The Hideaway

June 11, 2017
By mrwhite20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
mrwhite20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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“Look, I love you guys and all… but I’m not getting arrested for this.” The teens all stood gawking down at the body on the ground.
“It wasn’t even our fault, we didn’t tell him to drink that entire bottle of vodka,” Adisa exclaimed. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, but really no one knew what to say.
“Yeah, but did any of you really try to stop him?” Bennett snapped back at the rest of the group all trying to make themselves seem innocent in this situation. “You all stood and cheered as he drank away his last moments.” Everyone felt the sweat start to run down their foreheads. No one knew if they would be blamed for this accident.
“Everyone, please, lets calm down here, we didn’t do anything at all to him, we didn’t force Matt to drink the entire thing, he fell after drinking and hit his head. How could we’ve possibly done anything?” Clarabelle stated, she always kept the group in check and was the only one who thought things through. There were five of us in the group regularly Adisa, Bennett, Clarabelle, Vic, and I. Matt came along to our hideaway this one time and everything turned to hell.
“Do we call 911?” I asked everyone, yet no one seemed to know what to do at the moment.
“If we do will we get in trouble for underaged drinking? I can’t get in trouble for something like this, my parents will actually murder me,” Vic said with the pure feeling of terror in her voice. We all must’ve been thinking the same thing, what will our consequences be for this?
“We can call the police and they’ll focus on the dead body lying in the middle of the floor rather than the afraid kids who witnessed everything,” Bennett explained. He kinda had a point, we probably wouldn’t get into much trouble if we got in any at all.
“Are you all stupid, we can’t call the police, not until we figure out a plan about what we are going to do here, it’s way too risky,” Adisa said as her voice started to grow louder and angrier.
“I want to go home, I said we never should’ve invited him here, it was Adisa who asked him to come with us, which is the dumbest thing seeing as though you guys fight all the time because he’s obviously cheating on you.” Vic screamed at Adisa, we never saw her act out this way towards anyone. She was terrified and furious at the same time.
“Just because he might be mean to me sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t love him, anyways, don’t get so pissy, you always act like a baby, Vic, when anything bad happens.”
“Anything bad happens? Seriously? This isn’t just something bad that happen, Matt just died, and you’re arguing if we should call the police or not!” Vic screamed back at Adisa louder, and with more animosity than ever before. No one in the room spoke or moved a muscle.
“Okay, let's just come to our senses here, we need to call the police now, they will think we are guilty if we wait too long, they’re going to be focusing on Matt, they might question us, but like we said, we didn’t do anything,” Bennett proclaimed to the group, we all knew he was right.
“I’ll grab my phone,”I said as I made my way over to my bag, “Okay what do I say to them?” Bennett came over to help me talk to the police. Everyone stood there, just secretly stealing glances at Matt's body, limply lying on our floor of our perfect hideaway.
“911, what is your emergency?”
“Um… hi… yes, our, um, friend, he, well, he died,” I couldn’t get the words out, because once it was out it was official, it was real, he was gone.
“Where is your location ma’am?”
“The abandoned convenience store on Rodman drive.”
“Officers have been dispatched to your location.”
“Thank you.” I hung up and broke down, we had to deal with this now. Everything was so silent, until we heard the officers sirens wailing outside. As the cars pulled in the parking lot Adisa got up and ran out the back door, before she left she turned to all of us.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to put something in the bottle he drank, please tell my parents I love them, I couldn’t put up with his abuse any longer.” As she finished her sentence she turned and that was the last time we saw her. None of us said anything about it to the police, we couldn’t say anything as we sat with dried up tears on our faces. This was supposed to be our hideaway.

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