The Wicked Sin

September 27, 2017
By toomuchCoffee_13 BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
toomuchCoffee_13 BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
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Matthew Mcony was always not right in the head but his mind took him to a whole new level of sinister behavior. I’d advise you to sit down as I tell you this little tale I’m about to tell you of his evil sin. Matthew hasn’t always been this way but something caused him to snap and commit the crime against his own mother and father. He didn’t know why he did it to his mother but he had a good reason to do it to his father.


Matthew’s father has always been a drunk and beat him ever since his little sister died in a car accident while Matthew and his mother lived. Young Matthew was now 16 when he brutally murdered his mother and father. Now some people believed that Matthew was never right in the head because of the beatings his father did to him or it could have been that something demonic and evil could’ve taken over his soul, thus blinding him from the good as well kind spirit from amongst his very soul.

He committed the sin after he got home on a dark and cold night. The moon was full as it was beautiful and provided the right type of light. He got home around 10:00 pm when his father was drunk.

“Matthew where have you been you stupid boy,”His father ask as Matthew closed the door behind him.
Matthew muttered,”I was out.” His father stood up but almost fell over and through an empty glass bottle near Matthew’s head. Matthew ducked it but his father kneed him in the head and slammed Matthew to the ground. His father pulled Matthew’s hair and looked him in the eyes.

His father slurred,”Boy you better speak up and don’t sass me or else.” Matthew smelt his father’s breath which had the putrid stench of whiskey as he nodded his head. His father slammed his face into the floor and started to kick him. As his father stopped, Matthew got up and decided he had enough. He had always planned how his father’s death would be but this time he would make it happen but how. It would take a lot of careful planning but he would have to dispose of the body as well afterwards. But what about his mother though, he couldn’t let her see what he was about to do. So, regretfully, he decided to dispose of her as well. Matthew didn’t want to kill his mother but he didn’t want to have any witnesses to his father’s death either.

Matthew took a knife for his mother but a broken beer bottle specifically for his father. Matthew also grabbed some clean clothing to change into after the job is done. His mother was not home yet but his drunken fool of a dad was passed out on the couch. In one hand Matthew had some rope and in the other hand, the broken beer bottle that smashed against the wall after his father abused him for the last time. It didn’t take him long before he bounded his father and gagged him so he couldn’t scream. Before Matthew could do away with his idiotic father, he had to put him through the same pain he was put through for so many years.

“This is what you get for abusing me for so long you stupid drunk excuse for a parent,” Matthew whispered in his father’s ear as he kicked him as hard as he could in the side. He kicked him in the sides, the stomach and the chest over and over until he saw his father crying for mercy. Matthew knew it was time to get the deed done so he grabbed the broken beer bottle and inched toward his bounded father slowly. His father was sliding back as Matthew took each step forward with the footsteps going thump, thump, thump. The pain in his eyes were burned through his father’s head as he reached the wall to where his father was cowering to get away. Just as Matthew was about to sink that beer bottle into his father he heard a car pull up into the driveway, It was his mother. Matthew put the beer bottle on the chair and pulled out the kitchen knife he planned to use for his mother. He stood next to where the door would hide him as he heard footsteps coming up to the door. It felt as if to Matthew that time seemed to go by slowly.

As he saw the doorknob turn Matthew raised the knife above his head. Sweat seemed to drip down his pale face as his mother came through the door and screamed at that sight of her husband. Without any time to lose he came up behind her and stabbed her several times until she fell to the floor. Matthew couldn’t believe it. He had the most sweet and innocent mother but he viciously killed her. Matthew looked at his blood stained clothes and the knife in his hands. But suddenly a thought ran through his head and a sickly evil grin crossed his face. He turned his head to his father and picked up the broken beer bottle. His father looked up at him as he inched near with huge terrified eyes. Matthew reached the wall and raised his weapon above his head. The glass glimmered in the light of the room as he sunk it deep into his father’s chest. His father struggle harder and harder but it was no use. Matthew saw a tear in his father’s eye as the struggling slowed more and more. Finally the struggling came to a complete stop and Matthew’s father’s eyes turned glassy. He actually did it. Matthew actually killed his mother and father. He had to sit down and think about what he had just done. The images of killing his mother and his father replayed and suddenly he felt horrible.

Matthew had to hide the bodies somewhere. He remembered something from his favorite short story Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and an idea struck him but he would have to be quick about it because Matthew was sure that some of the neighbors heard his deceased mother’s scream. Matthew got some blankets and an axe to get the job done. He laid out the blankets and dragged his parents lifeless bodies onto the now stained blankets. Matthew then started to use the axe and decapitated his parents piece by piece. After he was done Matthew put the axe away and wrapped up the now bloodied blanket with his parents who is now cut into tiny pieces. Instead of putting them under the floorboards, Matthew decided to hide them in the attic. He took the ends of the blanket and threw it over his shoulder like a sack. He walked down the hallway and opened a door that was hidden very well in the ceiling.

