30 on the Clock

June 14, 2017
By m.alexandria BRONZE, Winslow, New Jersey
m.alexandria BRONZE, Winslow, New Jersey
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I don't remember anything before it all started, it all just kind of happened. Just like how people are born and they feel nothing before their life - it was like an entire new start... An entirely new world I was in, and apparently, it wasn't even real...
I'll just start all the way from the beginning, if I can remember that far. I was on a table in a white room. It felt like I was strapped down - all alone. My mouth was covered and I felt paralyzed. I couldn't cry out for help or anything, and if I were to, it wasn't like anyone could come rescue me. Now I could lie and say I've been where ever I was for hours, but it really only felt like ten seconds. Ten seconds of that absolute torture before everything turned pitch black..
The strange thing is, after that blackout, I was in some type of home...I really don't know whose it was, and again, it was only me... Me and the TV playing the news in the background. The lights were dimmed to the point they were basically off, it was really cold, and the only light I've seen was from the window curtains, breezing in the wind.
The windows were opened. That must of been why it was so cold.
At this time, I have to admit, I did not have a single clue where, or why I was there. It was all completely new to me - I have never seen this place before. I followed the sunlight from the window so I could close them. I didn't know where the light switches where, so I figured I’d leave the curtains open.
It had to be mid afternoon, or at least 2 p.m. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky which was really sedating. The sun came with it’s bright rays, letting me see the room I was in. A dark shade of blue painted the walls, but you wouldn't be able to tell if they weren't covered in so many mirrors.
I paused.
Turned around.
Was there someone behind me? Who is that - I thought.
I looked back at the mirror, shocked to see who I was looking at. The figure had short, dark grey hair, despite how young their appearance looked. They were very slim - perhaps too thin, and was dressed in complete white. White jeans, white shirt, white socks - it was weird like that. But the scariest part was that...it was me…
Now I know what you may be thinking….Big deal, you are looking in the mirror...what is so bad about that...I'm not saying I was scared of myself, but the thing was, whoever’s shoes I was standing in was not mine.
I have not a single clue what’s going on. I turned away and looked again - still the same. I blinked so hard my eyes could of popped out - but I was still the same. That isn't me, I know it isn't, and I know for a fact. That face isn’t mine…I was looking at a stranger. I started to sweat...Come to think of it, I can't remember anything before these past few minutes…..The figure that stands in the mirror appears to be in the late teens, and that figure is me… Why can't I think of anything? No memories, no thoughts - not a single clue of where I am - who am I? I'm alive, and that is all I knew. I crashed to the floor, holding my head...This has to be just some terrible dream, I told myself. The scariest lucid dream I have ever been through.
Yeah, I told myself. That is what’s going on. For a moment, I really believed it. I also convinced myself when I was basically paralyzed a few minutes ago - that was just sleep paralysis. I should be waking up soon, I assured myself. Everything will be ok.
It never was, though. The sudden darkness brought me up. The window curtains were still open, and the lights were still, basically off. How it when from light to dark outside fast like that, i don't know either. Power outage, I satisfied my thoughts with. Great.
That wasn't it, though, obviously. I began hearing things. Things like little feet running. Silent  laughter, footsteps and the house calmly shaking.
What? What the hell is this? Am I schizophrenic or something? At this time, I clearly figured I was out of my mind. If I wasn't yet, then I was surely going crazy. That was when I saw something else appear in the mirror.
I stood up from my sitting position. Just like before, I paused. I turned around to see if there was anyone behind me. Just the glance of whoever’s body I was in truly made me sick. Not that they are ugly or anything, but at this time, I really didn't understand anything. Anyway, I wasn't alone in that mirror, and no one was in this house with me.
This next figure wasn't a person or anything - more like a shadow. Any other person would've been screaming by now, but I've had a bad enough day. By the time the shadow appeared, all the background noise was gone. No footsteps, laughter, or the TV, which I really didn't mind - I'm not into politics. The shadow -  it slowly evolved into the shape of a person, which was kind of trippy but that is just the kind of day I'm having. The shadow portrayed a slim, flat body with no hair. Truly terrifying, if you were to see it with your own eyes.
Just gazing at the shadow, I acted very stoically to its appearance, but really blew the gasket once the shadow of the head slowly turned to mine.
Any other person would of dropped dead. I didn't know if I was going to die here or whatever, but this “event” has really got me pissed. The shadow started breathing. At this point I wasn't looking in the mirror, but I could still hear its movement. Imagine a person’s body turns on after dying, and they relearn how to breathe - that's how it sounded. Soon after, and probably one of the scariest moments of today, the shadow started speaking quite strangely.
I looked back in the mirror to see the figure. I couldn't make out whether it’s lips were moving or not, but I knew it was it who was talking.
“You were sent here. You have a task.”
Their voice shrilled. It sounded like a cat hissing. It was also quite deep and terrifying.
“You were sent here to make a discovery.”
Obviously I lost my mind, but I was holding my tongue to this shadow. From here, he “explained” why I was here and what was going on. Like any other normal person, I was on the floor crying my eyes out. I've never been into paranormal activity, or whatever you may call this,  but then again, I didn't know...I don't even remember anything before that weird table occasion.
The figure shifted in the reflection. From here, he got more descriptive. “You don't belong here - you were sent here. You need to discover who you are before it it too late…This will only be briefly explained to you once. You are not you. This is not your house, this is not your body, this is not your life. You aren't human, but you aren't alien. You aren't a boy, you aren't a girl. You are nameless and anonymous. You aren't you.” 
The figure disappeared and it felt like my head has been impacted. I was more shocked and  terrified than I've ever been in my life, but how can I even say that if I don't even have a life? Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but this wasn't the last thing this shadow person said to me.
“You have 30 days to find out who you are. Starting today, you are a highschool student. Your real self is within that high school. Your job is to find out who you are before time runs out, and if you don't, you will disappear from this earth.”
He disappeared. There was sunlight. Literally what is going on? All of this is happening so quickly..what even is this? Some type of game? I walked to the mirror again to get a better glance of this body I was in. My skin was so white it looked like I’ve seen a ghost, which I kind of have so that is a good excuse. My eyes were as vivid as an emerald and my lips were so pink they looked white from a distance. I had really long eyelashes, and the face structure of a girl. My grey hair, though, was really neat. It was short and had a blueish undertone. It also fell hallway down my forehead, and tightly hugged my neck. I kind of looked soulless. I have thirty days, the shadow said, to find out who I am. If I don't find out who I am, then I will die… What the heck kind of game is that? While I was checking myself out, I heard a bus horn from the background and looked outside one of the windows.
It was a school bus, and it looked as if they were waiting on me. I quickly ran into the kitchen to find some type of clock, and the oven said it was 7:15 am….What? There was also a bookbag on the counter which I swear wasn't there before, but then again, I wasn't here before. I grabbed it, figured I should act casual, and walked out the door like any other student.
I stepped on the bus to see everyone was staring at me. It wasn't until the bus driver greeted me with a basic, “Hey new kid, what's your name?”
My name? What is my name? I didn't know I had a name….The shadow never told me! I stood on the second step of the bus, bug-eyed with my mouth hanging wide open, when some kid shouted, “The kid’s name is Gray.”
Hmm…”Gray-” I like that. I wondered if any influence of that completely “generated” name was on my hair. Maybe I should continue out the next 30 days, claiming my name was Grayson? But then again, I’m not a boy or a girl, so maybe I should stick to a name in the middle? Whatever. At this time, I was horribly confused, but bare with me, you will understand it all soon.
“Yeah,” I spit the word to my bus driver. “My name is Gray.” The bus driver waved me on to sit down, and I followed the path of the bus until I found a similar voice to the one who called out my “name.”
I found him, and he was sitting alone in a three seater. He was kind of cute, in case you wanted to know. He looked like that kid who would be the captain of the football team, but for some reason, I just got the vibe he wasn't…. Anyway, he had a very strong face structure. He had nice cheekbones and his jawline was very noticeable. He had teeth whiter than paper and dark brown hair that fell the same way mine did - but thicker and without bangs. I sat next to him and we talked. From there, I knew this was the start of something horribly scary, but I knew I had to tough it out so I could get this over with.

