Dark Secret

June 1, 2017
By sol21 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
sol21 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I was home laying in bed with my wife and my two children. I got a call from my partner Mike, "We have a new case, meeting in 30 minutes." "You're leaving?" said Sara. Being in the FBI and having a family wasn't easy but I’m doing my best for them. I got to the headquarters and everyone was there. "We have a new case and this one is big we can't let the news outlets get to this one. President Thomas’s daughter has been missing for four hours, she was supposed to be home around 8 P.M, but she never did." We got on our jet and flew to Washington D.C. to talk to the president. We looked around her room and there was nothing just a typical seventeen-year-old girl’s room. We found many things that surprised us though a bong, a pack of cigarettes like who gets her these things. “Last time we saw her, she was wearing a basic white shirt, blue jean shorts and black vans. She was going to some concert with her friends in the morning by the beach, it was a rap concert and she was supposed to be home by 8 and she never got here.We called her many times and it didn't ring at all. We called our security and they told us she told them she was going to go to some store when the concert was gone, but she was taking long so our security went inside and she was gone. We saw the security tape and we only got to see her leaving through the back door and she looked scared.” said President Thomas. Something seems strange about this case, so I decided to work on it myself and not listen to my orders. I went back to the area the concert was in, I went to every store nearby and asked to watch their security tape. There she was, enjoying her time with her best friend Jamie. Where were her security guards though? I kept looking around and went behind the stores and I found something I saw in her room, it was a little drawing of a green alien, maybe this was a hint. I kept walking and walking trying to find another one. She knew this was going to happen to her so why didn't she speak up?

I went to the store she was last seen and went to the back door and walked out. I looked around and I found another alien with a sign saying “I knew it all” right next to it. I went back into the White House and looked around but there were some doors I couldn't go into. Of course I went into her room and looked through everything and I saw the alien. I went to Jamie’s house to ask her some questions. “Did Genesis ever talk to you about escaping with some boy?” said Diaz. “No, she was not that type of girl she payed no attention to boys at all.” exclaimed Jaime. “Did she ever talk to you about this drawing of an alien?” asked Diaz. “Oh, yeah she did once we were, excuse me for this but we were high one night staring up at the sky and we were talking and she kept talking to me about aliens and how she knows they're out there and then the next day she drew one and it's exactly like that one.” said Jamie. “ Did she ever have problems with people at school or home.” asked Diaz. “No, everyone loves her” said Jamie “Thank you for your time Jamie I might come back soon for more questions.” said Diaz. “ Sure I’m here if anything, oh wait she also talked to me that night about some book, she didn't go into details at all but she cried to me and she just said she wish she never read the book and that's all she said.” shouted Jamie. “Thank you Jamie” Diaz says reassuringly. I went back again to her room and looked around for that book and more hints but there were no books none. Just her school books. As I was walking out I heard something from a room and I went to check it out but it was locked so i went into President Thomas’s room and got the keys and I went inside. It was cold and dark very dark actually. I didn't want to turn on the lights, because I didn't want anyone to know I was in here. I got my flashlight and kept walking slowly. There was another door but it seemed like they forgot to lock it, I opened it and it was her, Genesis. “Okay, okay I’m here to help I’m going to untie you and take off the tape, but I need you to tell me everything I’m not here to harm you I’m here to help you okay Genesis my name is Agent Diaz I work with the FBI just talk to me.” says Diaz. “Please be careful they don't catch you here we need to leave this building right now.” whispers Genesis. “No, they can't know I’m here.” said Diaz. I know a way out.” says Genesis. We opened the door and we looked around to see if anyone was there, we walked slowly walking to another room, the security were still working so we had to crawl and be close by the wall. “Okay come here, looks like a regular room right.” says Genesis. “It's a bathroom.” Diaz chuckles. “Not only is it a bathroom but it's a secret office my Dad goes in to get ready to see what's in here.” explains Genesis. It was an office, not an original one though. What was in there left me speechless. There was this one wall with a picture of Osama bin Laden with the president and he was supposed to be dead. “Check this out!” says Genesis. She threw the book and I caught it. “I actually thought my Dad was a good person, I was into conspiracy theories even before my dad became a president and it got me excited when he won because I was going to know all of their dirty secrets.” Genesis exclaims.
I opened up the book and it had everything in it. What every president did bad. It had the truth about everything lizard people aka “Reptilians” are running the world, the JFK assassination, aliens being real, the moon landing being fake, the cure for cancer, chemtrails and many more. The NSA always check up on us. The CIA are bullshitters. Area 51. The truth about everything and they even have some technology that hasn't been out yet. “They want to control us, brainwash us and guess what happens when you know the truth?” says Genesis. “What?” asks Diaz. “Why do you think my dad has me tide up? to kill me later!” cries Genesis. “He wouldn't do that, he's your dad!” shouts Diaz. “Oh really? Like I said he had me tied up you find the truth you get killed and that's how our world works. Brainwash everyone, feed everyone lies, the news, fake, our food, fake want me to keep going?” says Genesis. “Genesis we need the world too see this.” said Diaz. My phone started to ring, I got a message from my wife Sara I’m going to check it later. “Genesis hide someone’s coming in” screams Diaz. She was hiding behind the desk and I was hiding behind this closet. “Looks like the dog escaped, Genesis I told you not to keep playing with me” said President Thomas “Why are you hiding from me? Why do you keep touching my book Genesis just come out.” says President Thomas. “You kill me and everyone going to know.” says Genesis. “I can just clone you, at least your clone won't talk.” chuckles President Thomas. “If you're going to kill me do it now but I hope you know when I press this button everyone is going to know the truth!” screams Genesis, “What is that Genesis? Stop it!” shouts President Thomas. “I took pictures of the book and I’m going to post them online.” exclaims Genesis. “You really think people are going to believe you? Everyone is brainwashed by our power, nothing can break that. They’re all sheep.” President Thomas says laughingly. “If you say so.” says Genesis. She presses the button. “Also… I was recording everything live.” said Genesis. I closed my eyes for a second and I heard a gun shot and then another one and another one. “Dirty little girl, how am I going to explain this to the people now. (President Thomas takes out phone and dials a number.) I'm going to need you to send one of your people to cause something big that'll get in the news and distract everyone from the mess my daughter created. You got that?!” shouted President Thomas. He was talking to a CIA agent, I stopped the live stream and I checked my wife’s message. I screwed up, my wife was one month pregnant. “What are you doing here?” asks President Thomas. I got the gun and shot myself.

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