Twisted Red Riding Hood

May 25, 2017
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There once was a young girl who went by the name "Little Red Riding Hood." No one is exactly sure where she got the name from but everyone knew of her. She wasn't a normal girl like you would think. She was sick in the mind. She lives in a cabin deep in the woods far away from everyone with her wolf. Some say she lost her mind years ago. Some say she just wants to kill. Her poor sweet grandmother use to live in a cabin deep into the woods. The same cabin that Little Red has taken over. Except the grandmother isn't around anymore. They say Reds mother sent her with a basket of sweets to take to her grandmother. But she did more then just "deliever sweets." She slaughtered her grandmother while she was sleeping. Stabbed her 47 times in her chest. She left her name cut into her grandmothers skin so everyone knew who was the true killer. To add on to that chunks were missing from her. Murdered then left as a snack to be torn apart and delt with. Cops said it was a horrible scene. The worst they have ever seen around their little town or even the entire state. Blood was everywhere. Her grandmothers blood painted the room and floor. It was a horrifying scene to clean up. Little Reds mother was devastated. She couldn't believe her sweet innocent Little Red Riding Hood was capable of doing such a terrible thing. She had no clue where her daughter could be or why she did what she did. A few hours after the cops left the scene a patrol cop came along to see a young girl holding a long kitchen knife dripping in blood with her red hood up. He stopped and asked if the young girl was okay and as she turned around his jaw dropped to the sight of the young girls face and clothing. Blood covered her clothes and face. She looked at him with a grin and laughed. He told her to put the knife down and put her hands up and stepped out of the car. Not even a gun to the face striked fear into her heart. She dropped the knife and laughed and said ever so calm "turn around." At that exact moment the cops throat was ripped out. He was left there to stay. Little Red and the big bad wolf walked away. Little Red humming a shivering tune. Now they say she lives deep in the dark woods feared by everyone in the town.

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