Day 1

This first day was interesting, however I have to admit it was me trying to fit in with all of Tyler’s friends - that was his name. The entire bus ride we go to know each other. Tyler was a guitar player, who spent a lot of his time studying. He was an honor student, and from the vibe I get, he gets into a lot of trouble...I didn't know how I knew that, but it just hit me. He was also buzzing about how prom was at the end of the month, which wasn't really my main concern right now.
In his little social group where Amanda; which was Tyler’s girlfriend, Joshua, Dallas, Hayle, and Sam. They all seemed weirded out by my presence at first, but that's ok because I was too. Amanda had carmel-like skin, with red hair that fell to her lower back. Her eyes where the darkest shade of brown, without being black. Josh was tall, had glasses which were cracked, and was terribly shy. Dallas was kind of a nobody in this group, but he seemed to be really tough, and come from a troubled background. Hayle and Sam always seemed to be close together. Hayle had short black hair and had a beautiful dark shade of skin. She had a gorgeous smile, and so did Sam. It seemed like they all accepted me pretty fast into the group. They didn't ask me any personal questions, which was good because I wouldn't know how to answer them. Maybe I should think of some.
Lunch was where the most interesting things happened. I sat with Tyler and his friends, of course. I honestly did like all of them - it really felt like I’ve known them longer. Accept for Dallas; he was like a bolt in a pile of nails.
Amanda was the one I payed attention to the most; however. Everything she said I understood one hundred percent, as if she was reading my mind. Josh was Tyler’s best friend. Just about the entire time, they were fooling around, obnoxiously laughing. I've also noticed Dallas giving Tyler side glances, but this really didn't strike any type of interest to me. I was too busy listening to Amanda, Hayle, and Sam’s conversation about their prom dresses.
“Hey -” Tyler said, now with everyone in the conversation. “We should all go out tomorrow night.”
At the random timing of that proposal, the entire table sat there, thinking of where to go. Mini-golfing it was, and then we would all pick up dinner, the table decided. Fair enough, I thought.. This was cool...I'm already making friends.
Next thing I know, I wasn't even at lunch anymore, but the school hallway. I was walking alone to my next class, probably, and some kid behind me tackled me in the corner. I dropped my books and my glasses fell off my face - crashing to the ground. I felt someone pull me up with such a force - it was Tyler. From what I could make out through my blurry vision, parts of his face was a purpley-blue...He was really bruised. He grabbed me by my arm as I swished up my glasses and put them on as we began running - not caring who we bumped into. My glasses were cracked so it was difficult to control myself. I turned around to see how far away they were, and all I saw was a fist coming straight towards me.
And then I was back in the lunchroom.

