June 7, 2017
By , Albuquerque, NM

I live in a small house far in the woods. The children in the town make up stories about how the forest is haunted, crawling with mysterious, man eating creatures. I say not. I live in the forest and enjoy every day of it. The outsiders just don’t understand.
The house is home to seven people, not including me. I suppose one can say that we are all the same person. Or a family unit. You can decide for yourself. First, there is Grace. She was the first to join me and is my favorite by far. She shows up whenever I need some calming. She’s patient and kind and is always ready to help anyone. I like her alot.
Second, there are the twins, Diamond and Darius, boy and girl. Hell, they’re a lot to deal with. They are always ready with something to screw the whole house over. Smoke bombs, booby traps, whatever you can think of. They are mischievous and loud but I suppose they can have some good qualities. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t live in the house.
Next, there’s Isis and Maverick. They’re best friends who also live in the house. Isis is the stereotypical beautiful, elegant girl. Impeccable manners and fashion sense, what’s there not to like? Figure it out for yourself, but there’s a reason she’s living with us. Maverick is just plain annoying and he might as well be autistic. He’s set the house on fire so many times that it’s ha to go through multiple reconstructions. Maybe that’s his only purpose, is to destruct my mind.
Lastly, there are the motherly housekeepers, Fiora and Mae. Basically, they make sure the house is in order and that everyone is doing fine. They show up sometimes, or else they wouldn’t be here. Maybe to take the place of Maverick when he shows up.
The house is small, but we manage. As for me, I'm just a supervisor. I live in the house but am not part of the family. I get to decide what everyone can and can’t do and when they can show up. After all, the house can only hold so many people.
Especially since the house is my own mind.

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