Twilight of Darkness

May 19, 2017
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What time is it? I try looking through the curtain of my bedroom window that lies right above me, but see nothing. I reach my arm out to move the curtain aside and out shines a bright beaming ray of light that comes from the sky. I realize that today is the 20th of this month, which means that there is a full moon. My neck inches just a bit upward to get a good look outside the dark window to see the bright cream-colored sphere floating in the sky. I see it’s hidden face that only few can notice. I stare deep and straight at the eyes of the face, then at the nose, and way down to it’s cricked mouth. I feel the edges of my lips turn up and my stomach bounce up and down from a small chuckle, at the thought of the moon coming to life. I take a good stare at the moon for a couple of seconds. The moon has lots of wonderful features. The way it shines so peacefully in the sky, giving us light when the brightest star in our galaxy cannot. I keep staring admiralty at the moon for a couple more seconds, until I start to notice a big black blotch form on the surface of the moon. The longer I wait and stare, the more blotches I see forming. I notice that there is no longer a smiling and joyful face that the moon wears. Instead, I see a tortured face with eyes of worry; eyebrows pointed downwards, and a wide “O” shaped mouth. I see the face of fear. I keep staring at the moon appalled and curiously, until I eventually see the whole moon eaten up by this mysterious black substance. Shocked and surprised, I lie there staring with wide-open eyes; Confused and frightened from what I just witnessed. I suddenly the room has gotten cold and chilly. The temperature of the room has lowered greatly and everything is darker making it hard to see. 
“Open up right now!” multiple harsh male voices say at the same time. “I said open up this instance!” All the voices say in unison
I look out my window but don’t see any faces from which these voices belong to.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Now there are banging noises on my bedroom window. I look outside again but see no hands to know who are making these noises.
“You are the one who watched my get eaten alive and didn’t do anything about it to help me.”
I slowly start to feel my body temperature rise up and forget about the cold and fresh air that I was feeling only a few seconds ago.
“You will now pay for watching me get eaten alive.” “I have given you light and brightness when in dark, but now you will pay by only receiving darkness.”
I feel my eyes that were once closed open in a split second. My eyes move to my left and right. I face pure darkness. Black is everywhere, preventing me from seeing anything. I’m covered in my bed sheets, keeping me warm and confortable. Each of my breaths feels steady and bold. All in control. My pillow is no longer under by head but somehow has managed to fall somewhere. I notice that my bedroom window right above me doesn’t draw in any light.
I take my arms out from the covers and try to move my body into a different position. Some warmness escapes, letting a bit of cold air slip into the small cracks of the bed sheets, brushing against my skin and sending child down my spine. I touch my arms, feeling the small bumps rise on my skin. Why is the room so cold? I wait for a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but they don’t. I place my hand in front of me, in the air, moving my finger and swaying my hand from side to side. I can’t see my hand. I can’t see anything. I brush two of my fingers into a snap. I can easily hear the sound my fingers make, but can’t see anything moving. This somehow makes me feel like I’ve been pushed into a dark hole, unable to escape. Suffocated by the darkness, leaving me nowhere to turn or go.
A second passes, then two… three… four… and my once steady breaths start to pick up pace and start to become rapid and shaky. I close my eyes and try to erase all my swarming thoughts from my mind. Mom says that whenever this happens I should try to think of the purple unicorn I once saw in the movie. She said I should try to lie down and close my eyes back shut. So I do. I lie down into position and feel my eyelids close. My eyes feel heavy and somehow my body feels weak; as if I have been awake for days straight. I’m physically tired, and I know that I have to wake up early for my first day of school tomorrow. The outline of a blurred image appears into my mind. Seconds pass, making the blurred figure now sharpen into focus. The first thing I notice is the long golden hair. I try to force myself to picture her beautiful muscular body. I’m taken aback and awed by the vibrant violet and bold purple skin she has. Skin so soft and smooth. I try to picture the long pink-spiraled horn coming from her forehead. The beauty and joy that I feel visualizing the unicorn makes my breaths and thoughts go back to a normal rate. I feel my body loosen, and the calm sensation start to come back again.