Day  2

The group outing the next night was interesting. Dallas wasn't there - thank god. I just hate him already. Josh arrived at the place I've been staying at, with the rest of the group packed in the back. I had to sit next to Amanda, which seemed nice. What would of been nicer would be if her and Tyler didn't make-out the entire time. That kind of aggravated but this isn't my main priority right now. I'm focused getting back home...not some high school drama.
The entire car ride up, I was stuck in my own mind. I figured a list of questions and answers about myself if anyone were to ask.
If anyone were to ask “Where are you from?” I’ll say California because that sounded cool. Or why I dyed my hair grey - because it matches my name.
Why I came to this school? - I got expelled from my last one.
Am I a boy or a girl? - …..I'm confused.
This should cover it, I thought.
First we had dinner. We all sat in the biggest booth and conversated over fries and finger foods. I had to admit I was pretty much an outcast - even in the group of friends, because I was too concerned on this equation of a task. Thirty days to find out who I am... What if  I wasn't even part of this school? What if I'm some grocery store cashier, or a lawyer? Well no, if the shadow thing put me in a school, then that is where I will find myself… And what was that thing that happened to me during lunch yesterday? I was in the cafeteria the entire period; I barely moved from my spot. And I don't wear glasses, or at least contacts. What if I was in another body? Maybe I have the ability to get out of this body I'm in whenever I want? My thought process was distracted when Josh pushed through the booth to get to the bathroom. He shyly looked at me, and I couldn't help to notice the crack in his glasses.
Once he got back, the group headed out to the minigolf course. We went eldest to youngest, which put me last - right after Amanda. I honestly don't know my birthday, so I just made up one. The entire time, my eyes were on Amanda - as if they were glued. This early on, I didn't want to conclude I liked her, because it has only been my second day of this school, therefore how would I know? The rest of the night was filled with smiles and laughter between the entire group, but it seems like the most giggles where between me and Amanda.
Once I got back to my home, I really took in the night, and my progress so far...Basically nothing, but what do I expect? It’s only been 48 hours. I met some lovely people already which is great. I have a best friend and already an enemy. I may also have a bit of a crush.
From here, I really began to put more thought into puzzling together who I may be. Come to think of if, I haven't really seen Dallas and Tyler talk at all. He is always the farthest away from Dallas, or at least too busy with Amanda and Josh. Maybe he doesn't like Dallas? Tyler and Amanda are dating, too. This means I share two things in common with him. I don't like Dallas, and i find Amanda attractive. Could that mean I’m Tyler? How do I even know when I’ve found who I am? Maybe the shadow-dude will appear.

Day 5

I decided I would write everything down, on the fifth day.  I took out a random spiral notebook in that backpack I had and began writing from my very first experience. I felt like I needed to keep track of my progress, and it took me three days to summarize my first experiences.
I concluded the random events I go through are visions of who I may be, because another one happened Wednesday. I was in the middle of biology class, basically pleading for something interesting to happen, and it just happened.
It was night, and I was wearing a black hoodie. No one was with me this time, and if there was a song I could relate to how I was emotionally, it would be Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday. I was walking alone, and my person just seemed so down - for what reason I don't know why. It was a normal night I was walking in the mall parking lot, and all the sudden it just went black. I felt someone put a bag over my head, and without any warning, I was back in that biology class.
If I really want to figure out who I am, then I should stop caring about doing my classwork and actually socialize. I really need to set my priorities straight. That happened on day 3 - Wednesday.
I also feel a relationship coming along with me and Amanda. We are becoming better friends and talking more at lunch. I'm not saying it is anything like what her and Tyler have, but it is definitely making me feel like whoever I am is Tyler.

