Where is Mia?

June 7, 2017

Feb, 20:

Everything in life felt good, we had great years full of love and joy, although we didn’t have children we shared the love of our wonderful dog named cocoa, yeah cocoa he was a dark brown chow chow dog, just like she had always wanted. The first time we met we talked about what type of dogs she liked and it had only taken her about five seconds to answer and say “I’ve always been obsessed with brown chow chow dogs” I still remember the excitement in her voice. I remember surprising her with one just as she had described it for our 4 year anniversary which we later agreed to name Cocoa. My name is Adan and her name was Mia, she was beautiful and she was everything to me, she was..my wife. One day,  January 10th to be exact I woke up to see nothing there, not her, none of her clothes, her smile, her love. Oh I thought maybe she had gone grocery shopping or on a walk with Cocoa. I didn’t think much of it and went to shower, when I got out of the shower I walked towards the kitchen to get some breakfast when I realized the door was opened and Cocoa was sitting there looking at me, I was curious as why it was open so I went outside to check if my wife was gardening or something but I realized she wasn’t out there and her car was. What if she went on a walk, I thought to myself but why would she leave without Cocoa? She had always taken Cocoa on her walks with her. It just hadn't made sense to me of why the door was open, why she left Cocoa, why didn’t she tell me where she was going? I drove around to see if I would see her walking but she was nowhere to be found then it hit me that maybe someone had broken in and kidnapped her so I sped back home. I went into our bedroom searching for my phone to see if she had left a message but as I opened the drawer I realized her clothes were missing, I was shocked and opened another drawer to find.. No clothes. Could she have left me? But why would she? This didn’t seem like something she would do, so being as confused as I was I called her sisters and asked them if they knew where she was, they all said they had no idea where she could be.


4:00 PM that day:

She wasn’t answering my phone calls and my worries were driving me crazy but I decided to wait an hour to see if she would come back home.


5:00 PM that day:

One impatient hour that seem like an eternity, sitting in what used to be her favorite chair by the door waiting for her to walk in and give me an explanation to all this mess that she was putting me through. As time ticked away there was no sign of her, so I decided to call the police. When the police arrived they said it didn’t seem to them as if someone had kidnapped her considering only her stuff was gone, but I explained to them that the door was open and she would never leave me like this. They said they would investigate and get back to me but they didn’t seem too worried about it, it was almost as if they didn’t believe me. When they left I stood in our living room just looking around taking in everything that was happening, something I would never imagine would happen.


7:00 PM that day:

Just as they left two cars showed up in my driveway, I wondered who it could be, just then I saw Mia’s sisters running towards my doorstep. They were very agitated and asked what was going on and I told them I wish I knew what was happening. They came in and we talked and I asked them if Mia had mentioned any reason why she would not want to be with me anymore, a tear ran down my face, I couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving me this way without an explanation.


Jan, 20:

At night I couldn’t sleep I laid on my bed with thoughts rushing through my mind what seemed like 80 mph while I looked at the moon in dark night but as I was looking, my neighbor Joseph was staring out his window watching me. I wondered how long he had been watching, when he saw me getting up he quickly closed his curtains and left. We had many neighbors in the front of our apartment because it was another apartment building, although there were many windows I recognized his face. Time seemed to be ticking away slowly but quickly, I don’t expect you to understand this, I don’t even understand myself.


Feb 21:

Today is Monday and I showed up to my wife’s job, she was a receptionist, I didn’t know what I would do I guess I just thought.. well maybe she’d show up to work and I would see her again and we’d ignore all of this, because I’ve now realized how much I truly appreciate her company. It was ten in the morning, she usually started working at eight, when I walked in her desk was empty. Suddenly I heard a discussion and someone whisper “There’s her husband, ask him!” with a very annoyed tone of voice.

They asked me where Mia was since she hadn't showed up to work in about a week, I explained to them that I had no idea and left.


Feb 25:

I’ve once again caught my neighbors spying on me I wish they’d leave me alone do they not realize how upset I am or what I am going through?

Feb 26:

The police have came to question me today, what is wrong with them? How could they possibly think that I had something to do with her disappearance.


March 2:

I was arrested March 28, the cops claim they have found evidence against me but I have done nothing bad and refused to say a word until I spoke to my lawyer.


March 6:

My jury was today and I was declared guilty of kidnapping Mia and torturing a man. The only evidence they found was one of my handkerchiefs that must have fell out of my pocket. I was sentenced to 23 years, when I get out of here I will be 80 years old.

Later that day:

I must confess to you after my lawyer said he was sorry that there was not much we could do.. I did it. I kidnapped Mia and her lover, yes her lover.. She had been cheating on me for 5 years now and our neighbors new it just as they that I had kidnapped her! I didn’t believe them at first but when they showed me a picture of them together I went crazy and decided to look for him. When I found him we got into a  fight and I hit him pretty bad and while he was unconscious I took him to an one of my brothers old houses that he no longer lived in and tied him up. When I went back home I thought of confronting Mia for what she did to me but that wouldn’t make her suffer since she no longer cared for me. I invited her for breakfast and told her it was a surprise and couldn't tell her where we were going. I took her to the same old house and she told me she was sorry but I couldn’t stand to here another word come out of her mouth so I tied her up and left them there. I went back to our apartment where I went on with the rest of my day and well you already know the story about what happened the next morning.


March 7:

All is said what else can I do, what can I do? But write in you, this diary is the only thing they've let me keep inside my cell.

Adan was found dead in his cell after other inmates and officers claim his last visit was from a woman named Mia that he talked a lot about.

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