A Tale Of Two Cities

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

My name is Katherine Williams. I am a 14-year-old orphan. My parents passed away when I was only 5-years-old. They were in a terrible car crash. I am currently staying at a teen adoption center in uptown Dallas named KNL Inc. Short for Kids Need Love. I have been here since I was 6 years old.
One sunny day in October, me and my friends were playing tag. We were running around having the time of our lives, when my friend
Joslynn asked,
“why hasn’t anyone new came yet?”
We were all puzzled and curious as well since we had all been in the orphanage together since we we’re all 6-years-old.  We left the thought alone and continue to play tag. Joslynn then pulled me aside and told me
“we should do some investigation, because this place is kind of off.”
I nodded my head in agreement. We decided to meet up at 10:30 in the Northern Wing.
    Later that night me and Joslynn started our investigation. We met up as planned in the Northern Wing under the old creaky stairway. “okay so I was thinking we could start in the record room”
I told Joslynn while she flickered the flashlight on.
“okay let’s do this”
Joslynn responded.
We walked down the narrow hall and into the record room, which reeked of smelly musty old gym socks.
“here go to the back of the room with the flashlight and go over all the files, I’ll keep lookout.”
Joslynn said while handing me the flashlight.
“okay sure”
I responded without any hesitation in my voice.
I took the flashlight and began to go over the files one by one. When I was finally done with all the files I made a shocking theory. As I turned to see if Joslynn was still at the door a loud bolt of thunder struck. A storm was on its way. Me and Joslynn made quick eye contact and darted out of the record room. We separately went to our rooms quickly and quietly, being careful to avoid being caught.
     The next day, while we were all eating breakfast, Joslynn went around spreading a rumor that we were all going to die in the orphanage and no one new came because this was the house for unwanted orphan babies. I looked at her with much amusement, because her “theory” was way off compared to mines. You see my theory is that we were all kidnaped
and we’re being held hostage. I’d never tell anyone my theory, it sounds to silly and untrue.
“are you going to eat your toast?”
I politely asked my friend Kelsey.
“no, you can have it, oh and Katherine can you meet me by the abandoned tires during outside time?”
She asked while handing me her toast.
“yeah sure thing”
I responded while taking and eating her toast. As I ate her toast I began to think more into my theory.
     Waiting for outside time took an eternity. When Ms. Rosey finally called us for outside I was very anxious and eager to know what Kelsey needed to tell me. As soon as we stepped outside I darted towards the abandoned tires. I sat on a tire and waited patiently on Kelsey. She finally walked over to
the abandoned tires and took a seat next to me. 
“Okay so I wanted to tell you that I saw you and Joslynn going into the record room while I was going to the restroom.”
She said while picking up rocks and tossing them. My heart sped up and I could’ve sworn my chest as going to explode like a volcano.
“don’t worry your secret is safe with me.”
I took a deep breath of relief and I began explaining why we were in the record room in the first place. I got caught up in telling her the story and I ended up telling her about my theory.
“I’ve actually had the same theory for a while now as well.”
Kelsey told me with a spark in her eyes. We both sat in silence while the harsh wind blew began dancing through our hair,
“Maybe we can do some more investigating”
I finally spoke up.
“Yeah but we can’t tell anyone and risk getting caught.”
I nodded my head in agreement. We decided to meet up in the Eastern Wing to use the computers at 10:00 pm. Which would be the time everyone including the adults will be asleep.
     9:45 pm, I slipped out my bed and put on my slippers. As I tiptoed across the wooden floor, I felt like a top agent spy. I made my way out of my room successfully without waking my room mates up. When I reached the computer room in the Eastern Wing it was approximately 10:00 pm. When I walked into the room Kelsey was already siting at a computer logged in.
“hey Kelsey.”
I said as I sat in the chair next to her.
“hey I brought a notebook and a pen so we
could take notes.”
She said while handing me the notebook and pen.
“okay we should start with researching the orphanage’s name and history.
        By 11:00 pm we found out that the orphanage used to be an old private school. The school was then shut down due to the teachers were stealing the children’s money and belongings. The children were tired of getting their things taken. They told their parents who took matters in their own hands and sued the school and pressed charges on all the teachers. The teachers all but one was arrested and sent to prison for grand theft auto. The one person however who was not caught was ours truly Ms. Rosey. Now that we’ve discovered this shocking we’ve decided to go to consider turning her into the authorities.
  The next day Kelsey and I finally got tired of wanting more information that we didn’t have access to. We decided to go to the local police station. The police station was only 4 blocks away. We planned to leave at 10:00 pm, when no one would suspect us missing. At 9:30 we put our coats on and pretended we were studying in the foyer, when Ms. Rosey and the staff did a “sweep through”. We played it off so innocently. They didn’t suspect a thing. When we reached the police station we told the receptionist that we needed a defective ASAP. She picked up the phone and let a detective know we needed him or her. After a 15 minute wait a tall drown skinned middle-aged women, finally came out. By the time we were done explaining our information and telling our story, the detective had a warnt ready for Ms. Rosey. As it turns out all the kids in the orphanage were kidnapped and Ms. Rosey did it for revenge to our parents since they were the
reason as to why she lost her job. In the end, all  the kids were returned to their families and Ms. Rosey was finally behind bars.

The author's comments:

what inspired me to write this piece was a movie named nanny mcphee and I just wrote about the ideas that came to me.

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