September 21, 2017
By AutumnGreen BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
AutumnGreen BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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A is sitting with his legs crossed on the cold wet floor in the dark room. He is facing forward with eyes open wide, refusing to break stare with the water, dripping at a slow rhythm. The sink has been overflowed for about an hour now. The door is shut, trapping him in, with the water now ankle deep. The lights above are at a low dim, flickering on and off at a fast pace. A is waiting for something, but his mind is blurred. He should be shivering, but he is just sitting there, so still with no movement. The water now is to his elbows which are crossed sluggishly across his chest. His lips begin to quiver and he starts to break into a hum. Suddenly, he turns his head to the side, still not blinking, but with a strong straight face. A is ready. What he has been waiting for is finally coming. Now, the hum has turned into a small, childlike laugh. White noise begins to scream through the fluorescent lights, as they flash even faster. A’s laughter turns into a clownish scream, and the room starts to spin. The faucet handles turn on full power, and water pours out of the sink. A is still sitting with his crossed legs, and the water is now reaching over his neck. All in one moment, the lights turn completely off, the water stops, and silence overflows the dark room. A is gone. 

The author's comments:

This is a piece that I wrote to raise questions for my audience. I was inspired to write this piece to get outside of my comfort zone, and write something different and suspenceful. I want my readers to feel unsettled and left wanting more.

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