Ghostly Love

October 16, 2017
By josiewarby SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
josiewarby SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
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‘’Did you turn out the lights?’’ ‘’No.’’ ‘’Then I think we have a problem.’’ I looked over at my best friend nervously. We knew what was about to happen if we turned them back on. We were in a haunted house and deciding to explore it was one of the worst decisions me and Gitte had ever made. ‘’Is there a way to get out of here besides the front door?’’ I asked her. Gitte looked around the room we were in for a possible way out, but she didn’t see anything. ‘’Let’s slowly creep out of here’’ I suggested. She nodded and I led the way. After the lights had went out we didn’t hear any weird noises so It must have been a ghost. Haunting the creepy thirty years old house. I mean that makes sense right? We found our way into another room and I noticed a gleam of light.

‘’Follow the light!’’ I yelled and we started running towards it. We were stopped when the door behind us slammed shut. We both screamed in fear and I ran back to the door to see if it was locked. Sure enough it was. ‘’Come on Josie!’’ Gitte screamed pulling me away,and we kept running forwards in the dark house.

We were safely in another room and we collapsed gasping for breath. ‘’Something is definitely after us’’ Gitte said. I nodded in agreement my fear taking over me. ‘’I agree’’ I finally said. Suddenly out of nowhere we heard a piano playing and the door to the room we were in slammed shut. ‘’Oh my God it’s in here!!!’’ We grabbed each other and I started crying. ‘’Gitte… where’s the piano music coming from?’’ I asked her nervously.
Gitte looked around the room, with me still holding onto her.

‘’THE CORNER!’’ she screamed. ‘’Duck!’’ I screamed out of instinct. We both ducked and piano keys starting flying off the piano towards our heads. We had ducked and covered our heads protectively. ‘’We need to get out of here NOW!!!’’ Gitte screamed. We ran to the window, which appeared to be our only way out. As we looked out the window we knew this must be the end. There was no way we’d survive that drop. ‘’I love you Josie’’ Gitte said hugging me. ‘’I love you too Gitte’’ I replied.

I forced the window open and I started to put my leg out of the window when a strong cold air blew straight through us, and it wasn’t from outside. ‘’Wait!’’ a voice  yelled and I screamed nearly falling out the window. Gitte grabbed me by the hand and helped me back into the room. ‘’Who said that?!’’ Gitte asked. ‘’Me’’ the voice replied as a figure appeared out of thin air into the room. ‘’Are you a ghost?!’’ I yelled getting goosebumps. ‘’Yes! I’m so sorry for scaring you girls. I was just trying to have a little fun’’ the ghost replied putting his head down.

This was really weird. The ghost looked like a teenage boy except his body was glowing. ‘’Why do you look like an alive person? Is this some high tech special effects?’’ Gitte asked. The ghost boy laughed and shook his head. ‘’No I am very much dead. You two must not know much about good ghosts though. This is how we look. Only bad ghosts also known as ‘’evil’’ or ‘’demon’’ look ugly, or just don’t show themselves at all.’’ he explained. ‘’What’s your name?’’ Gitte asked. I couldn’t believe this… we were actually talking to a ghost. ‘’My names Max’’ the ghost replied. He had blonde hair,blue eyes, strong muscles, and a really nice smile. Not that i was interested. ‘’Hi I’m Gitte’’ Gitte replied flirting. ‘’Oh my gosh… this is not happening’’ I said in disbelief.

Max laughed at me and smiled at Gitte. ‘’What? He’s as much of a human as me. Look at him!’’ She exclaimed, defending her ghost crush. ‘’Then touch him and see If your hand goes through him’’ I ordered. Knowing this was the most obvious thing to do to tell if someone was a ghost or not. Gitte touched his arm and nothing happened. ‘’What?! Explain yourself!’’ I yelled. Max laughed. ‘’Not all superstitions about ghosts are true you know’’ He said. We got lucky that Max was in fact a good ghost. ‘’This was fun and all but i’m out! Bye lovebirds i’m going to go see my alive boyfriend’’ I said to Gitte.
Gitte rolled her eyes at me as I left. Moral of the story, don’t judge a ghost by it’s cover.

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