One Big Happy Family

July 10, 2017
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She sat with her legs dangling off the edge of the building with the wind blowing through her hair. I stood behind her, afraid of disrupting the peace that enveloped her comfortably. She watched the cars drive by below, watched with confusion of the busy people itching to get from one place to the next, then, she sighed. It sounded like an angel had come down and hand crafted that sigh with the sound of one million of the best harps in all of heaven, no one sighed like she did. I then turned to walk back down the stairs, I didn’t want to scare her with any noise, but before I could even make a step, she had jumped. I screamed and ran to the edge in a panic. I reached out my hand trying to grab her, to save her, but it was too late. She was already falling, already hitting the ground. She looked calm as she fell, like that was where she was supposed to be.
Her hair fanned out behind her. The once golden blonde hair was soaked in her own blood. Her face was now forever contorted into a makeshift smile. She was happy as she fell, happy to finally get away from it all. I kneeled on the hard ground next to her watching as people pushed towards her, screaming and yelling for an ambulance.
“She’s finally happy!” I yelled at the crying faces of the strangers, “She’s okay!“ I wanted them to understand that it wasn’t something to worry about, but no one turned towards me, no one heard me, or acknowledged me. No one could see me.
“You’re all idiots! She’s fine, she’s here!” I yelled as loudly as I could, nothing, no response, just nothing. I turned towards the nearest person, I was panicking, why was no one listening? I grabbed a short, chubby, pig-like woman’s arm and began to yell hysterically.
“Listen to me, please someone just listen to me.” She turned towards me, her moon-like eyes grew in size as they scanned over my face and body.  I was ecstatic, someone finally saw me, and then she screamed. I let go of her arm in shock and staggered back as people began to push towards her, trying to help.
“His face… His face was bloody and he… He didn’t have an eye… His arm oh, my lord his arm oh, God almighty,” and then, she fainted.

“Gav?” I looked up trying to find the source of the voice. There was a circle of white light above me.
“Gavin? Are you alive?” the girl yelled down towards me, I couldn’t see her face. I looked down at my own body, I was covered in dirt and blood. My right arm was twisted at an angle I knew it wasn’t supposed to twist at. Pain, I only felt pain. My right eye was throbbing and when I reached up to touch it I felt a stick protruding out. My hand was covered in blood, the same blood that was dripping from my eye.
“Gavin don’t move, okay? The firemen are here to get you up, it’s going to be okay!” I tried to yell back up to the girl, to tell her that this wasn’t okay, but I couldn’t. All that came out was a gargling noise and a sputter of blood.
I watched as two men descended from the white circle of light. One of the men, the bigger of the two, threw up all over himself while his buddy dry heaved until finally something came out.
“He’s not going to be alright,” the bigger of the two said after he had calmed down. They tried to get my body out of wherever I was, but I was caught something and they couldn’t move me.
“The stick,” The smaller man muttered. I heard a noise, somewhat resembling the noise when you mix Macaroni and Cheese, and then I was being lifted into the light. Then, suddenly there was a scream.
“Jessica, it’s okay come here,” I heard above the sobbing. Jessica was screaming and crying profusely. She pushed herself out of the other woman’s grasp and flung herself over my body. I wanted to reach out to her, to say I was okay.
“I’m right here,” I tried to yell, but she couldn’t hear me. She kept screaming, until her lungs couldn’t take anymore and she fainted.

A woman sat by a fire place in her house.
“Two deaths within a month, how are you feeling?” She flipped her fringe out of her eyes. A man sat across from her near a window. He looked tired. His hair was messy as if he hadn’t brushed it in days, stubble had begun to line his jaw, and dark bags underlined his pale blue eyes. I walked over to the man and stood next to him. The man was looking out the window, but it seemed as if he was far away, deep in the minefield of his thoughts.
“Sir?” the woman asked, she lightly touched the man’s arm. He looked down at her hand before looking up towards me. I thought he could see me before he looked over at the woman quickly,
“Excuse me?”
“I feel like absolute s***,” He mumbled before looking back out the window. The woman preceded to write something down on a notepad she held in her lap.
“You understand that neither of these deaths are your fault Paul, and there was nothing you could do, correct?” Her question was met with a string of silence. “Paul?” She asked again, not even looking up from the window he muttered a half-hearted “yes.” The woman sighed and looked down at her watch.
“Time’s up, I would like you to come by tomorrow, please, same time,” Paul nodded once before he stood up and walked out the door.

“What are you doing?” A petite woman was screaming at a man in front of her with a gun. She was crying out of fear.
“I need to make this better, all better,” the man screamed as he held the gun to his temple, “This my fault, all of this is my fault, and your fault, it’s our fault it happened,” he said as he pointed the gun at the women to emphasize his point. He watched the woman for a moment, his eyes glazed over.
“It’s not our faults. They both fell accidentally, Paul!” She was franticly trying to back away from him. I began to recognize the man as the same one from the house. He looked worse now, the bags were more defined and the stubble had become a beard. Paul took a step forward.
“Elizabeth, don’t be an idiot, they were suicide, both of ‘em.” I stepped between him and her,
“Stop it!” I yelled, “I fell, you know I fell,” I tried to scream. The man rubbed a hand over his face as he began to cry profusely. I reached out to grab the arm that held the gun and I yelled again,
“I fell, please stop this!” Paul looked at me, the glaze over his eyes clearing momentarily.
“Gavin?” I let go of his arm as the woman, Elizabeth, began to slowly move towards him. He dropped down to his knees, and set the gun next to him. Elizabeth put her arms around his shaking body.
“I’m sorry,” He muttered.
“it’s all okay, everything’s going to be okay.”

