June 8, 2017
By Anonymous

The time she caught him staring into her bedroom window was when she grew worried. Jane thought to herself, Who was this man? What does he want? Why is he stalking me? The first time Jane took notice of this man watching her was on her way to school one morning. She walked out of her house and started to make her way down the street. While stopped at the corner of her street waiting for traffic to stop she noticed a parked car with a man just sitting in it. She brushed it off thinking, He’s probably just waiting for someone, although she had never seen that man on her street before. On her way home from school she noticed the car still parked on the side of the street but the man not in it. Once again she brushed it off and continued with her day. A few hours after she got home she left her room and went downstairs to join her parents for dinner.
“How was school today sweetie?” her father asked.
“It was pretty good, Alexa and I went to lunch with Aaron and Jake. They bought us smoothies,” she replied.
“Did they huh.. That was nice of them. Will they be stopping by while your mother and I are away?”
“Hmm.. it’s a possibility. All I know is that Alexa will for sure be staying here everyday that you’re gone because I hate being here alone, especially at night,” she answered.
The family continued to enjoy their meal when they heard a knock at the front door. All confused on who it could be, Jane’s mother got up to answer the door. Jane could see the front door from the dinner table and she was disturbed to see who was there. It was the man that she saw parked on the side of the road that morning on her way to school. Jane felt her stomach drop and her eyes widen.
“Um hello.. May I help you?” Jane’s mother asked the man.
“Yes, I’m sorry to bother you but my car broke down this morning and I called a tow truck hours ago but no one has shown up and now my phone is dead. I was wondering if i could borrow your phone to call a cab to take me to a hotel,” he said. “I understand if you’re too uncomfortable with it and want to say no.”
“Oh, of course not, it’s fine! Why don’t you wait here and I’ll bring my cell phone.” Jane’s mother replied.
The door was left open as Jane’s mother quickly went into the kitchen to grab her phone. Jane was a little weirded out that the man had come to her house, so she peaked over the corner to get a better look at him. The man was maybe in his early thirties. He was wearing a grey shirt, jeans, and some work boots. After she looked at him from head to toe she looked back up at his face and realized he had been watching her as she watched him. Frightened and embarrassed, she quickly looked away.
“Alrighty here you are. I even dialed in a number there for you. I looked them up and they seem to be the best in this town!” Jane’s mother said as she walked back over to the front door. The man briskly called and handed the phone back to Jane’s mother. He thanked her kindly and left. Jane still felt a little eerie about the situation but relieved that he’d be leaving from her street. After dinner Jane went upstairs to get ready for bed, and her parents went upstairs to pack. When Jane entered her room she noticed that her window was open. Puzzled, she walked over to the window, shut it, and locked it tight. She thought to herself, I never opened that. The next morning Jane was awakened by her parents. They were leaving for their trip and wanted to say goodbye. “We’ll be back in two days sweetie, take care. We love you.”
“I love you guys too, bring me back something good,” she replied. Jane watched them through her window as they drove off. She then noticed that the man’s car was still parked out on the street, and even worse. He was in it. Nervous, Jane ran downstairs and locked the front door, back door, and windows. She then went back upstairs and got in the shower. After finishing she went into her room. With all the weird stuff going she felt a little uncomfortable getting dressed, so she went over to her window to close the shades. That’s when she noticed the man sitting on the hood of his car staring straight into Jane’s window. Petrified, she rapidly closed the shades and got dressed. She felt uneasy and texted Alexa to come over as soon as she could. To kill time Jane stayed in her room and started to watch a movie. That’s when she heard glass break in the kitchen. She then heard the voice of the man and footsteps walking through the entire downstairs. Jane knew she was in trouble but didn’t know what to do. She thought to herself, he knows I’m here alone. Jane then started to think about what she was going to do next. She sent a text to Alexa letting her know what was happening. She needed an escape plan. While sneaking across the hall into her parent’s bedroom she accidentally bumped into a stool and knocked it over, making a loud sound. Jane then heard the man making his way upstairs. She knew she was really in trouble now, and that she’d have to act faster than she had planned. Jane ran into her parent’s room and hid in their closet. “You can’t hide from me anymore, hun,” the man said slowly as he made his way up the stairs. She felt weak and helpless. What do I do? she thought to herself. Hes going to kill me. Jane then remembered her father had a gun in his safe in the closet. She forgot her phone in the other room, so she scattered around in the dark trying to find it the safe. Once she finally found it she entered the code and grabbed the gun. The man hadn’t found her yet. Jane backed herself into the corner of the closet, held the gun in one hand, covered one ear with the other hand, and leaned her head on her shoulder to cover her other ear. She sat there waiting for the man to open the door and snatch her. As terrified as she was she knew that once that closet door opened she’d have to pull the trigger, and that’s exactly what she did. She pulled the trigger and shot the police officer that had come to save her. She felt confused and guilty after realizing what she had just done. Alexa had gotten Jane’s text messages and immediately called the cops. The police made it to the house, found the man with a knife in his hand, arrested him, and then went on to find Jane. Since Jane didn’t have her phone and had been tucked away in the closet with her ears pulled, she had no idea that the cops were there to help. She had no idea that she’d end up murdering her hero.

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