I will never baby sit again

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

I am a baby sitter. Yes, I am only 15 how did you know? I don't quite have a real job considering that may be illegal but I am getting some extra money to, you know go to the mall on saturdays with my friend Jony. It's not bad. I usually take care of 5 year olds. They can be a handful sometimes. I love taking care of babies. They are so easy to take care of! Anyway… off topic, because I am here to tell you a story. This is why you should probably never baby sit. I've had one to many of these encounters and you might think I’m crazy but here I go. Regardless if you believe in ghosts or ghouls, you should listen up. I bet there is no way you can explain what happened to me during this one peculiar night.
One day at school I was sitting in math. Our old math teacher Mr. Wick was going on about hyperbolas or something stupid that we won't actually need in real life. Then my phone buzzed.. Not surprising, I'm usually texting jony about everything that was going on. Yet it wasn't Jony , it was my neighbor Ally. Ally is great! She has a husband and two kids. They've always been very friendly and we would always see them at the neighbor barbecues. In the text she says “ Hey Kendall, I heard that you babysit the stevensins and they say great things about you! Would you be able to baby sit my kids Tucker and Val tonight? We are going to a concert! Thanks so much - Ally. ”
I replied yes but little did I know what I was getting myself into. I went through my day. Period by period just waiting for the day to end. School wasn't exactly my jazz. I walked home with Joni as she told me allll the hot gossip. Once I got home I grabbed some pirate booty (my favorite snack) and plopped my butt on the couch. I wanted to relax a bit before going to babysit Tucker and Val. My parents got home, asked me how my day was and went on to make dinner. My mom made her famous bean casserole that she continually brags about.
After dinner I made my way to Ally's house. I said my goodbyes to my parents, went through the whole sha-bang about when I'll be home, where I'll be blah blah blah… And finally I was on my way. Her house wasn't far. Maybe a 5 minute walk. I finally made it to their house when the door opens.
“Hiii Kendall!!!!” says ally
“Hey How are you?”
“Im grand how are you!”
The small talk had ended and she told me everything I needed to know. I met tucker and Val. Tucker was about 11 years old. He seemed more quiet, passive. He had brown hair, blue eyes and the biggest dimples. I could say that kid was going to be a lady killer. Val was cute. She was probably 5, similar to Tucker she had brown hair, bright blue eyes. Right off the bat I could tell she was more of a trouble maker.
They were both very smart. During most of the night we did puzzles and played sudoku. They We ate mac and cheese and talked. Everything seemed to be just fine. At Nine o'clock it was Val’s bed time. She was very sweet and very kind , and willingly went to bed. I took her upstairs for her room, tucked her in and turned off the light. I go back downstairs and Tucker is still working on a puzzle. I sat to join him work on this really cool puzzle for about 5 minutes when Val comes wandering into the living room. I look at her in a confused daze. She looked a little pale with no expression on her face. Than finally after an awkward moments she burst into tears.I didn't know what to do, I freaked out. I ran to her and hugged her. I wanted to comfort her and ask her what had happened.
         I was confused how she had gotten down the stairs without me noticing. She had a baby monitor in her room, and the other piece to it was next to me on the table while we did the puzzle. I didn't hear anything or see anything.

She keeps crying, I just comfort her telling her everything is going to be okay, when suddenly she grabs my face and simply says
“Bad dream.”
I ask her what I can do to make her feel better and she says
“Looney Tunes”
I sat her down on the couch and put on some looney tunes. It was then that I realized she had only been laying in her room for about 5 minutes so she couldn't have fallen asleep that quickly. She just wanted to watch tv. I brush it off and sit with her to watch her show. She is starting to fall asleep. Tucker walks into the room and sits down to watch as well. All of a sudden, Val sits up out of nowhere, she looks around the room then looks at me and says
“He’s here.”
I assumed she was just dreaming or sleep talking so I ask her “who's here”
And she says “He's here” with a large grin on her face.
She was almost in tears she was so scared. The grin was contradicting her actions. We all just sit there for a moment, when we hear a knock on the door.
Val finally waked up from her weird little trance and screams, Tucker is scared out of his mind as well. Nobody is supposed to be home.
I take Val and Tucker upstairs where I think it is safe. I didn't know who had knocked on the front door. I decided to stay with the kids in Vals room, and I called their parents.
It only rang once and there was no answer. I had to lock all the doors as quickly as possible. I told Val and Tucker to stay there, as I crept down stairs. The house was so quiet. I was able to lock the front door, and as I made my way to the back door, I felt something brush against me. Goosebumps instantly filled my body. I could not believe this. I had to be strong and courageous. I ran to the door and locked it.
I then heard footsteps going upstairs. I ran to the staircase and nothing was there. I ran upstairs and Val and Tucker weren't there. I was freaking out now. Shuffling for my phone I scream for Tucker and Val. This could not be happening. I call Ally and she finally answers, I told her everything that had happened, and I found  Val and Tucker in the living room. Thank god. They just had wandered off. Ally said she would be home soon. Finally I had some relief. We stayed on the couch until they came home. I couldn't explain exactly what had happened but I could tell you it was the weirdest experience I have ever had. Ally probably thought I was crazy. All I know is that it was real for me.
I don't think I will ever babysit again.

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