The China Doll

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

As I sleepily walk up the wooden stairs I notice my door is slightly ajar when I remember shutting it fully just an hour ago. I finish creeping up the stairs & push my door the rest of the way open I investigate the room making sure I don't miss one thing. I make my way over to the glass pane and yank the curtains open, while I stare out of the glass I catch a glimpse of a China doll sitting on my bed. I've never owned a China doll so I quickly swivel around to face my bed only to see that it's disappeared. I look back over my shoulder & freeze from what I see. A China doll, wearing a bright blue dress, white socks knee high & black shoes. Long blonde hair & cherry red lips, is now splattered with blood & holding a butcher knife. I want to scream but my throat is not functional yet, I want to sprint out the door never looking back but my body is not compatible with my brain, it's like my feet are stuck to the cracked wooden floor. Instead I just stand there waiting for the ability to move & hoping that the doll can't walk. Finally the doll disappears from the reflection,  unfortunately I'm still frozen, recovering from what just happened. SMASH!

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