Halloween Eve

October 14, 2017

“Ughhhhhhh, why couldn’t mom just pick is up. I don’t want to walk three blocks to find our new house.” Katie complained to her little brother, Jack.
“You know mom couldn’t pick is she was unloading our stuff into the new house. I like that word new house, new house, ne-.”
“That’s the house.”
Katie and Jack looked up and it was grey and looked very old. It looked Halloween themed. Which was funny because it October 30.
“Ummmmmm, are you sure that’s the house.” Jack asked.
“Yeah look.”
Katie showed Jack her phone. It said on her phone 35960 Strat street. The address said 36590 on Strat street. There was also a moving truck right in front of the house.
“Is mom there?” Jack asked
“Yeah she posted a picture on instagram.”
Katie looked at Jack then she sprinted to the door, unlocked it, sprinted upstairs, then ran into one of the rooms and said,”My room.” With a smirk.
“No I should get it i’m the youngest.”
“I was here first!” Katie fought back
Then the door closed and locked them in. Jack tried to unlock the door but it wouldn’t open.
“Open it.” Katie said
“It won’t open.” He said very anxiously.
“Don’t be stupid, stop trying to scare me. Just open it!”
Katie walked over and it wouldn’t open.
“Mom stop trying to scare us!” Katie screamed. She knew how much her mom loved to scare them the day before Halloween.
“Wait, mom’s over there!” Jack said, pointing to the window.
There mom was outside unloading the van, into the other house. You could see there mom checking her phone, then typing. Katie got a text from her mom saying it was 36592 Strat street, not 36590 Strat street.
“Wait, I thought you couldn’t get any Wi-fi.” Jack wondered
“People can text me but I can’t text them.”
Minutes passed they Katie was looking around to see if there was anything to get them out, Jack was sitting on the old couch. Creakkkkkkkk
“Stop making that noise it’s super annoying and i’m trying to think of a way out.” Katie urged.
“I didn’t make that noise.”
“I just heard you!”
Creakkkkkkkk, Katie looked over and the rocking chair was rocking.
“No I don’t like this. Get us out of here!” Katie screamed
Katie heard the door unlock and it opened. Katie mouth was hanging wide open. Jack started screaming. Right there, in front of the door was a demon.
“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Katie was really scared.
She looked at her phone it said 11:11, she noticed in the corner of her eye, her water bottle! She chucked it at the demon’s stomach. They both sprinted out screaming.
“There you guys are, what took you long so long?” There mom asked.
“We we were in that house.” Jack said pointing to the haunted house.
“There was a demon! We almost died!” Katie screamed.
“Oh no, you didn’t know. The reason why the house was so cheap is because of the house you were just in. It’s haunted.”
There mom said with a smirk. She grew horns, turned red. She was a demon!
Katie opened her eyes, she was in her bed.
“Oh thank goodness, it was a dream!”
Katie walked downstairs. Everybody was downstairs.
“Katie good news”, Katie’s mom started,”we’re moving.”
“NO NO NO. AHHHHHHHHH!” Katie screamed running to her room.
“I wonder what her problem is?’ Katie’s dad said.

The author's comments:

I have a very big imagination. It’s fictional and perfect for Halloween.

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