The Red Room

September 28, 2017
By CORRUP73D_H34L3R SILVER, Hemet, California
CORRUP73D_H34L3R SILVER, Hemet, California
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I was sitting in English staring out into space as my teaching droned on. I was daydreaming, and desperately wishing I was there instead of in the boring classroom filled with faces i would forget one day. I can always escape my boredom through the fantasy world i control, the worlds and stories i create in my head. I like to think that if I daydream enough I could visit my wonderful fantasy. 


I was coming up with a new story when my daydream suddenly turned into some kind of demented nightmare as i couldn't move my body. My arms fell off of my lap and dangled at my sides as i continued to stare into space. On the outside i had cold dead eyes, it was like i was possessed, but on the inside i was panicking, trying to move my body. You know those marionette dolls? The ones that couldn’t move unless you pulled their strings? That’s exactly what this felt like. I tried to talk, scream out for help, grab the attention of any and everyone. They couldn’t hear me. No, it wasn’t because they couldn’t hear me, it was because i wasn’t making any noise. I was screaming in my head, trying desperately to get people to acknowledge me, but it was no use. I was crying, screaming, begging for whatever monstrosity had me trapped in this trance, to let me go!


Then, as i thought my prayers were answered, my arm began to move! But i wasn’t the one moving it... I reached for the paper in front of me, the one where i was supposed to take notes on, and my other hand grabbed my pencil. This all happened while i stared at the same spot on the wall across the room. I then began to frantically write stuff down, thoughts that i assumed were mine. Finally a way to reach for help! But as i said..i wasn't the one moving my body. These were not my thoughts. They were someone else’s and they filled my brain, not allowing me to think of anything else! A million voices screamed the same thing over and over inside of my head. “HELP! HELP ME! GET ME OUT! RED! I SEE RED!! H E L P M E!!!” It wouldn’t stop!


Every second felt like an eternity as the sirens in my head screamed and lured me into insanity. I felt like i was crying but tears never filled my eyes, i felt like my throat was on fire but i never screamed. The sirens didn’t stop, then a ringing that could break glass just like a girl's shrill voice started to fill my ears. My ears were bleeding but the blood never made its way down the side of my face. I tried to calm myself down by really focusing on a spot on the wall, to distract myself but then static flooded my vision! I could barely see, make it go away!! Stop this insanity, please!! Between the several screaming sirens and the relentless ringing, i felt like things couldn’t get worse.


Then the wall smiled wickedly and the room became as cold as Antarctica. The walls began to bleed. The room turned red and the smell of crimson filled my senses. My heart was doing somersaults and my vision became blurry and for a few moments static was all i could see. The voices got louder and the ringing became unbearable! My own screams were drowned out by the ones that did not belong to me. Then, it all stopped... My years of torture stopped, just like someone turned on a light to chase away the nightmares you saw in the dark.. I sat up straight, now having control over my body since the puppet master left. I looked at the paper i was writing on and i wasn’t shocked by what was on it. The screams from the sirens were on the paper. My heart didn’t stop running in circles and i couldn’t focus on what the teacher was saying as my ears were healing from the shrill voice of the girl. I checked to see if i was crying, bleeding, and to see if my surroundings were real. Even though what i just saw and heard seemed as real as the beating of my heart. I wasn’t crying, though i felt like it, and i wasn’t bleeding. The bell rang and i got out of that torture chamber as fast as i could. I sprinted on shaky legs to where my friends and i ate lunch. i frantically looked for the one person that would be able to calm me down. I should have been in a straight jacket i was shaking and twitching so much! Then my safety line appeared and i hugged her close. Still shaking. Her angelic voice brought me back to reality, asking me what was wrong.. I showed her the paper made of nightmares and children's tears. I told her what i saw, what i heard, how absolutely terrified i was. She let the paper float down to the ground and she held me close. Protecting me from myself, the evil that touched my mind, and the reality I hated.

The author's comments:

I saw that Teen Ink has labeled my experiance as "fiction" and that's not true. This was a real experiance. I'm still not sure if this happened due to my depression and anxiety or something supernatural, most likely the latter, but it happened. I'm not asking anyone to believe me, i just wanted to be heard. 

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