Someone is Home

June 9, 2017
By TheMasterWriter BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
TheMasterWriter BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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“So this is it?” I torpidly stepped out of the car after 2 long and stressful hours of karate practice to see our new yet insipid house. I went inside and walked up the creaking stairs of my fresh vacant house. It looked dark and shady like a sewage area with its unpainted walls and the obsolete hard and black floors. I walked over to the kitchen when suddenly there was a clamorous cracking sound coming from upstairs ruining the tranquility of the new home.
It’s probably nothing I thought to myself, worried that someone was home. My dad mentioned he would be fixing the car and won’t be back until 8pm. I slowly and meticulously went up the stairs trying not to make a sound. Then I heard earsplitting sound of glass breaking from one of the rooms upstairs. My heart was racing and I had never felt more terrified in my life. I decided to tiptoe the rest of the way up the loud  creaky stairs and peeked inside. As I slowly walked and checked the rooms, they appeared mostly vacant, however, I was clueless on what we moved into the rooms. They all appeared to contain boxes of clothing, which got me chary and wondering whether something important was taken. I got to one room and took a peek into the door as I leaned sideways. “Wow! I can’t believe it is just you brother!” My heart rate diminished and I was relaxed. Just a second later, there was a crash! This is not going to end well I thought.
“Did you hear that? That sound spooked me!” my brother Eric uttered.
“Yes, I believe it came from downstairs, let’s take a look… Actually wait a minute, how did you get home so early? You shouldn’t have been back until 6 pm. I thought no one would be home, you scared me half to death.”
“The art program got cancelled so I got a ride home from John. I just came upstairs to set up this green mundane room. Eric explained.
“But who was that? Who else is here?” I panicked vigilantly.
“I’m not sure but quit being wary. I’m sure something just fell.”
“I don’t trust that for a bit. We should go check!” I suggested.
“Alright!” Eric reluctantly agreed. “We’ll go down there and see who it is.”
“Or what it is…”
“Don’t be ridiculous! You actually believe it is a ghost? How gullible are you?” Eric was laughing hysterically at the idea, but at the same time, he knew there was still someone in our house and we would still have to confront him or her eventually, making him more frightened.
“Well let’s go take a look then. Grab your baseball bat!” I demanded. Slowly and carefully, we tiptoed across the old and vapid hallway and went down the creaky brown stairs to make sure whoever it was didn’t hear us.
As we were going down, I blurted, “I can’t do it. I’m too scared. Let’s go back upstairs and wait for the cops to get here. I know you are intrepid but now is not the time to be risk taking, we need to stay secure.”
“It’s now or never Herald, are you willing to let him or her get away without consequence?”
“Fine let’s take a look!” We slowly moved down the dark shadowy hallway. The lights were flickering on and off as if someone was trying to turn off the power. The closer we walked toward the person, the more horrified we would get.
“Please check I can’t!” The audacious Eric finally whispered as we walked across the dark spooky hallway. I gulped and decided to take a look. Leaning near the edge of the wall I took a swift glimpse at the living room. I looked back at Eric as happy as a boy playing catch with his dad.
My face lit up and I smiled as I told Eric, “wow it’s just our dad.” We hurried over to Dad on the dusty and firm black floor to question him.
“You said you would be fixing the car. What happened?” Eric asked in shock from his unexpected fear.
“Well the shrewd mechanic actually got the car up and running in the matter 30 minutes.”
Eric, with a smirk on his face scoffed, “I knew it was you the whole time. Herald here just got me a little anxious,” as he turned around and swaggered out of the room.
“A little?” I replied confidently.

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