The Cover of Night

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

As night begins to fall, Helen approaches the camp and sees Joel with the logs in his arms and a hatchet. Joel is wearing a green plaid shirt with white lines down each plaids, he also has black hair with a lightly shaven beard. His face is scratched and there is a cut down his lip. Joel looks at Helen and says
“Got some more firewood”, Helen smiles and replies
“Good we're going to need it for tonight”. Joel pulls out a match and strikes the side of the box and throws it into the pit. Soon the pit burst into flames and into a relaxing fire.
Joel turned around and walked into the tent soon returning with a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, and a pan. Joel puts the pan over the fire and opens the tomato soup and pours it into the pan. As soon as he hears the soup sizzle, the aroma filled his nostrils with a warm feeling. He looked back up at Helen and saw she is wearing a black hoodie that is missing a string to pull the hoodie tighter. She is also wearing her old college T-shirt from the University of Wisconsin. Before Joel could say anything, the bushes started to rustle and shake, both of them stand up, ready for what will anything. Just then Joel said
“ I'll go check it out.”
Helen watches as Joel stands up and goes to investigate, suddenly just after he looks he says
“We need to go”
“Why?” Helen replies
“ This place isn't right, we need to leave.” Joel says hastily.
Joel and Helen both scramble into their tents and grab what they can Helen grabs her clothes and a phone, then runs out of the tent. They both start hiking the long trail back in the dark. Joel pulls out his flashlight and shines it along the trail before the long  rustling came back even closer than before. Joel and Helen started to sprint the trail, whatever was behind them was catching up. Helen then clumsily tripped on a root and fell down the hill, and landed right near a tree. Joel yelled
“Are you ok?”
“Yes” replied Helen
“ I think I tripped”
“Ill try to be down there soon” Joel Yelled back.
Helen got up from the floor and immediately could smell the sap from the tree, the leaves seemed to be weightless while floating down Helen walked into the woods, deep in the forest, she yells
“Joel!” nothing. Helen the pulls out a pistol from her backpack it's a Colt 1911. It has a cold grip that's colored in a hazel brown. She pulls out the magazine in her backpack and checks to see if  there is any bullets.
“One shot?” Helen says
“I swear I had more” then she remembers that she left them at the tent, along with the fire she didn't put out, She looks back up on the hill and saw that the hill was engulfed in flames.
She jumps from where she was and ran through the forest, stopping at a tree, suddenly a person emerges out of the bushes with a hatchet. Helen quickly pulled out her gun and pointed it at the unknown person, the person walked closer and closer Helen then yelled
The person did not so she pulled the trigger on her colt and a loud piercing sound echoed through the woods. the person fell flat on their face, Helen rushed to see who it was she turned over the body and saw the truth, it was Joel’s corpse. Helen then started to cry more than normal, Helen murmured
“I'm sorry”
She then leaned against the tree again and looked down at her hands and saw that the blood covered her skin she then looked at the gun again and murmured again
“I'm sorry.”
Helen threw the gun away and watched it tumble down the hill, she then got up and watched as the sun rise between the trees as she walked toward the cliff. Over the hill, she could see the vast terrain of alaska and see the forest cover the ahead.
She then realized that it was dawn and that she would be in alaska for a while. She then climbed down the terrain into the wilderness, thoughtlessly roaming the ever tall trees, never to be seen again.

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