The tests

May 25, 2017
By , Sturgis, SD

         I had no idea where I was or what to think. My mind was almost lost. It was cold and           I didn’t want to get up or look at anything. My head hurt a lot. I stayed there and didn’t get up for a long time. But after a while I needed food and water. I opened my eyes and light was so bright. It felt as though I hadn’t seen light in years.
      I was in the middle of a pasture that was shaped in a circle with trees surrounding it. I    stood up and there was no one around. I was laying on top of a metal like floor that was just big enough to hold my body. I was so confused about where I was. I couldn’t remember where I had been or how I got there either. All I could remember was that I had been lying there for a while.
      I walked into a part of the trees to go try to find where I was. I walked a few hundred feet to find an opening. I started running and broke through the branches of the trees to find myself next to the ocean. There was nothing but water around there, and I came to the realization that I was on an island. I tried to keep walking to try to see if I was all alone or if I there was a way to get off the island. But after a while of not finding anything, I needed to get away from the sun.
      I was so hungry and was in desperate need of water. I was so dehydrated my whole body felt weak and I wasn’t able to get back up. I fell asleep under a tree and woke up to the same thing. I thought it was all a dream, or wished it was. I walked back to the metal platform to try to look for a new direction to go. So I went the opposite direction then what I went the day before. So I went and the trees were much thicker and went a lot further than the other side.
     Once I was finally able to break through the trees I found where I was at. I was surrounded by another set of trees just like the other circle. But in the middle was a lake. On the far end of the lake was a cabin.  I wanted to go over there to see what was happening . So I started to run.
   I wasn’t looking where I was going, just kept my head up. That was when I ran into a problem. I got my foot stuck in a type of quick sand. Sadly it was just my back foot so I was still trying to go with my front foot. It was almost like I tripped over air. The front of my body fell first, and I couldn’t get up.
   I don’t know why but I thought it would be a good idea to try to push myself up with my arms. I soon found out that wasn’t going to work very well because I just set myself even deeper. I began to panic even more than I was before. I could feel my heartbeat throughout my whole body. I had no idea what to do.
    I calmed myself down and tried to think of something I could do before it was too late. I didn’t have much time as is but I had to try something, I couldn’t just let myself sit there and die and not try to help myself get out of that situation. The first thing was I had to calm myself down, because freaking out and moving a lot would just make myself go down even more. I just sat and thought about what I should do next.
   I remembered I had watched a movie with someone in a situation I was in. I remembered they sat as still as possible and moved very little. I had to try to find the edge of the sand and find ground. I tried swimming, but that didn’t work. Then I tried to jump which didn’t work either. Then I thought to try to back stroke, which did work.
   I made sure to kick my feet as fast as I could and swing my arms back at the same speed. I finally was able to see the light. Then I hit the edge. I tried to grab it, but couldn’t.  So I tried to keep swimming.
   When I was finally able to grab it I kicked my legs at medium speed. I used all my strength in my arms to get up. I pushed and pushed and finally broke through, and found myself in a chair with many wires attached to my body. I was so confused on what was happening and why I wasn’t in the forest anymore.  The man next to me with a clipboard grabbed my shoulder and told me I had passed the first test.
   He helped me get up and took off all my wires. My head felt numb, I had so many different thoughts in my head. I was completely lost. I had no idea why I was there, being tested. My legs were sore, it was almost as if I was actually in the quicksand and was actually trying to get out. I knew that was crazy though because I was hooked to wires and saw the monitors.
  He opened the door and there she was. She made me cringe, with her narcissistic face. I despised my mother. She was so incredibly selfish and only gave a s*** about her boyfriend and herself. She looked up from her phone, groaned, gave a slight eye roll and continued to walk to the doorway.
   I followed her to the car and she didn’t speak to me, per usual. I was hungry but knew better than saying anything. When we got home, Craig, her boyfriend, was smoking in a chair on the porch. His piercing eyes glared at me, as he was telling me all the kids were hungry. I sighed as I walked to into the house to the kitchen. I felt more as a mother than a sister to my siblings because of my worthless parents.
   My mother was never home; she was always at the casino spending every cent we had, while her boyfriend slept in her room or on the couch and spent most of his time at the bar down the street. I spent all of my free time at work and all the rest of my time taking care of my four younger siblings. I never really had a real teenager life, I spent my whole life taking care of them. I was always working and trying my best to try to make sure we had enough to pay the bills and clothes and food and everything we needed. My dad had left us when I was ten, and I haven’t heard or seen him since.
