The Jack in the Box

October 8, 2017
By Terilyn Martin BRONZE, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Terilyn Martin BRONZE, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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[Recording O]

“Hello, if you’re watching this, I hate you.”

“Amy, honey, who are you talking to?”
“Go away, mom. Anyways as I was saying, I hate you. If I say your name, you will not wake up tomorrow. Here are the names; Ana Bearman, Jose Bearman, and Callie Bearman. I hate you, and I can’t wait to die so that you will too. Jack is coming for you….” Amy walks up to a box, her shaking legs lift her up. She reaches her vibrating hands into the air to get a grip on the noose. She ties it around her neck, and as tears fall freely. She puts on a fake smile and faces her camera, she waves goodbye. Her mom walks in only to see her baby girl’s legs give out from under her, taking her life.      
Her mom raises her hand to her mouth and screams echo the small, old, rickety house. Amy’s mother, father, and sister are all hugging each other on the tiles of her bedroom. When they see the red flashing lights of her camera, they run over hesitantly.

[End of Recording]  

Amy’s father took the SD card and inserted it into the slot in the bottom left-hand corner of the laptop. A message popped up:                                        

Amy’s father double clicked ‘Open folder to view files’ When it opened he instantly regretted it. He closed his eyes as he clicked on the most recent video. Their faces grew a look of terror as they heard their names. Callie slammed the laptop closed as her 17-year-old sister’s body fell. She took out her phone started to dial 911. Her head whipped around as she heard her sister’s old Jack in the Box singing from the attic. She put down her phone and left her parents to take a look. She pulled down the rusty ladder, and the 12-year-old climbed up.
“ Dangit, I forgot a flashlight.” She whispered to herself as she looked around the dark, cold room. The floor started to move from under her and then she heard a low creepy voice.
“ Don’t worry you're not alone,” said Amy as she wrapped her hand around her sister’s mouth. Amy took a needle and injected it into Callie’s neck. Callie’s flailing body came to a halt. Three hours later the father says “ Hey where’s Callie? CALLIE! COULD YOU COME HERE FOR A SECOND?!” There was no answer. They were starting to get worried. The father told his wife to stay put. He walked out into his daughter Callie’s room. He heard a very faint knock on the door. He made his way downstairs and opened the door. Jose was greeted by a Sheriff. The sheriff showed his badge and said, “ Sir, we received a call from the neighbors complaining about people screaming. May I come in?” The father nodded his head and moved so that the officer could walk in. The officer and Jose walked up the stairs in silence and into Amy’s room just to see Jose’s wife dead and daughter hanging from the ceiling. The sheriff just stood there in shock. “Do you have any more family members that live here?” said the Sheriff.
“ Yes,” Jose said plainly.
“ And where are they at?”
“ I don’t know,” said Jose staring at the floor. With a grunt, the Sheriff walked out into the hallway. He instantly saw an old rusty ladder. He took his gun out of the holster. He looks to his left and pulled on a mysterious string. A light turned on and filled the room with a yellow glow. The first thing the officer saw was a little girl’s body lying on the ground. He walked over and saw a needle laying 4 feet away from her. The Sheriff walked back down the ladder and pushed Jose against the wall and said, “ You’re under arrest for manslaughter.” The officer called for back up. The next thing Jose knew, he was in a cell waiting to be called to his trial. After the trial, Jose went to the bathroom. He heard a voice and then saw black. He was found dead with a slit in his throat.

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