I sat on the stairs in front of an old brick house. A girl appeared in the distance and began running towards me. Her once blonde hair now crimson with blood.
“Gavin?” She asked, I nodded my head and smiled. The girl threw her arms around me and engulfed me in a bear hug,
“Hey Jess,” I said.
“What’s going on? Why are we here?” She asked after releasing me, I shrugged as I looked around,
“They take me to an important moment,” I said as the door behind us was burst open. We both stepped back instinctively. A woman ran out taking the steps two at a time.
“Elizabeth?” Jessica yelled as she jogged towards the woman.
“Don’t touch her!” I screamed running after Jessica. Jessica looked back at me confused.
“Why can’t she hear us?” Jessica asked, her face contorted in sadness and confusion. Elizabeth walked past us and paused as she reached the garage.
“We’re dead idiot,” I muttered before following behind Elizabeth as she went in. Elizabeth walked towards her car, shutting the garage door behind her. She locked all of the doors and then began to rev the car engine.
“Gavin! She’s going to kill herself! Make her stop,” I stood frozen from shock for a minute.
“Touch her, they can see us when we touch them!” I screamed and ran towards the car doors, Jessica followed closely behind.
“How do we get in?” Jessica yelled, I had no idea, all of the doors were locked. But it didn’t matter what we did, It was too late anyways. Elizabeth was gone before we even had a chance to open one of the doors.

The same woman from before sat in front of her fire place.
“Three deaths, how are you holding up, Paul?” Paul sat in the same chair next to the window. He looked worse than before, his eyes were bloodshot, and his hair was grey and thinning.
“Your fault, my fault, my fault,” he muttered over and over again.
“It’s not my fault Paul, or yours, it’s no one’s fault.” I stood near the window and watched as Paul wrung his hands together nervously.
“Not you, not you, me, Gavin, Gavin, Gavin,” he repeated my name as if it pained him to say it. His hands began to shake in his lap.
“Paul, Gavin is dead, it can’t be his fault,” the woman slowly said as if she was speaking to a child.
“It’s not his fault you dumb prick!” Jessica yelled at Paul, she was standing behind the woman’s chair facing him. Jessica ran up to Paul and put her face inches from his.
“Listen to me, it’s not Gavin’s fault!” She yelled as she grabbed Paul’s wrist.
“Jessica!” I yelled grabbing her and pulling her away from Paul. Paul screamed and flew out of his chair.
“What’s wrong?” The woman asked standing up abruptly. Her paper and pen flew onto the floor.
“Jess?” Paul asked sadly, it was so quiet we almost missed it. “Come back! Please,” he said through the tears. The woman grabbed her pad and pen off the floor and walked over slowly to Paul.
“I think that’s enough for today. Tomorrow we’ll talk about your daughter.”

We sat in the graveyard where our bodies were buried.
“Gavin? Jessica?” Elizabeth ran towards us.
“Mom?” Jessica yelled, our mother engulfed us in a giant hug, kissing the tops of our heads.
“What are we doing here? What’s going on?” Our mother asked looking around at the grave sites.
“Gavin said they take us somewhere important,” Jess answered.
“Who is “they”?” our mother asked, I looked at her and shrugged.
“Who cares?” I muttered. Paul walked into the graveyard then. He look even more disheveled before, as if he hadn’t showered in months. I couldn’t help but compare him to the walking dead.
“Paul?” Our mother yelled as she ran towards him,
“He can’t hear and/or see you,” I yelled after her, “We just sit and watch it all play out.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes, afraid of what might be coming next.
“Just wait, okay?” I said sadly. She nodded and came back over by Jess and I. We stood and watched as Paul slowly made his way to my gravestone. He put his hands on the top of the stone, spit on it, and then kicked it as hard as he could.
“Your fault, all your fault!” He yelled at the stone. My mother reached out for my hand but I backed away. “You idiot, you couldn’t have f***ing kept yourself from “falling” down that goddamned well.”
“It’s not your fault,” My mother tried to comfort me again. Paul moved to the next gravestone, Jessica’s. His face softened quite a bit before he began speaking, 
“It’s all my fault Jess, I should have been a better father.” He had tears running down his face at this point. Then he moved to Elizabeth’s, our mothers.
“I love you.” Was all he said before he brought out a gun. The same gun he tried to use before. But the difference between then and now is the fact that the bullet had met its target.

We all sat in a room in chairs. There were no windows, or doors. A man stood in front of us, his beauty did not escape me, his eyes were the color of the sun when it sets, a gold that cannot be described. And his hair waved in such a way that it seemed that the ocean helped him create the movement. His teeth were as white as any pearl I had seen, and his skin was a smooth and flawless olive color. We all looked at each other in confusion, the same question no doubt running through our heads. The man smiled at us,
“One Big Happy Family,” he said before everything before me went black.

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