I try to picture and hear the sounds of the waterfall that lows behind the unicorn. The loud, pouring, blue, clear water. Birds are chirping everywhere. Some are flying in the sky, and others are hidden in the green trees. I see the unicorn slowly turn her head and look directly at me. Her legs start to move, and she slowly starts to make her way towards me in the magical and whimsical way unicorns do. All I want is to get my hands on her hair, so long and shiny. It glistens with every step she takes. Her eyes sparkle from the reflection of the bright sun. Her eyes look as if there is a locked-up galaxy in them. It looks as if thousands of stars are floating with blended colors of purple and blue. Seeing her makes me wish my eyes were capable of holding something as powerful and dominant as hers.
Her face is now only inches away from mine. I can’t help but lift my hand and skim my fingers along her head. The skin that I thought would be so velvety feels rough and almost hard. I imagined her to feel smooth and soft as cotton, but she only feels coarse. The second I lay my fingers off her, I see the vivid purple start to fade away and the color of black start to reveal and show up on her skin. The dark and bitter color starts to consume her body slowly. It looks like the same thing that I saw devouring the moon; Black, thick, and consuming alive. Right then, an extreme and sharp pain stabs my insides and makes me fall to my knees. My head feels heavy and is forced to look down because of how much it hurts. It feels as if someone has pressed their thumbs deeply into the temples of my head and is digging for gold. This dreadful pain that I feel in my gut and head, makes me whimper and almost cry out like there’s no tomorrow. My eyes are closed but I can hear the noises the unicorn makes. She also seems in pain from hearing her loud whine. The noises she makes cause my ears to ring and throb with agony. I try to force my eyes open and look straight into hers for answers; to see what has gone wrong. All I see is the color of blood red. Birds are no longer chirping the beautiful melodies that I heard before, and the water from the waterfall has dried out. I look at myself, then at her. The black mysterious thing has managed to take over our bodies, eating and devouring us alive; sending us to a slow and painful death.
My eyes quickly open. My breaths are heavy and seem to be going 100 miles per hours as beads of sweat drop down my forehead. With my sitting up position, I allow the cold air from the room to touch me and cool my feverish body. I feel my throat tighten. I want to cry, but gulp the feeling down. I don’t shed one tear. All I have within me is fear. I sit there and wait for my body to cool down. This time throughout the waiting, my eyes somehow successfully manage to adjust to the darkness. I look out my window to see if any light has entered the room, but instead I see something else: strange looking shapes are marked across the walls. They swarm around everywhere. I’m confused with how I’m able to see these mysterious shapes without any light. [I can’t tell if my mind or eyes are playing tricks on me or if I’ve been frightened so greatly that my mind starts to wander too much.] I look directly at the wall across from me. I no longer see shapes but now see an outline of some shadow on the wall. The shadow almost look likes a person or one of those players my dad likes to watch on TV every Monday. It almost feels like all the misshapen figures on the wall joined together into one. This thing has no face nor body. The figure is dark and I only see a silhouette. I’ve got a bad feeling, like I should be scared and should not be in this things presence. I don’t see it move, but somehow I notice it getting larger. I can’t tell if it’s getting bigger or if the room itself is getting smaller. The closer it gets, the faster my heart starts to beat. My chest is thumping and my ears are ringing. My eyes want to look away, but I’m too drawn towards this shadow. Now it only lies inches away from my face causing a sharp whimper to escape my throat. My ears are exposed to a low and deep voice,
“Hello, little girl I am darkness. You have called out to me in your dream twice tonight, all starting with the foolish mistake you made with my brother. He is the one who gives off light. Together we make a strong pact and work together evenly. Although, I am greatly thankful for you calling out to me, I am here on behalf of him and to execute a task that he has so earnestly assigned me.” ‘I hope you know the saying “an eye for an eye’. ”

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