Killer Name

May 26, 2017
By moon.trash BRONZE, Hayward, California
moon.trash BRONZE, Hayward, California
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Diana was how his mother called him. He was born and she cried and then decided that Diana would be a proper name for him. She ensured that everyone called him that name. But that was not his real name and he was not her daughter. Days and days passed and she'd buy him wigs and dresses and paint his nails and buy him heels. She desperately wanted him to be her daughter. He rebelled as much as he could. Cut the wigs short. Dirtied his dresses with stains. Broke the heels. Bit his nails. Anything and everything he could do. He began to abduct young girls to distract his mother with. Abduct and kill. And when his mother died in an "accident", he ran away. The investigators found the cadavers pf the missing girls and searched with no luck for a Diana Kingsley. But that was not his real name.

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