my alarm sounding it startles me. I wake with my hands  raised ready to fight. I stagger out of bed alarm agitated and sounding in the corner. I leave it with no reason to shut it off. I wobble down the hallway still sensitive of the light and dizzy from the motion. U need to straighten yourself jim you need to get yourself together.  i take a minute to gather my thoughts but i suddenly hear a shrieking come from the corner bedroom of my house i dart to the corner of the hall where i cannot be seen.
Then someone…no something staggers out of the room tattered and bloody with battered features. Nose off to the side arm just hanging by tendons and jaw literally hanging to one side. Not thinking much of the creature.  as i come around the corner the creature notices movement and lurches forward slamming into my torso i quickly turn before i hit the floor pinning the thing to the ground and holding it there i was angry now  i grabbed it by its hair and pulled up and drove its head forcefully into the wood flooring. With four painful thrusts its head explodes like a watermelon hitting the pavement.
I stagger to my feet trying to gather my thoughts but i start to ponder how something got into my house in the first place but i suddenly realize my dog was not with me i start to worry. I frantically searched for him yelling and damn near screaming for him but he is nowhere to be found i grab my leather jacket off the back of my kitchen chair pull on my shoes and hurry outside.
But when i start to open the door i hear scratching at it vary subtle but noticeable. i look through the peep hole. What i see is terrible it is a pair of the creatures that i had just slain standing outside my door but these were covered in blood and were smelling the air like they knew i was behind the door. I sway backward but when i set my unstable sneaker on the floor it let out a sharp creaking sound. Suddenly as i bolt back noticing the scratching has stopped. i slowly move towards the door sceptical of what i was hearing but it sounded like grunts no moans …… WHAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The  door was thrown from its hinges and i was knocked to the floor. The creatures stagger towards the hole where the door used to be. The saliva was dark and dripping with blood they were looking for there victum. I quickly scoot back towards my kitchen still grounded mind you but i knew there was something sharp in there to make the job easier. i move past the island in the middle of the room and take cover behind it. There were knives on the counter next to the  fridge. I crouch down low so the monsters don't see my movement. The i put my fingers around the cleaver and move back to cover. The creatures started to move around my apartment searching looking for me. As i gather the courage to face them something sounds in the hall there heads thrust in its direction and they bolt out the door shrieking.
I quickly hurry to the door and stand it up so they couldn't get back in the room. I push the bookshelf down in front of the door. I step back to admire my work i walk over to the sofa were my lastnights coffee is still setting cold and unappealing. I plop down on the couch i grabbed the remote off the table and switch the television on. But there was absolutely nothing on just a black screen nothing at all.
I wake up a few hours later i frantically stand up fearing that i am in danger but as i search the living room but find nothing that could threaten me but nothing is there no sound no lights just the darkness of the apartment. So i go over to the light switch on the wall but again there was still nothing. ¨Huh that's odd¨, i say in my dry cracky voice. But then again a lot of things had been odd that day.
i get the whiff of smoke from somewhere inside the apartment i search the apartment franticly but found nothing. Then i realize there was smoke coming in the crack in the door from when the creatures busted in earlier. I hurry into my room and pull on some jeans and boots and grab baseball bat and flash light from the hall closet and get to the door. I push the bookcase out of my way and move the door . i flick the flashlight on and head out into the dark abyss of the hallway i see blood in the hall all over in puddles and chunks of meat i walk past the open door of apartment 412 C .
it had been a sweet old couples home they had lived here for three or four years longer than i but as i walked by i saw mrs bright chewing on something with blood soaked nightgown a face her eyes as dark as the hallway. As i get closer i start to notice that the thing that she was munching on was a piece of flesh no a A FOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!. I yell and stagger back. Her head snapped in my direction i am still in shock of what i had just witnessed. She lunges at me as i move to the right as she smacks into the drywall that was recently behind me i raise the bat above my head and with one powerful thrust downward of the bat she collapsed to the floor motionless. I drop to my knees at what i had just done.
What is happening lord what why is this happening. I gather my thoughts and get to my feet i hear shuffling from down the hall behind me. My flashlight moves onto the sea of the grey faces. Teeth snapping nails scratching the air. The monsters trail behind keeping up with my pace i sprint down the hallway full speed trying to stay ahead of the monsters that are at the heels of my feet. I see the stairwell i take a sharp right to open the door but as i do the door has been battered and broken and would not open. So i continue down the hall then i notice the apartments and doors had stopped. Then i look back to see the creatures they were closer than before. SMACK!!!! I hit the wall at full speed. I go to the left i go to the right but there is no doors no windows just the monsters close in front of me.
I accept my fate i raise the bat and start swinging and swinging heads cracking teeth snapping. I get pummeled to the ground and am forced down my eyes are fading i feel the warm gore that was once inside of me cover my body as i feel my chest get ripped ajar blood fills my mouth then things go dark….

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its awsome

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