Day 6

On the first Saturday of my life in this body, Tyler called to invite me out, along with his other friends. Instead of taking us to an innocent place, like mini golfing again, he choose to get everyone together and go to a nightclub. I decided to dress casually - a pair of black skinny jeans, white shirt, and white adidas.
Around 8 o’clock was when Josh came down and picked me up. Tyler, Amanda, and Hayle were the only ones in the back.
When we got to the place, I will admit I was pretty nervous. The place was playing music loud enough to break the sound barrier, and it was pretty dark. Despite the lack of lighting, the furniture was just as dark making it easy to stumble. The only actual light came from the DJ booth, who was playing some pretty wack music. You’d think they wouldn't let high schoolers
in to drink, but that is exactly what happened. I, though, didn't drink. I was too filled on the fact I only have 24 days left to figure out who I am. Tyler, Amanda, and Hayle got tipsy in a short matter of time, leaving me and Joshua the only sober ones. I kind of migrated in the corner away from all the dancing and socializing because I wasn't really into the entire “drunk-party” scene. I guess that made me seem kind of awkward, but I wasn't alone because Joshua migrated towards me.
The crack on his glasses always bothered me - I must be OCD in my real life. For about a half hour, we tried to scream to each other over the horribly loud music, we seemed to become friends rather quickly.
Cool, I thought. We were talking about all the normal stuff. Once we got comfortable with each other, we did take a few shots, but not as much as the other three have. The alcohol must of got to him because after the first 2 shots, he was talking to me about his troubles in life.
Being that we just became friends and I need as much information as possible, I felt like I already knew what he was going to say. I already knew his troubles. I let him explain his entire life to me and basically cry on my shoulder.
We were sitting outside on his porch and he was crying to me about how he is always bullied at this school. His parents never really cared to help him either, so he is always alone. He keeps saying how thankful he was to have me, and he probably would of dropped out of school if I wasn't there to push him towards his goal for college.
I shook out of that thought. I was never on that porch - I told myself. Dazed, I came back to our conversation. I guess I had another vision, again. Right then, he was telling me about his parents. I already knew all of this. I'm not him, I told myself, because in that vision he was talking to me… He is someone important to me. Tyler is important to him.
By about our fourth or fifth shot, me and Joshua were pretty buzzed - way out of our comfort zone if we were still sober. We both made it to the dance floor where Amanda and Sam were. All four of us danced in a little square.
They were both terribly drunk...Especially Amanda. She was laughing every thirty seconds, and Josh had to catch her a few times. She kept getting closer and closer to me though. If I wasn't so buzzed, I would of never let this happen. The next time she fell, I caught her because Josh wasn't fast enough, and what a sin she turned around and kissed me. Thank god Tyler was nowhere to be seen… She grabbed me and pulled me in for a good 5 seconds. I was too shocked to enjoy the moment. Once she pulled away, she started laughing and Joshua pulled me out of the crowd into the bathroom.
What a good friend he was, already. I think I like him. I don't know, maybe I was just too drunk. He splashed freezing cold water on my face and I was able to gain some of my sanity back. He already seemed like he was in reality, too. Both of us hid in the bathroom from Amanda and Tyler. We decided we would stay in there until one of them texted they were ready to leave. It was about 11 p.m. when we bounced.

Day 8
It was like nothing happened. Tyler and Amanda didn't have any stories, or memory from what happened two days ago - Saturday night. The only thing they mentioned was how they had such a hangover the next day.

Day 10

I decided to start skipping class. I figure it is no use to me once I get back to my life. Maybe this way I will be able to meet more people, instead of wasting my time in those half-hour classes. While walking the halls, I saw Tyler running from some teacher along with a few other kids who looked dangerous.
I guess Tyler was trouble. He whistled me over once he turned the corner, letting a teacher turn the other way. Tyler was with one other boy and a girl. The girl had long black hair. She was really small and thin, but curvy - like a model. The boy was like spitting image of her, and they they were holding hands. He was tall, had cracked glasses, and was wearing a mask that covered below his eyes. He took the mask off.
Oh it was Joshua. Looks like he has a girlfriend. She’s pretty too. Good for him.
I heard cans floating around in Tyler’s bookbag - they were probably spray painting. Maybe that is why Josh had the mask on. I knew he was trouble. I walked in between Tyler and the girl, who introduced me to the girl.
Apparently her name was Mavi - that meant “blue” in Turkish, I realized.
By the end of the day, me and her became good friends. I got her phone number and we talked the entire night. We made plans to go out together the following night to look for prom outfit, as well. I really don't care about prom, but I figure why not -I need to get to know as many people as I can and I have no time to waste. It isn’t like I had anything else planned anyway.

