Time Out

June 7, 2017
By zoyamd123 BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
zoyamd123 BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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    He felt as if time had stopped, for a second at least. The men behind him dressed in their uniforms stopping for what felt like hours as his eyes locked with hers. He watches as her glossy blue eyes stare in his direction, only to realize that she'd not been looking at him, but through him. Only then does he realize time hasn't stopped and today, his time runs out. He continues watching her eyes as it felt like he hadn't seen any colour so bright for nine years, he missed them. But something he missed even more than her ocean blue eyes was the horror that lived in them. He couldn't help but to smirk knowing exactly what she'd be thinking about, knowing exactly why she had that expression on her face, that horror, that panic in her eyes as she relived that night in her mind probably for the millionth time, but this time, staring at the man who did it. She stares at his body, the same one she once loved, the same one she found standing over her parents bed, covered in blood with the same smile he'd be giving her at this very moment as he laid on his deathbed. Her blue eyes, now dark, full of anger, piercing holes through his as he continued smiling at her with not one regret in the world.

    He mouths "I love you" to the girl he claims to love, he receives nothing in return but a cold, unforgiving stare. Healy gives up. He knows he doesn't have much time left and he doesn't find it smart to waste it all on some blue eyed girl who didn't even visit him in prison. So what, he'd viciously murdered his girlfriend's parents, but that was so long ago, why would it matter now? Healy turns his head over to face the clock, the clock he'd grown very familiar with the past nine.

years he sat on death row. He watches it make one of its final trips around in peace as the men behind him prepare the treatment. He felt awfully calm, happy if he was being honest. When he first heard the judge sentence him to death he felt a sharp pain in his chest, but it didn't last long, life doesn't either.

"We live and we die" Healy says causing  a harsh "shh" from behind him. This only makes him roll his eyes.
"It's not like I'll be here much longer" he says as he tries to turn his head over to the officers, but the straps securing him to the bed didn't allow it.

"Please do not speak unless you're asked to." Mark, the officer in charge says making Healy roll his eyes yet again. "Or else." Mark adds in a harsh tone.

Usually, Healy would challenge the authority, but today, he couldn't be bothered. Today, he wanted peace, so he stayed quiet. He occasionally glanced over at the pair of blue eyes sitting in the room just next to him, watching through a window. He sighs wondering what he'd want his last words to be, because truthfully, he hadn't thought of them until now. The last words she'd walk out of this building with, the ones she'd have to live with her whole life, as if he hadn't damaged the poor girl enough.

"Healy Owens," Mark says before saying many more words Healy had already zoned out to.

He suddenly regains focus as he hears "any last words?" leave the bald, fat, white man's thin lips.

"Yes, actually" Healy says enthusiastically.

"Babe" he says turning his head over to the window, "when I get down there, I'll make her to tell Bob and Nora you say hello, would you like that?" He snickers.


This causes a reaction from everyone, mainly "oh god" from behind him but most importantly, a look of disgust from the girl sitting in the other room. He watches her disgusted expression through the window. The anger in her eyes only made him grin. He had an obsession with her, her face, her colourful eyes, her voice and how it changed with every single word and emotion, he lived for it. Sometimes he'd push to get a reaction, it turned into an addiction, trying to get her to get a reaction and then he'd gone too far. He'd ruined her life, just for the satisfaction of the look on her face as he found it comforting.

What he found even more comforting as he laid there getting injected with the drug that would kill him was that even though he was about to die, for the rest of that blue eyed girl’s life, she'd never forget what he did, and every time he pops into her mind, that expression he lived for will live on.


The author's comments:

A chilling tale of love gone cold 

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