Who killed James Murphy?

June 8, 2017
By Carleighjm BRONZE, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Carleighjm BRONZE, Meadville, Pennsylvania
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James Murphy, hotel owner of the Waterfront Hotel in Miami Florida, was finishing up some paperwork in his office when his assistant came to tell him Matt Johnston, the owner of the hotel from across the street, was in the lobby and needed to speak to him right away. Matt and James used to be best friends in high school, but ever since they both started hotels on the same street, they have been rivals. It’s the rivalry of whose hotel is better. James followed his assistant to the lobby and found Matt waiting patiently with a furious look on his face. James kindly asked him what the problem was. “I was in my office this morning, when I received an email from my assistant telling me that there was an ad in the Miami newspaper spreading a rumor that our hotel has been infested with termites! This is not true and I have already had over 20 families checkout early this morning after they saw the ad! I just came over to ask if you had anything to do with this.” said Matt very frustrated. “I promise I did not have anything to do with this, I have my own hotel to worry about.” said James. Matt stormed out the doors, and James just returned to his office.
The next day Amelia, James’ wife, woke up to find her husband not  in bed like he always is. She didn’t think much of it and figured he just got up early that day. Amelia got ready and went to grab James a cup of coffee and bring it to his office like she does every morning. When she went to his office she was surprised to see he wasn’t there. She went to ask James’ assistant if he has seen him this morning. “No, I haven’t seen him since last night when him and Matt had that argument in the lobby. I thought he was with you?” “Nope, I did hear him go to bed last night, but he wasn’t there when I woke up. I also called and texted him a million time, but no answer.” said Amelia starting to sound worried. “It’s okay, don’t panic he probably just went for a walk and forgot his phone.”
Later that day, there were some kids playing in the ocean, when all of a sudden one of them saw something in the water. They all started screaming when they realized it was a body. The kids called 911 and an ambulance showed up in no time to take the unknown body to the hospital. It wasn’t too long before they realized who is was. It was James. The doctor immediately called Amelia to tell her the bad news, but by the time she got to the hospital they had already pronounced him dead. Amelia was in shock. “How did this happen?” she thought. Amelia went back to the hotel and there was people everywhere asking questions about what had happened. James’ assistant already had people investing the hotel, to figure out how James ended up dead in the ocean. It didn’t take long before they realized that one of the windows in James’ suite was completely shattered. The people investigating thought that James was somehow knocked out, then pushed out of the window to drown.They told Amelia their theory. “It makes sense because this window is right above the spot where the kids found him earlier today.” said Amelia. Now the question was who would do this? The only person that the assistant could think of that would do such a awful thing, Matt. The investigators then had the idea to look at the security cameras from last night. The cameras didn’t show anything at first. It showed Betty, James’ personal cleaning lady walk in which was sort of suspicious because she usually doesn’t go in during the night. But then the they investigators saw everything. It wasn’t Matt, or the cleaning lady who killed James, it was the assistant. They then went to the police and showed them the proof and Matt was arrested. Right before he got in the police car told everyone why he did it. He said,” I was tired of being James’ first hand man and doing everything he asked for with no respect. I deserved at least a thank you once in awhile, or even a raise, but nothing. So I did what I had to do. I had a plan too. I sent in that ad about Matt’s hotel so he would get mad at James to make it seem like Matt did it. My plan would have worked but unfortunately I forgot about the cameras in the suite. Tell Amelia I’m sorry it had to end this way.”

The author's comments:

I wrote this story purely for entertainment. I want the readers to figure out the mystery.

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