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There once was a small village in a place called “The Middle of Nowhere”. There was very little commotion in the village. Or should I say used to have little commotion. To say what's going on right now there is a murderer going around town, leaving his mark with a knife. This has been going on for the past few weeks, and it’s time to end this. They gathered all of the murder suspects in one room to try and figure out who it was and try to bring justice.

“Okay court is in session. Settle down, I'm determined to find the murderer sometime today!” Barked the court official.

“Let's recap on who we have to try and figure out who the murderer is. We have Justin, Ryan, Henry, Jessica, and Justin[a different one]. Ryan[me] is suspected because he was found with his brother(Alex) dead next to himself, with a bloody knife. Henry is suspected because most of the murder victims are not white and he’s made it infinitely clear before that he’s a white supremacist. Both Justin's are suspected because they've been seen in alleyways and shady areas doing some shady things that lead people to believe they're congregating to think that those two are the murderer. Jessica is suspected because…. I don't really know why people just think it's her.”

The court official said in a very loud commanding voice. I don't know what other people wrote but I wrote that I thought the Justin's did it. Jessica seems innocent and the reasons for Henry I don't find that convincing.
“Okay everybody turn in your slips” Said the court official. Once we did it he said the Justin’s tallied the most votes and they would be tried. They started complaining and saying they swear it wasn’t them, while other people argued with them. In the middle of all the commotion ,the people failed to notice the door opening. I went to check it out, and saw nothing.

“That’s strange” I thought. The door was locked, how was it opened from the outside. I went to tell the court official.

“Okay, someone unlocked the door, who was it! This is a serious issue, someone was trying to escape by unlocking the door and running out. “But that makes no sense”, Jessica chimed in. “the door is locked by a key which none of us have so we couldn’t escape, and none of us have any skills in being a locksmith.”

“So what you’re saying is that none of us are the murderer! That’s ridiculous the people here are the only suspects” said the court official. Jessica interjected, “That’s my point. A good murderer would frame others, or make them think they didn’t do it. And by that we’re the suspects. The door couldn’t have opened itself, it’s not possible. The murderer screwed up and gave a lead on who it is. It has to be a locksmith”.

“But what would the motive be to open our door?” asked the Justins. “They would want to know what we we’re thinking about, or if we’ve gained a lead on him. It’s the only logical explanation.” I said. For the first time Henry spoke, “ no it wouldn’t be a locksmith. That attempt at spying on us would be way too blatant.”

“Then what do you want me to do!” yelled the court official. Right at that moment the door flew open and a masked person holding a blood-stained machete. “What I want you to do is end this meeting. End this discussion. End everything about this.”, the mysterious person demanded.”And why should we listen to you?”, one of the Justins rebutted. “Well if you don’t, say goodbye to your lives.”, the person said while grabbing Justin. K. “I’m calling the cops!”, shouted the court official. “Idiot! Why would you say that!” I shouted, then without hesitation The murderer stabbed Justin. K through his stomach and then lunged and sliced the court official in half and both fell to the ground. “So… who’s next!”, said the still unknown masked man while laughing maniacally. Slowly and steadily he walked toward the rest of us. We were frozen. We felt helpless. However, as if by miracle Justin. K rose and ripped the mask of the murderer off, and then got his neck sliced off. His body fell to the floor. Blood was going everywhere. “Wait a second…” I murmured, “Alex?”.”Yes, it’s me. I’m the murderer big shocker.”, he screamed. “But why. Aren’t you dead!Why are you going around killing so many people?”. I said. “Do you want to know why. Do you really think I was dead, I faked my death! And why I’m killing people? It’s because of -”, he stopped talking. Right as he was about to finish explaining the remaining Justin shot Alex through the head with a bullet. He dropped dead next to Justin. K. “That’s what you get for killing my best friend…” Justin said in a glum demeanor.. We all just stared at what he had done in shock, but at the same time glad it was all over.

“So… what now?” asked Jessica. “I don’t know. I really don’t know…” I said in response. “What we do is clean up the bodies and not tell anybody about this. The people will forget about the murderer is no further murders occur, Just act like we were never here. It’ll be our secret.” Justin said through tears. After that everyone just went quiet. “Let’s just get to cleaning up. I don’t need to see any more gore and carcasses” said Henry ruining our moment of silence.

We did start the cleanup process and we did finish it. But I still haven’t forgotten what led to all of it, why we even had a meeting. It was because of Alex.

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