He hurriedly carried the blankets up the stairs and found a trunk big to hide the remains. As he locked away the remains, the images kept playing over and over in his head. Matthew couldn’t shake the guilt and regret he had. Why did he let his anger and emotion surge through him to go through with such a putrid and hateful sin? I guess he had a demon inside that caused him to commit such demonic crime and that night tipped him to tapping into it. Matthew couldn’t think about it right now, there wasn’t enough time. He had to clean up the mess down stairs and change out of his now bloodied clothing. He had no time to spare as he rushed down the stairs quickly and ran to the living room in three steps. He grabbed the clothes from the couch and went straight into the bathroom. He stripped his bloodied clothing, cleaned his arms thoroughly, and put on the fresh clothes. Matthew threw away the clothes in a forgotten trash can under the sink and went back into the living room. He checked to what had to be cleaned and it was clear only the floor and walls were to be cleared of blood. He started to scrub every inch of blood and and gore he could possibly find. Matthew scrubbed three times to make sure it was all gone.

“That oughta be enough scrubbing. Now I have to dispose of the evidence,” Matthew said himself as he grabbed the knife and broken bottle that he had used for his parents. He couldn’t throw them away in the trash can, they would surely find them there. So he decided to hide it away with the remains of Mr. and Mrs. Mcony. He ran up to the attic where the smell of death and decay lingered. Matthew made a disgusted face as he opened the trunk, which the putrid smell was stronger than the small scent of it. He threw them in quickly and slammed the trunk quickly as he ran back down. All of a sudden he heard a car pull up in the driveway.

Matthew knew that the neighbors would call to see what’s wrong. He cursed under his breath as he heard a knock at the door he had scrubbed down thoroughly. He calmed his heartbeat as he opened the door. There were two cops at the door who towered over Matthew. The one on the left was at least 6’6, a little round in the middle, dark brown hair with a little bit of grey streaks, and hazel eyes. The one on the right was 6’1, on more of the lean but sturdy side, had short strawberry blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes.

“May I help you officers?” Matthew had asked although he was reluctant.

The one on the left replied,”Yes, son we received a call that there might be a disturbance in this household. Do you mind if we step in?” Matthew only nodded and stepped out of the way, he didn’t want them in the house but he didn’t want them to be suspicious and snoop around. They both stepped in and Matthew closed the door.

“Where are your parents, son?” The one that was on the right asked as he scanned the room. This made Matthew a little nervous as walked around the room.

Matthew lied,” My dad is staying with some friends for a few days and my mom is on a business trip.” Matthew was known to be a very convincing liar ever since the abuse had started and he didn’t want to explain the bruises to his mom or anybody else. It had taken years to perfect it but it seemed like he made the cops believe him.

“So why are you here by yourself?” The other one asked.

Matthew replied calmly,” I have nobody else to look after me and my parents trust me enough to let me be alone by myself.” They had asked him a few more questions and he had lied smoothly each time. They had shook his hand and were about to leave when one of them made a putrid face.

“Is there something wrong sir?” Matthew had calmly although his heart was beating fast. He had forgotten to clear the smell of death and decay.

The blonde replied,” Well, it smells like something died in here. It smells like it’s fresh still.”  The other just laughed and Matthew laughed as well, nervously.

“My cat had died today sir. I buried him in the yard, but I forgot to clean and spray for the smell.” Convinced, the officer nods and turns to leave when a drop of blood falls from the ceiling on his head. Matthew stands frozen where he stood as the officer examined the drop. He held it to his partner to examine and they both looked at Matthew, confused.

“I thought you buried your cat in the yard, son.”

“I-I did but I guess he must’ve killed something up in the attic.”

“Is that so? Mind if we take a look?”

“I wouldn’t think that would be very wise.”

“Really, why is that?” The questions were coming on so quickly that Matthew was started to panic inside. What was he supposed to? He can’t dispose of the cops like his parents, but he can’t let them upstairs either. What to do, what to do.

“Because it’s getting to be so late and I don’t really think you’d like to see a dead rat this late at night.” The officers looked at him now with dead seriousness, as if sizing up the fact whether he was lying or not. Come on, come on THINK, Matthew thought quietly to himself when a few more drops of blood leaked through the ceiling.

“Son, we need to take a look at the attic.”

“You can’t though.”

“Why not?”

“Because...Because.” Matthew was running out of time to think when he conscious started to whisper lightly that he had to tell the truth. So he did.

“Because my parents are dead up there!!!!” He broke down in tears and told them all of the gruesome details. He even let them go upstairs and heard them curse in horror at the bloody scene. The cops had no choice but to call for backup and have him arrested. For the rest of his years, Matthew sat in his sell wondering where on Earth had he gone wrong. He was a bright student back then with a wonderful future. Where had he gone wrong?


The End

The author's comments:

I have been working on this one for a while and I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out

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