The Basement Celler

June 2, 2017
By MarvelousMikey BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
MarvelousMikey BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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One day a boy named Tim was walking home with a backpack on a night where the leaves were scattered all over the ground. He got home to his house he realized his parents weren't home, so he went to the phone and dialed his mom's cellphone. She didn't answer so his face starting to get concerned, he went to the couch and started to think where she could be. She could be at the store, maybe stuck in traffic, or maybe her car broke down. Hours upon Hours went by and she still hasn't come home so he decided he wanted dinner. He went down the creaky stairs to the seller and got and got himself a box of Kraft® mac and cheese, as he did that he saw a light coming from the back of the seller.
He realized it was coming through the wall and there wasn't a door to that room so he got a flashlight. He started to poke the wall and kick around and somehow he hit a part in the wall and a door opened up. He saw a secret hallway with spider webs on both sides of it. Blinding and then flickering the light was became brighter and brighter, then he heard the sound of a man yelping in pain, hearing the sound of death. He looked to the left and there was a switch which he quickly hit and the door opened up. He quickly looked in and he looked to see his mother tied up in a chair, he quickly ran up to her and got her out. She said there is a man in the house we need to get quickly so they ran down the hall at the end they were ready to run out of the hallway and he popped out.
They both screamed in unison they were so shocked they quickly ran right back into the room where the light came from and shut the door. They both were so shocked and thinking they were going to die when holding the door shut. They started to panic thinking what are we going to do, they started to think of different ideas. As soon as they started Tim thought of a brilliant idea he remembered that he had his phone in his pocket.
He quickly dialed 911 when they picked up the phone they said “911, what is your emergency?”
“We are stuck in the seller and their is a man in our house and we don't know if he has any weapons.”
“Ok we need you to stay calm!! We will pinpoint your address. We are sending the police right now they are on their way.”
While they were waiting the for the cops Tim asks his mom “How come you haven't told me about this room before?”
“I didn't want to because this room is only for emergencies and I didn't think you were old enough.”
“Mom I am 15 I think I am old enough”.
While they were talking they heard the cops walking upstairs. At least they thought that it was the cops, then they heard the same footsteps coming down the creaky stairs towards the seller. The footsteps kept getting louder and louder, the footsteps were coming down the hallway and the sound finally stopped. Then the person said “Police!” In an aggravated tone, and they finally opened up the door thinking that they were safe. They didn't know who was behind the door.
The door swung open and it was the cops they said “We found the man upstairs looking through the kitchen.”
“Thank you so much I wonder why he can into the house in the first place.”
“He figured out that you have a chest full of money and gold down stairs in your seller, which is probably the reason he came into the house.”
“You should probably bring this chest to the gold dealer because it is probably worth a lot of money considering that it looks fairly old.” The police said with interest on the matter.
“Thank you so much I don't know what I would have done without you.” She said thankfully.
“Mrs baker any time if it wasn't for your son I don't think we would have had the same outcome.”

The author's comments:

I am 14 years old and go to Wellesley middle school I Play golf and basketball.

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