Lost on an island

May 19, 2017
By Ana.B BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Ana.B BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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    Frantically packing her bags, Giovanna Jewel struggled to fit everything in her large purple suitcase. Giovanna's mother, Emily, hurried up the marble staircase and flew open the door to her daughters room. “We need to get going! You should have done this the night before!” She said as she clapped her hands together to signify that she was in a rush. Giovanna huffed out a heavy breath and rolled her eyes and she got up. She brushed a strand of curly long brown hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. “I’m doing the best I can!” Mrs. Jewel sighed and raced back down the steps again to bring her bags to the door. Giovanna quickly zipped her suitcase up while sitting on it. It had barely shut. She picked it up, using the metal handle and yanked her suitcase down the stairs. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk it went as it echoed through the large white marble colored home. Downstairs, Mr. Robert Jewel sat at the bar in the white marble kitchen and checkered floor, and sipped his morning coffee. “Well I thought you'd never be down!” He exclaimed. Gia blew her hair out of her face. “So I forgot to set my alarm. So what. We’re still gong to be on time” Mr. Jewel got up and put his cup in the sink “To your mother, being on time is still late. Go give your bags to the driver and wait for us in the limo”

Gia trudged her way towards the door and down the marble steps onto the stone pathway to the car. A brown haired man with tan skin appeared from the other side of the limo “I'll take those for you” he said with a smile indicating the bags that Gia was holding. “Thank you” she said as she opened the door and sat inside. She whipped out her phone and sent a text out to her best friend, Elizabeth “Hey. Leaving now. I'll see you in three days!” Mr. And Mrs. Jewel rushed our and hurried into the limo. Gia's phone buzzed. It was from Elizabeth. “See you soon!” It read.

     The entire ride, the security, and boarding all felt like a blur. First, they were getting out of the farm next, they were in security, then, they were boarding the plane, and soon enough, they were on the plane. Gia looked at her ticket. Seat A1. First Class. Gia grinned. First class was always nice. She looked up and down the rows, searching for her seat. The rows were all marked in gold letters, and the wallpaper glimmered with red and gold lining. This is definitely first class she thought. She found her spot, and sat down. Shortly after, her parents took their seats two rows behind her. Gia turned and rested her head on her arm, which had been set on the arm rest. She sighed as she looked out the window. A few more long minutes and soon they'll be taking off. She hadn't had noticed the man who was suddenly sitting next to her. A bag had fallen from above, which made Gia jump. She saw the man sitting next to her, and jumped again. Where did he come from? She asked herself. The mans face fell on Gia. He had all black on. Black hair, black shoes,clack trench coat, and black pants. He was obviously French, considering the accent that came out with the words “Pardon me for scaring you” Gia gave a nervous laugh and decided this was a good time to turn on her music. She got out her phone and plugged in her earphones and selected ‘shuffle’. She leaned her head back and felt herself begin to fall into a deep deep slumber…
• • •
    She was soon awakened by the sound of voices screaming frantically. Gia sat straight up and studied her surroundings. The man was no longer sitting next to her, and they were already in the air. She stressfully took off her seatbelt and felt herself go flying upward. Her head hit the ceiling. She turned around to look for her parents. They were screaming as well, ducking their heads from things that would fly by. “Mom! Dad!” Gia cried. She pushed her way towards her parents “We’re going down!” Mrs. Jewel said as she ducked from a brown suitcase. “Go back to your seat, fasten your seatbelt, and bring your head to your knees!” She cried. Gia nodded and again pushed her way back. She was stopped by an icy cold grip on her wrist. She turned and saw the man that had been sitting next to her, Perfectly on the ground as if they weren't falling. “What's going on?!” Gia cried. The man didn't say anything except tighten his grip on her wrist even more. “Let go of me!” She yelled over the sounds of the plane falling and people wailing. The man brought his hand back and smacked Gia across the face, stunning her. He then dug in his pocket and brought out a spray bottle and loosened his grip on Gia, taking his hand and covering his mouth Gia struggled to get out of the way but her shirt was caught on the chair behind her. As she tugged to get it free, the man sprayed the substance that was in the bottle all over Gia's face. Everything had gone in slow motion. As her vision faded, the last thing she saw before blacking out was the French man who was now accompanied by two other men were spraying them as well. The room suddenly went black.