Day 11

Going out with Mavi for the night was interesting. We went to this fancy dress store Joshua dropped me and her at. It was in a shopping center so we had a wide variety of stores to choose from. I realised how picky Mavi was with her dress. By the end of the night, she left with this vampy-looking black dress with lace sleeves that went up to her neck. It was a tight mermaid gown that really flared out at the bottom. If I was going in a dress, I would of even picked it out myself.
I decided to go in a suit. This is because with my preferences, I think the one I had my eye on would really look nice with my hair.
At first, looking for my suit was difficult because after finding Mavi’s dress, I felt like getting the same. It wouldn't look right, I thought, and I will probably be out of this world anyway so I’d let her enjoy it. I ended up going with a jet black suit with a bowtie. My undershirt was a blueish-grey just like my hair. Once we where done me and Mavi picked up dinner at this old pizza place. Around 10 p.m., Joshua came over to pick us up and the entire ride
home, me and Mavi talked the entire night.

Day 12

I had another vision again. This time it was on the bus ride home with Tyler. We were just having normal conversation about how much he hated school and couldn't wait for the summer, which even though I only had 18 days left in this life, I understood completely.
I said something that was supposed to be funny, and he just laughed and said, “come on, man,” in a cheerful tone. That must of triggered it.
Josh got hit by Dallas while we were still running. Tyle screamed, “come on, man” while I grabbed Josh’s hand and began running behind Tyler. We were running towards the exit. What for, I don't know. I don't know why Dallas turned on us, is what I'm saying. Josh was fooling with his glasses as we crashed through kids, listening to their screaming and threats from behind us. As we finally made it to the doors, we heard Dallas from the background saying, “Y’all can't run forever. I'll get you when you least expect it.” Tyler burst through the school doors and the bright sun from the outside was bright enough to burn my actual eyes once the vision was over.
That night, I got off the bus with Tyler. We headed straight towards his kitchen to raid his fridge, then we headed downstairs to his room. There, he showed me all of his guitars and autographs from his favorite bands. It actually stunned me who he had because I literally loved all the bands he got autographs from! He also let me pick up his guitar, which I was able to adjust to quickly. The rest of the night, we complained about all of our teachers and the overload of homework.
On my walk home, I got thinking. Prom is on my 30th day here - my last day. I honestly didn't care too much about going, but if I know anything, a lot important events happen on important days like that on TV. Who knows, though; this is real life.

Day 18

For sure, I thought, I am Tyler. There is no one else in this world I relate so much to than him. Looking back, at this time of this life I was frantic. With only 14 days left to live, I felt like I had to start making quick choices.
At this time I was alone in the house. I didn't know what to do though, and that angered me. I decided I would try to summon the weird shadow thing from day one to tell it I know who I am.
A wave of confidence hit me. I was getting out of here - all that work paid off...I'm going to see my family again, myself, and be with Amanda…. I walked up to the mirror where I first saw him. I stood alone. There was nothing but me - same grey hair, same green eyes, same confusing face. I didn't know how to summon this dude...My eyes were glued to the place where I first saw him, but all I saw was the blank wall behind me.
Then the house started to lightly shake. The lights went off. I heard little footsteps and giggles.
Haha, I’ve summoned him - I silently cheered to myself. At this point, I wasn't nervous or scared to see him because I've been through this once before.
It appeared next to me in the mirror and stood there like before. I stared at him and said, “I know who I am…”
It stood still, not speaking for a minute. Then, it’s disgusting voice called out to me. “No you have not.”
The words paralyzed me. What? - I thought. I was totally Tyler, I had to be! I slowly fell to my knees as I started crying. I only have twelve days left to go and I'm not even close to finding out who I am. That is it, I thought. I'm going to die. I'm never going to find out who I am.
I stood. I looked at the shadow figure, bitterly. It’s all it’s fault i'm stuck here, after all.
“You will know when you find yourself.” I looked at it in disgust. Darn right, I told myself. Just like how I knew I was Tyler.
“Your memory will come back,” it quickly said and then the lights flicked right back on. He was gone.

Day 23

Ever since that day, I’ve been nothing but depressed. I basically gave up on the mere thought I'm Tyler. I stopped going to school. Answering my phone. I’ve been doing nothing but staying home for the past few days. It wasn't until My twenty-third day, though, that I've actually seen sunlight.
I got a knock on my door that I decided to open on the third round of knocking. It was Mavi - Mavi and Josh.
They both looked really concerned. They looked me up and down - messy hair, tired eyes,  big sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. What a mess they must think I am, I admitted to myslef. If their looks didn't give it away, it was the nervous way of them saying “hi.”
“Hey,” I said back to them, leaning up against the side of the door. I didn't really feel like letting them in.
“What up, bud?” Josh said, before Mavi said, “We haven't been seein’ ya for a few days.”
“Yeah I’m fine,” I assured them, trying not to seem too rude.
“Well good, would you like to go out with us tomorrow tonight?” Josh asked.
That threw me for a shock real fast. My eyes must of widened, because the stare they gave me was a mixture of suspicion, anger, and worry. You know that look. They’ve probably been texting me a lot, but I wasn't up to even turn my phone on.
“If you’re ‘fine,’ you would be able to tag along, right?” Mavi said, shaking me out of my thoughts. They truly seemed tense. I gave in.
“Sure. I'm down for that,” I answered back. With that, they turned away and promised to come back the next night. I shut the door and took a big sigh. Not that I didn't want to hang out with them or anything, I truly didn't feel up to it. I'll never wake up again, anyway.

