Will you Listen?

June 2, 2017
By Syd.Koenig SILVER, Telford, Pennsylvania
Syd.Koenig SILVER, Telford, Pennsylvania
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I think it’s a funny thing, you listening to me. No one listens to me. If you’re processing the meaningless words on this page, then you’re listening. So that means I can say anything and you would have to listen. But then again you could stop reading at any point. Maybe you already stopped reading, but if you stopped reading then you wouldn’t have known I knew you stopped. If you made it this far, then that either means you’re going to read the whole thing or maybe you just read a bit more to prove a point. Either way, while I have your attention, I’m going to talk about some things I think about, but first let me introduce myself briefly.
My name is not necessary for what I’m going to say, but if you need one for me then make one up. I grew up in a small, unknown town, so small you could travel fifteen minutes in any direction and no one would know how to get back to my town. I didn’t grow up in poverty or aristocracy, but in a slightly poorer middle. I am and never was a believer in things that cannot be seen or proven. I’ve never believed in a God, not even when I was forced into church on Sundays and Bible groups three other days of the week. Those times were not enjoyable by any means for an atheist, such as myself.
I also never believed in fate or a giant plan for mankind. I’ve always believed that nothing is promised and things will not just work out one day. The smallest detail change in the same scenario replayed twice will change the future drastically, forever. The first person I ever truly loved told me, when they broke up with me, that fate would bring us back together if we’re meant to be. They could have slapped me in the face and it probably would have hurt less. At the time, of course, I believed they were the only one for me. They were my soulmate, right? Of course not. The concept of soulmates puts the necessary need for love on an unreachable pedestal. There are far too many people on Earth for anyone to find their one and only soulmate. It’s impossible. If I ever do meet someone that makes me as happy and whole as the person in my first true relationship did, I may believe in soulmates and fate again. But then again, fate only seems like fate when you’re looking backwards. You could say your parents meeting was fate because they conceived you, but, of course, it wasn’t fate. Everything happens by coincidence and you, just like everyone else of the human race, are just products of coincidence. You’re just like everyone on this planet now, in the past, and in the future; one day you don’t exist and then you suddenly do, and then one day it will be the opposite.
Death is inevitable. There never will be a generation one day that doesn't have to die. Everything dies eventually, but some things just have longer or shorter lifetimes compared humans. As I am writing this let's say that 70 years is the average life expectancy for humans on earth. As time progresses that number may go up gradually with cures for diseases and better healthcare, but we will never live forever. One day, you will die, everyone alive with you will die, and people who are born after your death will die. One day your name and existence will be forgotten just like the millions of people before you. Maybe you'll do something great so you'll be remembered longer, but nothing is remembered forever. Nothing is forever.
That's all about me you need to know for now.
Maybe you'll find out more. I don't know, I haven't planned this out.

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