Don't Blink

May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

Why has this happend? Why can't anything go right in my life? I just want to be normal... These are one of the many questions that Emily thinks of right befor her grave mistake. After a childhood of being bullied and alone, what will Emily do to survive?

Chapter 1: The End

It has been a while since nightfall, it might even be morning. I wouldn’t know either way, since my windows are covered by blinds. I guess it wasn’t a good Idea to take cover in a small drawing room. But I can’t think of that now. I need to focus.
Hmm, maybe It’s not even coming...let me just check. CcrreeaaaAAaak. I really need to fix that creaky door. Holy cow, that hallway sure looks dark. Why did my parents have to leave for the weekend? They know that I can barely order a sandwich from Subway, let alone buy groceries-.........what was that? Maybe it’s just my imagination. At least I hope that was my imagination. You know what, maybe this is all just a dream. A stupid, silly dream. Yup, that would explain it. Maybe i'm not even being chased by a horrid monster, who may just bite of my head at any moment, not like I would know if it even COULD bite (I never did see the mouth on that thing). If only I could call a friend… if I even HAD a friend. Everyone always thought of me as the weird kid. The dork. The geek. The nerd. It didn’t help when when classmates would find my demonic drawings. Then they would start calling me an emo. At one point, someone even said I murdered my parents…. With a spoon. Vicious, huh? I still don’t get how people were even able to believe that. Despite the rumors, I didn’t really care for what they had to say. I never had a friend befor, so I was kind of used to being left alone. A few weeks back, I found a cool looking pattern on the on the Internet. It looked like a symbol used for some sort of dark ritual, resembling something like a crow. I decided to copy it so I could use it as a cover for my new notebook. Later that night, I lay in bed and was having trouble falling asleep. So I turned over in my bed to take one last glance at the notebook. In the darkness, the pattern almost illuminated with power, comforting me, and bringing sleep to my eyes. At the brink of sleep, I saw IT. IT was staring at me, with it big, red, pulsing eyes. A feeling of dread overcame my body, as I struggled to remember that it was a mere dream. When I was finally able to open my eyes, I decided to look back at my notebook lying on my desk, since It was one of the only things that could comfort me. So slowly I turned over, still half asleep, when again I saw 2 pulsing red orbs. I froze, staring at IT’s eyes as my breath was taken out of me. I wished IT to go away. Nothing happened. I kept staring  at It as IT started at me, and after what seemed like forever, IT pounced on me. I closed my eyes out of reflex, and saw my life flash in front of me (and what an uneventful life it was). That’s it! The pattern I copied! My notebook was the answer to getting rid of this mess. All I have to do is destroy the patte-Oh no….I see it. Oh god no. You just have to close the door Emily...just...close….the….door. SLAM. There, I closed the door. Great job me. Oh how I hope that was just my imagination.  “E  e ..mMmm….L…  .   Ly” IT whispered to me through the door (guess it wasn’t my imagination). “D.d...d..   …. .ooOo..  . . n’t ..” IT continued, apparently reading the plan I had just put together in my mind. No, I shook my head. I have to get rid of IT now. I quickly scanned my room, desperately trying to find my notebook when a sinking feeling punched me in the gut. I would have to let go of the door. And if I let go of the door, It can get me… It can kill me.  I only had one chance. One shot to get it. One shot to do this right. I took in a deep breath, tightened the grip around my pocket knife, and ran. I grabbed the notebook, hearing the door slam open just as I pierced the book with my the knife.
“Ww...r..  on...Gg   Bb..ooO….  Kk”




* I think you need to blink

The author's comments:

This peice relates to me because of how funny and creepy it is at the same time. She is about my age (a little older) but she still acts younger. She also ikes to draw, just like me, and finds comfort while drawing. 

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