Dream, Dream, Halloween

October 22, 2017
By Mikaylaadakama BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Mikaylaadakama BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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“Buzzz” my phone rang. It was 5:37 in the morning, what could Gurneet possibly want at this hour. I answered my phone. As I accepted the call she yells in my ear, “Happy spooky dookie Halloween! I’ll be at your house in 45 minutes, be ready. We’re going costume shopping!” It took me a while to comprehend what she was saying because  I was still half asleep. I told her in a sleepy tone, “ You’re so crazy, who goes shopping at 6'o clock in the morning?” I hung up and started to get ready. When I got up I noticed something different. My dogs weren't barking and being annoying I was so confused. I went to go feed them and I yelled at the top of my lungs, “ Who wants to eat!” They still didn't come out. I ignored it and finished getting ready.

It was about time for Gurneet to be at my house already, it was 6:20. I called her and a really creepy old woman voice picked up the phone. “ Hello sweetie no one is available for the phone right now goodbye.” As soon and she hung up I got the chills. Something wasn't right. I don't know if I was being paranoid because it was halloween or if I was just thinking about it too much.

I walked out of my house and told my Mom bye and waited for Gurneet to pick me up. I told her what happened and she said things have been pretty weird for her to that morning. Gurneet said that her cat was barking and when she turned on her stove the flames were green and purple.

We arrived at the Halloween store and I noticed that it was closed! “ Gurneet I told you they’d be closed this early.” She looked at me in confusion. “ What do you mean, it’s 12’ O’clock in the afternoon?” I couldn’t believe it. When she said that I knew for a fact I was going crazy or she was playing a trick on me. Before I could tell her anything I looked at the clock to see what time it actually was. It was 12:01. What had happened to those 4 hours? First I wondered if I’d fallen asleep or something. This has been the weirdest Halloween ever.

“Try on this outfit”
“I’m not going to be Minnie Mouse for the third year in a row” I said. I walked into the dressing room to try on the Minnie Mouse costume to make her happy. As I start to come out of the dressing room I realized there was no one, nothing, and no Gurneet in sight. As I turn around in confusion and disbelief , I go back to the dressing room. But, there was nothing there. I start running around in the Halloween store but with all white empty walls it seemed never ending.  I stumble to the ground and start sobbing. “I'm going to be alone on Halloween and I’m so scared.” Then I heard a long ring. “Good Morning Princess, Happy Halloween.” My Mom had woke me up from the worst dream, dream, Halloween.

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