The Intruder

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Whoosh! HEEheeheeheeheehee! Is all I hear as a shadow flickers around my room. I'm tucked in bed and it's midnight on Halloween. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The shadows are moving faster than ever. HEEheeheeheeheehee! The words 'you will perish, perish, perish' are replaying over and over as this is happening. Firstly I think it's just a dream then the growling and shaking starts. It's just like an earthquake but it's only my room that's shaking. CRACK! Outside black storm clouds roll in from the east and form a circle above my house. BOOM! CRACK! A lightning bolt comes crashing down on the house oddly causing the walls of my room to be imprinted with its electric flash. As soon as it's gone a strange shrieking sound pounds on my eardrums and scurries deep into my brain. I'm pretty sure it's stopped but it's still echoed around my head. The figure standing on the farthest and darkest corner of my room stamps down its unusually large foot sending shock waves throughout the room followed by complete stillness and silence. The gloomy figure slopes forward into the sliver misty light from the crack in the curtains. As I study the queer unfamiliar stranger that is finally standing still in the light I notice that it's bright red eyes are not looking at me but in fact are staring through the crack in the curtains. The intruder has dark red curly hair and a deformed circle nose, white teeth with chips and spikes and a cruel smirk, orange floral shirt tucked into multicoloured dotty pants with luminescent green suspenders and illuminated yellow shoes. I look back to its shirt and read the badge. It has the words 'Ronald MacDonald' written in red letters that are dripping like fresh blood. It's pale face slowly winds back to me.

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