Day 24

Around seven the next night, the two came along to pick me up along with Hayle. I wore a light grey sweatshirt with light blue skinny jeans. I had a low pair of vans on that exposed my socks. We were headed to the mall.
The entire time was truly boring. I followed them around the entire time, listening to them buzz about prom. By the end of the night, the four of us where sitting at a booth in the mall talking about the most useless thing ever. I wanted to leave. To kill my boredom, I headed to the bathroom. I just couldn't take another minute listening to them.
I looked in the mirror at my restless face. I was alone in there so I rinsed it off.
I came back to the table a few minutes later. I walked back to the booth to see no one was there. Alright, I thought. They probably walked back to the car.
It was about nine in the night and the parking lot was quite dark. I headed outside the doors and in the distance I saw Mavi walking alone. Where were the other two? I question it to myself as I walked towards her.
There was another dude walking in the parking lot. Normal, I thought, however his silhouette looked familiar. He was dressed in all black which made it hard to see. He was walking in the direction of Mavi, and his pace was speeding up.
“This can't be good,” I whispered to myself as I curiously began a slow jog towards her.  I screamed Mavi’s name, making her turn around to see the predator as the man got closer and closer to her, out of complete fear for whatever his next action may be. The figure turned around to look at who ever called out for Mavi - it was Dallas. As soon as I saw his angered face, he pulled a bag out of his  sweatshirt pocket and put it over Man's head. Her surprised body squirmed like a fish out of water as I ran up to help her, but I came to a halt as soon as he pulled a small pistol out of the same pocket and pointed it towards me.
I froze up - I can't die right now. He slowly lowered his gun and hopped in a beat-up car and soon enough disappeared, taking a distressed Mavi with him. Just then I took out my phone to call the cops, that way I was out of his site and could tell them the entire story without having to worry about being gunned down.
My head was pounding. Josh and Hayle were nowhere to be found. I didn't even care about them right now. I decided I would take the bus home. When I got on, the bus ride felt like absolute suicide. I was horribly worried about Mavi - thoughts of what Dallas may do to her corroded my mind. Why’d he even take her in the first place? She is innocent, I thought.  I told the cops all I saw and how Dallas was armed. Of course he meant harm to her. I just don't know why.
My headache was increasingly getting worse, as if there was someone slowly forcing a knife into my skull. I felt horribly nauseous. That was when everything went blank.
I couldn't hear anything - see anything...I felt completely paralyzed. I was trapped in my mind, just like the utter terror I was faced with before. The next thing I felt that shook me out of my paralyzed state was like a wave crashing down on me. 
I was getting my memory back. I saw Tyle first. Then I saw Josh. And my parents - oh how beautiful they both where. I miss them. My mom had beautiful dark hair, and my dad was glowing. I heard their voices calling out, “Mavis,” in perfect sync. Mavis, I liked that. I then remembered the time Josh asked me to  be his girlfriend and how excited Tyler and Amanda were for me. Poor Josh, I thought. He had such a rough life. I suddenly knew everything about him, as well as Hayle.
Then my memories got darker. Dallas was sinisterly angry at me once me and Josh got together. He liked me ever since we were both young.
The visions - I remembered…. Those replayed in my head and this time, It was like completing a puzzle.
Dallas has been arguing with Josh all day until he gained enough courage to punk him in the corner of that hallway. He was overcome with jealousy, how I never liked Dallas. He tackled him as his glasses fell to the floor. He was getting beat up... And horribly. Tyler jumped in as well, and I was running to join in. Two on one, it didn't matter because Dallas was taking them both down. As soon as I made it up to the both of them, Tyler got loose and pulled Joshua up with him. He was so dazed out. As soon as I saw him, I was nervous he would crash to the floor, lifelessly, midwalk. I grabbed his hand as Tyler and I began running, but that didn't help Dallas to take one more swing at Josh. By this time, I was pulling Josh by the hand, basically dragging him as me and Tyler ran out of the school entrance. We could hear Dallas screaming at us, swearing his revenge.
And I guess I was his revenge… He took It all out on me.
I hated what he did to me that night after abducting me from the mall...I didn't believe it was true at all. These memories couldn't be true. I mentally forced these memories to stop. There was just no way they were all true... I need some sleep.