   I went to the kitchen and washed all the dishes in the sink. I put some noodles into the boiling water and put in the mac n cheese mix. I called all the kids to come eat with a very tired voice. I was so extremely tired. Blake, my youngest brother, had a new big bruise under his left eye. I asked what he did, but he wouldn’t talk. I looked at Carl, my brother closest to my age, and he shrugged his shoulders. I took there dishes and made them go to bed.
   I sat on the couch to try to do some homework, but my sisters wouldn’t quit screaming at each other, like usual. I walked into their room, told them to get to bed and slammed the door. I grabbed my headphones and put on some relaxing music but turned it all the way up, trying to be able to ignore everything going on. I got about two papers finished before I fell asleep. I woke up at 1 and went back to my room.
   The next morning, I woke up at 5 to make sure I could shower before the hot water runs out. I got some clothes on and went downstairs to get everyone’s breakfast ready and pack lunches.
I heard everyone start getting up soon after, and before I knew it, they were all eating and I had forgotten to wake my mom up. I went into to try to wake her but she didn’t move so I left her for later. I helped the girls get dressed and made sure everyone brushed their hair and teeth.
   Once everyone was ready, I rushed them out to the car. I went into my mom’s room trying yet again, but still got the same result. Craig was no where around but I didn’t worry about it. I drove everyone to school and went to English 11. I had already finished my story on paranormal realities, so I started to try to get finished on my algebra 2 homework from the Friday before.
     I went into my physics class and I had a sharp pain hit again. This pain I knew I had felt before, and I didn’t know why I had felt it before. I tried to ignore the pain but it felt as if it was impossible to do. It kept coming back worse and worse. I couldn’t focus during class and I had such a bad headache and I was starting to not be able to see right out of my eyes. I didn’t know what to do other than just try to push through the pain and keep going throughout my day as I usually would.
    The bell rang and I got up, grabbed my things, and headed out the door. The pain was so sharp it felt as if everything in my body had almost shut down. I woke up in the chair in the room again. I was super confused again, and I had no idea how I got there or why I was there. I looked over and saw a man in the corner of the room watching a monitor where all my wires were attached to.
   I tried to scream but nothing was coming out. I was incredibly scared and had no idea what to do. My mind was telling me I was talking but nothing was really coming out. I just wanted to ask why I was there, or if there was something wrong with me, I just wanted some answers. But I continued to keep struggling and couldn’t get anything to come out. I was so confused and still had no idea what was going on.
   He then turned around and walked over to me with a cup in his hand. He moved his arm toward me and told me to drink it. I was hesitant at first but from the look on his face I knew I had to. It had such a terribly bitter taste and it made me very dizzy. I soon fell asleep and fell into a weird daze. I woke up inside a wooden looking room. The air was almost damp and somewhat misty.
   Again I had no idea where I was, but I was still very tired. The room was dark, and I was not knowing what was happening yet again so I fell asleep. I woke up to  bright sunlight shining through cracks within the walls of the room. I felt as if I had so much energy within me and my head felt very empty and needing something, yet I didn’t quite know what yet. I had a craving for energy.
  I just got up with excitement and energy and looked out some of the cracks within the wooden room. I looked out to find myself in a forest surrounded completely by trees. But this was different, I felt as if I was up in the mountains. It was a new sort of world that I have never imagined before. I felt as if I was free from everything.
   There was a trail when I opened the door of the room. The weather outside was perfect. The trees were a new kind of beautiful. The views were truly unimaginable; I have never seen anything like it ever in my life.  I literally felt as if I was in heaven. I felt so free.
  I forgot about everything I had been worrying about. I walked down the trail to see so many amazing parts of nature that I’ve never seen before. At the end of the trail was a waterfall with trees that had fruits growing on them, and plants with vegetables growing off of them. I found a basket to put the food into and headed back up to where I started. I fell asleep back in the spot I fell asleep from the start.
   I woke up dizzy back laying in the chair with more wires on me again. I was sweating really bad too. This time there were two people over at the computer looking at the screen and writing things on the clipboard again. The woman looked back and brought me over a glass of water. I tried to ask something, but nothing was coming out again.
  I tried to get up, but she told me I had more tests to do and it shouldn’t take too much longer. I was still super confused on why I was there. But I couldn’t talk and had no idea why of that as well.  I just wanted some answers. I was also really hungry.
  Eventually the women came in a brought me a tray with some food. I ate it really quickly and got the hiccups. She took my tray and left the room, then later came in with something folded in her hand and another glass of something to drink but it was tinted blue. She handed it to me and gave me two pills and told me to swallow them. The drink smelled really bad but made me fall asleep again super quick.
