October 3, 2017
By maddy.conner SILVER, Trinidad, Texas
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She was just a little girl. None of this should have happened to her. Nevaeh was only 13 and living in a huge mansion with one older sister, Janiel, and a younger brother, Laxston. Nevaeh had lots of friends at school, and in her neighborhood. She was also the captain of the cheer squad dating the star quarterback,Bonnor.
She lives a pretty good life. Her family did
everything as one; no one was ever left out of any family games, and movie nights.Due to the fact that they were so rich, their friends couldn’t come over. Nevaeh only had one friend named Kienly,and they did everything together.

Nevaeh and her family were going to look at a house in the city because they wanted away from the country. Once they arrived at the house they were looking at, Nevaeh immediately went to the back yard to see what it looked like. What she didn’t know is that there was a man back there waiting for her because he had been stalking her and her family for awhile now.

Nevaeh didn’t know that she was about to be Kidnapped. She was scared because she didn’t recognize him at all.
Her kidnapper finally made the move a before she new it her mouth was taped shut and she was in the back of a van. She had no idea of where he was taking her, but once they got to the final destination, she recognized exactly where she was: it was the very first house her family ever bought.
She was scared for her life now and she didn’t know what to do because her kidnapper had locked her in a room with her hands and feet tied together. A week had passed and she only gets three meals a day and that is for just basic nutrition. He feeds her because he thinks that she might try to escape the house if he untied her. He only untied her so she can go the bathroom and that was it and she only got to use it once a day. He was a very angry man if anyone said anything or even thought anything he knew she was always scared.
After the second week or so, she started losing a lot of weight. It was becoming critical. But then again he didn’t care. He didn’t have a family if his own all of his brothers and sisters were no longer alive.
Nevaeh’s parents were getting very depressed and wanting to know who took her. They have contacted the police and there were no traces of her anywhere. Police have searched everywhere for her and all they have found is her anklet.
It is now been about 5 months and Nevaeh is in the worst condition. But what she doesn’t know is that her parents know where she’s at but they can’t get to her because the kidnapper has an electrical military fence. It’s about 2 a.m. and Nevaeh is feeling a little bit sick so she asked for a drink and while he was gone she got one of the windows open. But as soon as she got the window open he walked in. So she pretended to be asleep so he wouldn’t know. As soon as he left for the bathroom at about 5:30 a.m. she got the window back opened to try and escape. She got out of the house and ran to the back corner of yard so he couldn’t see her. Her parents heard her back there so they call the cops to come to the house. The cops finally got the electrical fence off and they got her out of the house.
Nevaeh was scared to do anything for awhile but after about 10 years she finally went out with some friends. She later than met the love of her life and they had a beautiful family. But then one day her and her family went looking for a house and she had a daughter that was about 12 years old and her daughter was walking around back. But her mom didn’t let her because her mom didn’t want same thing to happen to her.

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Criminal minds inspired me to write this and so did pretty little liars.

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