Our Lies

May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

“I didn’t see that coming.” John shouted as he ran towards the car with the groceries in his hands.
Sarah, looking annoyed as she sat inside the car with her arms folded, yelled, “Just get in the car already we’re going to be late for the party! You know how impatient my parents are.”

John rushed inside the car and started driving to her parents’ house for the family Thanksgiving dinner.

“Sorry I took so long. I didn’t realize that so much time went by. At least I remembered to get the groceries you asked for.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just remember to not act out while we’re there. My parents already disapprove of us enough.” Sarah reminded John as they pulled up to the driveway.

“Of course, of course. I’ll be the best son-in-law they ever had.”

As Sarah’s mom opened the door, John blurted out, “Hey there Tae! It’s nice seeing you. Don’t mind if I come in.”

“Oh dear.” Sarah sighed as they entered the house. “John you forgot to take off your shoes.”

“Yeah, yeah. But where’s the food? I’m starving!” John urged as he found his way to the dining room.

Serving himself before anyone else had a chance to, John yelled, “Wow this looks amazing! You did a great job Tae!”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Sarah’s father muttered as he glared at John with a disapproving gaze.
“I was just serving myself some of this good-looking food your wife made here. I really appreciate you inviting us over.”

“What makes you think I wanted you to come? You bring such a disgrace to my family. You have no respect.”
“Excuse me, Eun. I am trying my best here to be as polite as possible, but every little thing I do is always wrong in your eyes.”

“How dare you talk back! Why did I ever let my daughter be with a low-life like you!”

“Dad that’s enough! Can we just have a quiet dinner for once?” Sarah pleaded.

“You know what. I’ve had enough. I’m not even wanted here.”

“John! Wait! Come back here!” Sarah shrieked as she ran after him out the door. “You can’t just leave like this.”

“If you’re not going to get in, I’m leaving without you.”

“Okay fine calm down. I’ll go with you.” Sarah muttered as she got into the car.

  “How could you talk to my dad like that.”

“Oh… so you think it’s my fault?!”

“Well, yes! Don’t you understand? I know we have many differences but can’t you for once make an effort to change?”

“Change? No matter how hard I try your parents are never satisfied. I’ve given up so much of my life to make this work but nothing satisfies them.”

“Stop blaming all your mistakes on my parents. You never do anything right. You always go out drinking with your friends and I’m always the one who ends up cleaning your mess.”

“That’s cause I can’t stand this! I feel like I’m suffocating trying to be perfect to please you and your parents. You’ve been so frustrating and uptight lately. Whenever I try to ask you what’s wrong, you push me away.”
“You wouldn’t understand, especially what happened that one night.”

“It was just a mistake! It’s in the past now, can’t you just forget about it?”

“It’s not something that I can forget easily. She was my best friend!”

There was silence. As Sarah looked out the window, snowflakes fell onto the asphalt.

“Can’t things just go back to the way it was?” John pleaded.

“How could you even do something like that? You pretend like everything is okay, but you’re always out drinking at night as if you’re trying to forget.”

“I told you it’s because I can’t stand the pressure.”

“The pressure from me or the pressure of being someone else’s father?”

“I-I-” John stuttered as he tried to find the right words to say.

“Do you honestly think I’m that stupid? Did you really think I would never find out? I tried to wait for you to tell me but here we are and you’re still such a coward!”

The snowfall fell even harder as they entered the bridge above the river.

“If you knew already, then why didn’t you just say it? You would’ve been less stressed.” John whispered under his breath.

“You insensitive piece of trash! Why did I even marry you?! My life is miserable all because of you! You’re the worst thing that has ever happened to me!”

“I’m done with you! Did you even stop to think why I even did that?”

“Are you serious right now? Every single day a million thoughts rush through my head. I tried to forgive you but every time I saw her damn face, I’m reminded of what you’ve done.”

Pressing down on the gas even more John stormed, “I get itI I’m not perfect!” The violent winds blew the snow in every direction, covering the windshield of the car.

“Everyday you go on and on about every little thing I need to change and one night I just had enough,” John continued.

“Are you really trying to defend yourself right now?! This is what I mean! You always have to make an argument for yourself even after doing something you know that’s wrong!”

The lines of the road blurred as John drove faster towards the end of the bridge.

“If you’re never going to forgive me then what’s the point of us. I’m tired--”

The glaring lights came straight at them and the blaring sound rang out as Sarah jerked John’s steering wheel to avoid collision. 

John abruptly slammed on the brakes, and they skidded across the edge of the bridge with the front of their car barely over the water.

“I-I didn’t see that coming.”

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