Day 25

I figured I’d go to school the next day so I could see if Dallas and I were there, or at least to comfort my friend. I felt like that was a respectful thing to do, judging I was the only one to see the entire event. Neither of them were there, so I told the entire story - From Gray’s point of view - to Tyler, Hayle, and poor Josh. I began by telling them what Dallas did, but assured she would be ok by telling them the cops were called and they will figure it all out easily since they already knew where and who she’s with. I didn't know if that was true, but I didn't want to see my friends in the state they were in. Telling them that didn't make it any better, though.
During 7th period, I got a phone call in the middle of class - it had to be the authorities. I asked my teacher if I was able to run to the bathroom to take it because of how terribly important it was, and within time, she agreed to let me go. My asks turned into pleads, then begging. What a dog, I became to be. First I’ve been foolishly dragged into this thirty day game like a game of fetch, then begging to answer a simple phone call, like that was some type of reward or something. As I got into the bathroom, I had to redial the number - it was the hospital.
Turns out my memories are correct.
The doctor I was talking to told me everything. Apparently, last night Dallas attempted to murder me - Mavi. Dallas wanted to ruin her life. He drugged her, which put her through temporary amnesia. I knew that because I can't remember anything after arriving at the place Dallas brought me. After that, the doctor told me he tried to kill her. He beat her up while she was still conscious, finally throwing her in his bathtub to drown her. When she went numb and didn't show any signs of life, he thought his murder was successful until the cops came beating down their doors with the paramedics. They immediately arrested him at gunpoint as the paramedics rescued Mavi. She was put into a coma and is on life support at the hospital, and they aren't allowing visitors until they believed the time was right for her.
After the phonecall, I thanked the doctor for telling me, then hung up. Who knows how long that will be. I turned off my phone then broke down crying on the floor. I'm in a coma...I could die….where am I now?

Day 26

No one was happy, and especially Tyler and Josh. I remember they where always there to protect me. They must feel awful about my current situation.
As soon as I got home, I summoned the shadow thing to tell him I found who I am and I need to return back to myself immediately. I don't care if I'm in a coma or not.
I sat in front of the mirror, waiting for him. It felt like forever, until the lights went off and  the house began to shake. I was angered, for what reason I don't know why. Perhaps I was just confident.
As he appeared, I stared at the empty space he was and shouted, “I know who I am! Take me back right now.” My voice sounded like I was talking while shivering. I was crying a little bit.
He was silent. Silent as if I had never even said anything. He just stood there - floated there - or whatever shadows do. Now I knew I wasn’t confident, and I was really just angered. I yelled at him, “Bring me back! I have my memory - I'm Mavi!”
I stood there, waiting for him to answer. He didn't. I Started to cry. The next thing I did was probably the stupidest thing I could ever do. I punched the mirror with all my aggression, causing it to crack into little pieces. I didn't hear anything from the shadow after that. Whatever, I figured. It wasn't like he had done anything to help me anyway.

Day 30

I went to school with the intuition, “today is my last day.” I really shouldn't of broke that mirror, I thought, because what if I needed it in the long run? What if that was my escape route? Everyone for the past few days have been moping around, including me. I felt bad for myself. We weren't able to visit Mavi, and the doctor hasn't called to update us. “At least she isn't dead,” Tyler said. Although, that didn't help how any of us feel. Tonight was still prom night, and it didn't seem like anyone of us were even up for it. Especially Josh.

