Glowing Green Eyes

May 29, 2017
By elinorgoehring GOLD, Clancy, Montana
elinorgoehring GOLD, Clancy, Montana
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And suddenly I find myself alone in this house, this mansion. There are still rooms yet to be explored, at least by me. I grab my bag and gather all the things I need for exploring the deserted, empty rooms. In my bag I put a flashlight, a notebook, a video camera, a digital recorder, and extra batteries.
I start off by going upstairs to the loft. I didn’t think that the loft itself was haunted, but there was one room where I sensed something strange, something evil. As I enter this room shivers crawl down my spine. The room consists of a mattress on the floor with an old, dirty quilt draped over it, (obviously handmade), and an old art easel with an empty canvas and red splatters all over it. Hoping that it is just paint, I decide to set up my digital recorder in this room.
Next I go down two flights of stairs to the basement. Believe it or not, this is the least creepy part of the house. Or is it? I look around, checking every nook and cranny. I check every spare bedroom, every bathroom, every closet. I find nothing, so I start to go up the stairs to the main floor, but something stops me. Some unseen force is pulling me back down to the basement. I stand there in awe, letting the presence lead me back to the main room of the basement. I want to ask the spirit questions, but I cannot so much as open my mouth. Then, it stops. I feel as if a huge burden is lifted off of my conscience. My legs go limp, and I fall to the ground. As I try to stand up, I notice that I had fallen on an antique rug. I realize that this must be the reason the spirit had brought me back to the basement. I peel back the rug, and immediately I regain the ability to stand. I do so, and grab my video camera out of my bag. For there, under the rug, is a trapdoor. 
I press record as I open the trapdoor to reveal a rather long set of stairs. I start to descend. It is then that I realize that there is no light except for a faint greenish glow coming from the end of what appears to be a long corridor. I take out my flashlight, but the presence weighs down on me once again, forcing me to put the flashlight back in my bag. I shiver as I turn on the flashlight on my video camera. Suddenly my camera flies out of my hands and crashes to the floor. I can no longer hear and I collapse, helpless and alone. I can still see everything that is happening, but my body is completely paralyzed. I watch in horror as a cross comes into view, and next I see two bright green glowing eyes slowly coming towards me. I try to scream, but no sound escapes my lips. Suddenly the face that the green eyes belong to materializes, and I see a pale, cracked face in front of mine. I feel as if I’m being strangled, then everything fades out of sight, as I black out.

The author's comments:

Last summer, my family went to Idaho for my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. We all stayed in this big log cabin, and I was convinced that it was haunted. There was a room up on the loft like the one in the story, but there was no ghost in the house. (At least not one that I know of.) I hope you like the story!

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