Sweet Dreams

June 7, 2017
By K.aitlyn BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
K.aitlyn BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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        It was 11:30 P.M Mary Anne had been driving all day trying to get back home from her sister's wedding. She was tired, drowsy, and weak. Her body felt as if it was a piece a paper that she could bend in half. Mary's dark, long, brown hair was knotted up from the long car ride and her green eyes were bloodshot and they had very dark circles under them. Although, Mary Anne kept on driving. Mary felt as if something was wrong with her car, she didn’t think much of it but next thing you know her car's front left tire went flat. She decided to drive to the nearest exit and stop at the nearest parking lot. ‘What do I do? Should I call Liz? I need to get home’, she thought. She parked her car and turned it off. Mary walked inside and saw a man behind the counter.

“Excuse me..” Mary said to the store clerk.

“Yes, how may I help you?”
“I need you to tell me where the closest hotel, motel, or even bed and breakfast located around here is. Please.” She begged.
“There is a cute little hotel down the street approximately .2 miles.” He answered.
She went on her way to find this supposedly ‘cute’ hotel. She was looking around until she saw a red blinking sign that said “Firebird Hotel, FREE CABLE & BREAKFAST”. This is gonna have to work. Mary carried all her valuables into the hotel and trotted up to the front desk.
    “Hi little lady.” Said the hotel worker. He had yellow, crooked teeth with golden crowns placed on them. His right eye was fake, while the other one moved wherever she went.
    “Uhh hi, I need a room please.” Mary Anne stuttered.
    “I have the perfect room for you.” he said as he grabbed his wooden cane.
He walked Mary down the hall, he gave her a sketchy vibe, by the way he talked and the actions he made. There were torches lined up against the walls while there was stains on the floor. She didn’t know what it was but it reminded her of blood. It wasn’t blood she thought, no way. They wouldn’t have people stay at a hotel if there were blood stains on the floor.
Edgar opened the wooden door eeeeeekkk. Mary's body started to feel even weaker, her heart was beating faster, but her eyes kept growing larger. She was scared, but Mary kept telling herself everything was going to be ok. Edgar handed her a metal key and told her, ¨sweet dreams¨.
Bridger 2
    Mary Anne set her belongings down onto the dark wooden night stand. She went to open the drawer looking for a remote and a big black spider ran out, she screamed. Mary hurried up and stepped on the spider, grabbed the remote and sat on the edge of the rickety bed. There was a knock at the door, she jumped.
    “Little lady are you ok?” Edgar asked.
She didn’t open the door. “Yes I am fine. Thank you” she answered.
Mary Anne stood there waiting until Edgar walked away, clunk clunk clunk, he was gone.
    ‘I can't stay here and I won't sleep’ she thought. She grabbed her purse and made her way out the door. She walked slowly and cautiously down to the front desk.
    ¨Excuse me, Edgar, I am sorry but I have to go. May I check out¨ Mary said nervously.
    ¨I am very sorry little lady but you already paid for your room.¨
She looked at him with confusion on her face. Mary turned back and headed to her mysterious room. She put the key in the lock and turned it, click, she swung the door open and her stomach dropped, a groggy, white man stood outside her door wall window. He grabbed the handle and yanked. He pulled incredibly hard, tugging more forcefully with each time he jerked it. The door wall eventually flew off its track and could slide no more. Mary screamed. She grabbed all her things and ran, the man sprinted after her. He had an axe in his hand that was pulling him to the ground. Edgar saw Mary run pass, he ripped out from behind the counter and started after her. Mary was breathing uncontrollably and her heart was beating rapidly. Suddenly, Mary unlocked her car and piled herself in. She locked the door and started up the engine, vroooom. .Although her tire was flat, she drove as far as she could leaving Edgar and the man in her dust. When Mary Anne got away and knew she was safe, she called Liz her sister to come pick her up so she had a safe ride back home. 

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