Later that night -

Even though no one wanted to experience prom without Mavi, we went anyway. I got dressed and barely even cared to fix up my hair or face before Josh pulled up along with Tyler, Amanda, Sam, and Hayle. Josh and I had the same color suit and undershirt, I noticed. What a coincidence. Once we got there, me, Josh, and Tyler migrated to the tables as the other three enjoyed themselves on the dance floor.
What an excellent way to spend my last day on Earth, or wherever I was, I thought to myself. Prom night was a full out bust, until about an hour in, I got a phone call.
My face was laying on the table as I felt a vibration coming from my pocket. I held the phone to my face. It was from the same number as before - the hospital. Josh and Tyler saw the shock on my face as they followed my run to the bathroom. By the time I got there, the phone was already answered, along with my sudden greet.
Tyler and Josh huddled around me, staring in anticipation. They knew who it was, and where getting anxious from my stressed reaction.
They were allowing visitors.
“They are allowing visitors,” I repeated to the two.
We headed out immediately. We basically ran. Exiting the school and saying goodbye to prom, we hopped right into Josh’s car and sped our way to the hospital, not even worried about telling the other girls they don't have a ride home.
We crashed into the doors of the hospital which was kind of awkward because of our sudden burst of noise in such a quiet waiting room. Everyone turned to look at us - three people in suits. I bet they thought we were real important. That was the least of my worries, though, as we bolted to the counter to get passes. We ran down the hallway to her room and again, crashed through the doors of her room to be shushed by the doctor. She was still in her coma, but that didn't matter - we were visiting her.
All three of us stared at her - she looked so lifeless. Her skin was a paleish grey, and she was all bruised up on her face. Her eyelids were vainy and purple. How sad, I thought, to see myself slowly dying…
  We stayed there for a while until Josh and Tyler stepped out of the room. I kneeled by my bed, looking in disgust. At least I found out who I am, I thought, and I had friends who cared  about my well being.
I started to cry. I heard nothing but the silent sobs and beeping from the heart monitor besides me. I looked up from my  folded arms.
Everything slowly turned white.
Mavi’s body slowly disappeared.
I stood up in confusion.
And like it was nothing, everything went dark.
And again, I felt paralyzed.
Why am I always paralyzed, I thought, kind of feeling let down.
It wasn't until I woke up - In Mavis’s place.
I heard the heart monitor speed up as an immediate pain rushed to my heart. Around me was my mom and dad. But not Gray. A doctor ran into my room immediately and my parents burst out crying. My parents… My mom’s beautiful dark hair and my father’s vibrante eyes. I surely missed them.
“Where is Gray?” Was the first thing I asked in that very moment. The doctors looked at me stunned as my parents looked at me with there teary eyes. I looked around the room. It was just like any other ICU room. “Tyler and Josh where just here...Where did they go?”
I finally got an answer. “Only family is allowed to see you right now...” The doctor responded.
Boy, was my head killing me from all this movement… They have to be lying to me, though, and I didn't like that.
“Yes they are. Tonight is my prom night and one of the doctors called me to tell me it was okay for visitors to come see me so I came…” My voice trailed off… I sounded awfully stupid… Telling them I came to see myself?
The doctor grabbed a chair to sit by my bed.. “You have been in a coma for two months...You’re delirious…”
At this point, I knew I was not stupid. “No! I needed to find who I am and I just found out and switched places! I used to be in a different body before I found out who I am….”
Everyone looked at me as if I was a mental patient. The doctor took off his glasses and wiped it on his jacket. “I really don't know what to say to you… You just woke up, perhaps you were dreaming?”
Dreaming…Perhaps I was dreaming… Perhaps I really was dreaming. Was I dreaming? Have the past thirty days just a dream? A lucid dream? A lucid nightmare?
I stayed silent for a minute. Was Gray never real? Or Josh? Tyler or Dallas?
It couldn't be. They have to be real.
“Mom… How is Tyler?” I asked.
“He is just fine…” She responded, questionably.
“How about Josh?”
This time my dad answered. “He’s been hanging around the house, dead worried about you.” He shot out a quick, comforting laugh.
Now was my chance. “How about Gray?”
Everyone remained silent. The three looked at each other as if I was growing a second head. After a minute, they looked at me and assured me they had never met a “Gray,” nor heard me talk about one.
“Dallas… Is he put away for what he did to me?” I asked.
It was silent again, as if I just insulted someone’s mother. The doctor sat back on his chair with the most confused look I have ever seen painted on his face. He crossed his arms.
“What exactly did he do to you?” He asked.
“Well I don't exactly remember because I was drugged, but I was told he beat me up and attempted to drown me. When he thought he was successful, the cops arrived at his house to arrest him and I was sent to the hospital where I fell asleep in a coma.”
My parents looked at each other in shock. They started to cry. The doctor looked really uncomfortable. Me - I was just in the middle of it all.
“How do you know what happened?”
I felt emotionally drained, so I rolled my eyes, sat back on my bed, and stopped answering. I guess it really was a dream. What a waste of time.

After Coma

I was so happy to get out of that hospital. As soon as I got home, a surprize party was thrown for me. There was Amanda, Tyler, Sam, Hayle, and of course, Josh. I ran up and gave them all an individual hug, and a really big one for Tyler and Josh for always being there for me.
I went back to school after the summer for my senior year with my friends along with me. I also made the decision to dye my hair a blueish grey. I know Gray was out there somewhere.
One day coming home from school, my parents presented me with a box they said they received in the mail. Not thinking much of it, I opened it up in my room. It was a journal. I picked up the first paper and remembered exactly what it was. The first few lines on the paper, written in shaky handwriting read, “I don't remember anything before it all started, it all just kind of happened. Just like how people are born and they feel nothing before their life - it is like an entire new start... An entirely new world I was in, and apparently, it wasn't even real...” I took it out and blushed a little bit. I knew there was a Gray out there, with short, blueish grey hair and green eyes. My parents never cared to ask after the few days I tried to explain to them in the hospital what happened. I would only get confused stares and the same phrase - “stop - you need your rest.”
I never stopped thinking about the “dream.” If it wasn't Gray, I thought, then who called the cops for me? That was always a question which will never answered. I always wondered if Gray was never real, if the cops would of been called and I would be rescued alive. With these thoughts aside, I picked up the journal and finished writing my last few experiences relating to Gray. Gray is real, and I know it.

The author's comments:

This is a mystery about a person who looses all their memory of who they are and are given 30 days to find who they where or else they will dissapear forever.

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