May 25, 2017
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I wake up with a startle with no memory of who or where I am. My arms and legs are frozen, stuck, unable to move. I start to panic I don't have any memory of anything only darkness. I try to scream to see if anyone's around but the words are trapped, like concrete in my throat. I use the only strength I have in my muscles but the only movement I can control are my eyes. I fling them open and I look around rapidly but everything is dark, the only shapes I can make out are bricks nothing else is visible. I suddenly  hear screaming, but the words are mumbled. I can’t perceive the shouted words or spot the owner of them. The shrill begin to become distant as if it were moving farther and farther away. Abruptly a blinding bright light flashes causing my eyes to immediately slam shut. A shrieking loud hum starts but doesn't finish.

After what seems like hours the shrill stops but only to start a violent ring pounding in my ears, franticly pulverising everything in it's path to get out. Abruptly there is a nasty sharp pain in my upper arm and the world starts to spin. As I drift off I hear sinister, threatening guffaw.

I force my heavy eyes to open and try my hardest to move. It is now as light as midday. Surprisingly I succeed. I sit up right and absorb my surrounding. Bricks, blacked out windows and more bricks. No doors or escape hatches. I try my best to stand up and find myself back on the floor with a deep gash down my leg and most likely bruises up and down the left side off my body.
I look down at my clothes to see if there’s anything I can take off to encage my wound, but it’s freezing and I’m only wearing a thin T-Shirt and denim shorts. Instead I compress it with my hands and continue searching for an escape.

I start to become aware again when footsteps approach. I thrust upawrds to meet a massive head rush and a plunder back down to my original position. I exam the room again and I’ve moved. I am now in what seems to be an old padded cell in a mental institution. My wound is now covered in a bandage and a I have a brown fluffy jacket. The footsteps stop and there is an intense creaking commotion. Straight in front of me a gigantic bulgy door exposes what’s waiting just outside this dirty, aged cushion cell. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! Nothing but a glow flits around the room. Encircling me. Acting like it’s examining me just like I have done with the 2 filthy cages I’ve had to stay in. It suddenly stops and the soft glow intensifies and there is a dull ache radiating all over my body.

A quick earsplitting screech pierces my ears and echo’s through my brain. Whatever the luminance is, comes closer. And fast.

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