I woke up in a class this time. The teacher was yelling my name and I had no idea what was going on because I had just been asleep.  Everyone around me was laughing. I was again super confused and wondering what I was doing there. But yet again still no one was there to tell me.
  I didn’t know if I was in a dream and everything that kept happening was all fake. Every time I woke up after it though, it all came back and made everything feel so real. But I kept wondering why I always kept ending back up in a chair with wires attached to my body and someone in a corner looking at a screen writing things on a clipboard and not being able to hear or answer anything I ask. I just went with what everyone around me was doing. I had no idea what to do in this.
   This setup I had no idea who anyone was and was at a school I had never even heard of and had no idea what I was doing or where I was supposed to be going. A girl walked up to me acting like we were best friends. So I went along with it and just carried on the conversation as we walked to a class she led me into and we sat at a table next to each other. I figured we were friends and I was supposed to be there since she didn’t say anything about me being there. We began reading out of a book and filling out the answers on a paper that the teacher had given out to everyone.
   We then turned in our work and went into the library. We were sort of quiet but I went along with whatever she was doing. She pulled out some work in her bag so I though to do the same.
  Then we heard a loud scream come from the hall. We both turned toward that direction.
Suddenly there were students come in running through both sides of the doors. Everyone looked as if they were in a panic. But none of us that were originally in there had any recollection of what was happening.
  Then a girl yelled to hide to all of us. The girl I was with pulled me to come with her to try to hide under the desk. Many of the other students were doing it as well. Then we saw others getting up to go get behind the shelf’s where all the books were at. I asked if we should do that but she shook her head.
   We still had no idea what was happening, we just knew it had to be bad since everyone was in such a panic. I looked around to see many scared faces. I tried to see if anyone was showing or hinting at what had happen to have us all needing to be hiding in such a hurry but didn’t see anything.  Then we heard a gunshot. And then many more screams.
   I started to panic in my head and a lot of the kids in there were all screaming and crying. Others were trying to get them to be quiet and tried to calm them down but it didn’t really work out all that well. My friend had started to freak out too. She was looking around everywhere in a panic with a frightened look on her face. But I didn’t know what to say so I kept to myself.
  Then we saw a group of boys all dressed in black. Two of the four had guns in their hands. Screams began coming from every direction of the room. I really started to panic then. My friend did as well.
   Then they started shooting at the ceiling and it shut everyone up. Other than the faint cries coming from most of the people in the room. Everyone was so scared and none of us had no idea what to do next. We all just kept looking at everyone with tears in our eyes with confusion. No one knew what was going to happen next or what we should do next.
   Then out of nowhere they both split up. And began to randomly start shooting. Everyone began to get up and try to start running but anyone that attempted got shot. Almost everyone tried to get up and move from their spots but a lot got shot for that too. I started to panic.
   My friend looked at me with fear in her eyes. I asked what to do and she just looked confused and shook her head. She then took my hand and tried to lead me to come with her in the direction of a door. I hesitated because everyone that was moving was getting shot. But I got up and ran behind her.
  We passed a bookcase and she fell. Then I heard a gunshot and ran to hide. I was so scared and she didn’t get up and follow after she fell. I turned the corner to try to find her and saw blood coming out of her head. I had a huge amount of adrenaline go through my body. I was completely in shock.
   I fell down and hit my head hard and then heard another shot. I didn’t know if I had got shot but I had that bad sharp pain in my head. I wanted this all to be a dream and just got home. But I didn’t know what was my home at that point. I had no idea about anything anymore. I just wanted some answers for once instead of continuing to be ignored.
   Everything began to become blurry. I had a headache, but my mind seemed to be in a  fog. I was very dizzy and had no idea what was happening. I didn’t know if this was dying or falling back into reality and going back into the chair. All I knew was I couldn’t get up because my head was in a cloud and I couldn’t control any of my thoughts anymore.  I was just lost.
  I woke up to the two people looking at me both holding their clipboards again. I looked at them with annoyance and a lot of confusion but also fear and sadness in my eyes. The women started taking out the wires on my arms legs and face while the man took out the IV and the wraps holding my arms and legs down. The monitor in the background was turned off along with all the other machines. Their clipboards were also completely filled out with information, and I had no idea what it said or meant. I didn’t want to ask anything because of them not being able to hear me because nothing was coming out the past times I have tried.
  The women then looked at me and smiled. She told me I did very well and had been through all the tests and it was over. She said I would get my results back in some couple days. I was so confused. I looked at her and asked what the tests were for. She looked at the man and he looked back at her with a scarce look. She looked back down and she told me I was being tested to train to see what would be best fitted for my future.

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