• • •
When Gia awoke again, they were no longer in the air. In fact, they were on the ground. Gia jumped up and looked around hazily. People were on the ground. It was difficult to tell whether or not they were unconscious, or dead. “Hello” she croaked out. There wasn't an answer. The door the plane was opened, as if there were some survivors who managed to escape. Struggling to walk, Gia walked towards the exit and looked out. They had crashed on a beach. Gia turned around and ran back towards her seat to grab her things, carefully stepping over people and rushing back out again. The first thing she did was open her phone. No signal. Where was she? Where did they go? Attempting to get a better look, Gia looked out at sea. There was no sight of any other land any where. In fact, they were stranded. Pulling her hair, Gia was in distress. How could she manage surviving out here on her own? As she slipped her phone in the back pocket of her jean shorts, she whipped her hair up into a ponytail and put on her backpack. She tugged the suitcase, but realized that it wouldn't work. She did her best to unpack her suitcase and fill her carry on bag with extra clothes and a toothbrush. She walked towards the wooded area further back of the beach. She made it to the first tree she saw and collapsed against it. “I’ve got to get off this island” she was started by the feeling of someone behind her. “You look lost” she say up and looked towards where're the voice had come from. It was the man who sprayed her. “Who are you, and what do you want?” She asked, backing away “We crashed here. And we’re stranded. Things didn’t work out as planned” Gia squinted her eyes in suspicion “What things?” She questioned. “Nothing that should concern you” Gia watched as the man started to turn and walk back into the woods. Tightening the strands on her bag, she quietly followed. He never turned back around like she thought. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and opened the camera app and pressed record. She slipped her phone back in her pocket. “Where are you going?” She finally asked. The man stopped in his tracks. “Would you like to see?” He asked. The question made her shudder. “Yes” she said. The French man signaled to her to follow. Shortly after, they arrived at a small abandoned looking building. The man walked up to a small box that turned on with the click of a button. He typed a few numbers, and the door opened. He opened the door, and Gia walked in first. Suddenly, the door slammed shut and Gia began to nag on it. “Open up!” She cried out. The moved towards the closest window that was projecting light and watched as the man ran of. She grasped for her phone and stopped the recording. She had everything. She looked for a signal. 2 bars! She dialed 911. 1 ring. 2 rings. 3 rings. “Hello?” A voiced questioned. Gia breathed a sigh of relief. “Hi. I'm Giovanna Jewel and I was on a plane and it crashed and I'm trapped on an island and The person that knocked me unconscious is holding me hostage in a building and—” the woman who was running the call slowed her down “woah woah woah. Calm down. We’ll be there as soon as we can” she sighed a breath of relief once more. “You know where I am?” She asked “we see your location. We’ll send a helicopter over as soon as possible. We’ll find the man that held you hostage” Gia got down on her knees and began to cry. She was saved. But how will they find the man? 10 minutes went by and finally, there was a yell. A man. It was the man who trapped her. And caused all of this. He was running away. And someone was chasing him. The people chasing him got up with him, and hand cuffed him. It was the authorities! Gia banged on the window for the people to hear. One looked up, and saw her frantically trying to grasp their attention. One officer ran over and banged on the door until finally, it open. Tears streamed from Gia's face. Even though she was only in there for a small amount of time, it felt like forever. The officers put Gia on one of the helicopters and the man on the other. Each departed, and Gia’s helicopter stopped at a hospital, where her parents were. Once they landed, she was quickly led to her parents and was instantly embraced by her unharmed mother. “You're okay!” She cried. Gia hugged her slightly injured father. “You're alive!” He exclaimed. After many minutes of hugging talking and laughing, Gia decided to spend time with her family in the hospital, attempting to block out the gruesome incident that felt as if it wouldn't end, the family was just too happy that they were all ok and with one another again, that there was nothing else to do but cry. Everyone was ok. They were safe.

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