Risky Situation

September 27, 2017
By blossom2002 BRONZE, Bosie, Idaho
blossom2002 BRONZE, Bosie, Idaho
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I was a sophomore in high school, not that “cool”, and not too many friends. One day, in the middle of the night my friends invited me to a party I didn't want to go at first because my parents would never let me go out this late, but my friend would not stop begging me to come.

“Come on Rose, it will be fun!” begged Olivia

“No i'm going to be grounded if I get caught?” I whined

“them don't get caught.” Hailey said   

After lots of convincing I decided to sneak out. Luckily the party was walking distance from my house. I told my friends I would only stay for a little bit. I popped out the screen of my window and stared walking. I was a few houses down from the party, I could hear the music from the house blaring. I saw man, well dressed about maybe in his thirties maybe, struggling to lift a heavy box into his small car.

“Excuse me, could you help me with this please, I'm going to be late” said the man

I didn't know if I should help him or not, he looked a little sketchy. I thought to myself “Who am I to judge a book by it's cover.”  I crossed the street. “Thank you so much it's just this box.” said the fairly creepy man. I bent down to lift up the box, before I could get the box into the car he pushed me in and closed the trunk. I panicked, my heart was jumping out of my chest. I was  screaming, kicking and punching all around me but there was no way out. He drove for what seamed like forever, but it was only a couple minutes because he parked at an empty park, that I had been to before. I could hear him talking on the phone.

“She's really struggling I think someone might hear something. I need to tie her up

please - but sir what if someone hears her kicking?.....Thank you sir I won't let you down.”

I could hear the car door open, I knew it would be risky but I had to. When he opened the trunk I jumped up, and hit my head on the trunk. The man shoved me back in the trunk and duct taped my hands behind my back and tied my feet together then duct taped my mouth. He continued to drive, when he put the duct tape on my mouth I stuck my tongue out so it wouldn't stick as much and I could slip it off. After a couple hours of driving I came up with the perfect plan. Was going to kick and scream as much as I could until he can’t handle it any more, then he will open up the trunk again and this time I will kick him in the face hopefully knock him out long enough for me to free myself grab the keys and drive off. I was really scared to do it because I didn't know what he was capable of

I started to scream and yell “let me out, someone help me.”

he told me to shut up a few times, after a while I could tell he was getting annoyed and scared that someone would hear, but he kept driving. My mouth was drying out and I was starting to lose my voice, I didn't know how much longer I could keep it up so I let out loudest and longest scream I could. He slammed the breaks swung the car door open and stormed over to the trunk and opened it. I got ready to kick him, I timed it perfectly kicked him right in the face. I crawled out of the trunk, I was in the middle of forest I could see the sun rising, I was surprised it was already morning, it was chilly and there was a slight breeze. I hopped over to a nearby tree branch that had been snapped off  turned around and ripped the duct tape in half then untied my feet, ran back over to the man grabbed his keys, jumped in the car and sat there I don't really know how to drive i've only had a couple classes of drivers training the only thing i knew was the gas and the breaks but that was all i needed to know, right. I just hit the gas pedal and started driving.

I had no idea where I was going, I was trying to get as far away from the guy that kidnaped me as I could. I looked back at the guy he was still passed out on the ground. I chuckled at his unconscious body. After a an hour of driving I finally found a road with car on it, I hopped on a main road and just kept driving. I looked around for a phone but there was no phone in site. I started talking to myself out loud “Oh no he probably has his phone with him, oh no he call call someone to get him. Wait but I have his car the police can see who the car is registered too. Ok lets see where i'm going…..oh my god there a gas station! I've never loved to see a gas station this much in life.”

I pulled into the gas station, walked in and yelled, “Help i've just been kidnaped, can I use your phone, please” I used the gas stations phone and called the police. The police told me to wait at the gas station and they will send a squad car to pick me up. So I waited at the gas station until the police came.

“Hello i’m detective Hale and this is my partner detective Parks, can you tell us what happened?” asked the detective. I told them everything, as much as I could.

“Do you know where you left the man that took you.” asked detective Parks  

I told the detectives “Not really I drove his car for a hour in the middle of the woods until I found the main road.” 

The detectives told a squad car to look for the man, and took me to the station to talk to a sketch artist and tell him what I the man looked like. When i got to the station my parents were already there. I ran to them and gave them a big hug.

“Oh honey are you ok? What happened? How did he take you? We thought you were in bed, Rosy.” asked my mom.

I told them what happened and apologized for sneaking out, they surprisingly didn't ground me like I thought they would I just have to tell them where i am at all times. Oh they caught the guy  that kidnapped me and his partner, the one he was talking to on the phone. Well that's my risky story for ya. (fiction story)                      

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