School or Horror

October 22, 2017
By Neft101 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Neft101 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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 Windy, dark night I was walking back home. I heard a nose. I looked back it was just Jessie trying to scare me. I scream gosh you scared me. He laughed it’s October get used to it. I laughed. I finally got home. I was so tired so I decided to go to sleep early it was 9:00 pm. Yawn it was Monday morning no!!! Worst day of the week, I had to go to school.I got there waiting for my friend I was tossing a football. I got bored again so just walked around and found a friend, I haven't talked to seen elementary school and now im in 8th grade. I walked up and said, “Hey Carlos how are you.” He said “Hey great haven't seen you since elementary.” I agreed and made an appointment to seat together at lunch. Lunch came by fast I got my food and locked for Carlos. He was waiting for me at the lunch tables. I approached him and sat down.

We talked all lunch about the passed then he invited me to his party. I quickly said, “Yes.” He said,”8:00 pm.” I thought isn’t that too late for a party. But I didn’t care as long as my parents said yes.The day came by fast. I brought money and my phone and just earbuds too. I got to his house there were 7 more there I got nervous I didn’t know them. He said you came ok let's go now guys. I thought the party here were are we going to the high school he said. I was worried Gosh no. They climbed the fence but the door was opened. I didn’t wanna go but everyone was in so I had to. We heard sounds scary sounds quickly we aran me (Austin) Carlos, James, Hector,Jayden, Edgar, Jose, Erik. But we looked Hector was gone couldn’t find him, we saw blood on the wall  and screamed. Hector head was on the floor were going to pretend we didn’t see anything, and leave said Carlos, but the doors were locked the fences were now 16 feet tall. What would happen. I didn’t know what to do. James was looking for a way to escape we were going to call the cops but all of our phones were died now. Erik disappeared we found him with hector on the floor, dead, I ran and screamed.
There was a loud voice that everyone heard it said, “Only one will survive today fight to the death last one standing gets free, others die.” Start. I quickly ran and hid in the band room. I looked for a big locker to hide in. I found the tuba locked and unlocked it got in and then locked it. I heard the door open. It was James crying. He said hello anyone here? All scared I said me I'm here come and hide with me. He opened the lock and quickly tried choking me. I couldn’t take it. I Had died. James had killed me, and I was dead and going to get back at him.
I didn’t know what happened after, but two survived Carlos, and James. I was dead in the hospital. I saw light and , more and more then I woke up. I was confused didn't remember who they were. I moved and got a new start a new life in Charlottesville Virginia with my parents. I made new friends and went to therapy and new school and life was great, and I never found out what happened which was great.

The author's comments:

Great piece Disclaimer nothing in the story is true. More stories coming soon. 

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